Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Ed Dames and the Steve Fossett Crash

So Ed Dames is claiming another hit. This time he says he found Steve Fossett’s crash site. Well if you look closely you will see that it is another miss from the Damester. About the only thing he did get right was the Sierras, an obvious guess and the same place everybody else thought he would be found, but Ed also picked the wrong side of the mountain.

Let’s look back and see how this panned out.

11th September 2007 – Ed turns up on Coast to Coast AM claiming he knows where Fossett crashed and produces this map

17th September 2007 – A week later he’s back. He believes Fossett's body is north of Yosemite in a rugged area, and he plans to dispatch a ground search team into the area. He has two more maps pinpointing the crash site
He believes Fossett's body is north of Yosemite in a rugged area, and he plans to dispatch a ground search team into the area. He is so good at remote viewing he can pin it down to a 1 square mile area.

5th October 2007 - Still on the case Ed produces the same map as before.
Maj. Ed Dames claimed: "Steve Fossett's location has now been narrowed down to a roughly 1 square mile area (map below). I'm dispatching a Matrix Intelligence Agency ground search team into the area, ASAP."

8th October 2007 – Ed returns with more pictures
Ed says he can't afford to rent the required aircraft. This from a man who claims he can win millions in Las Vegas and who can also remote view the lottery.

23rd May 2008 - Dames was on Coast to Coast again with Art Bell
He gave an update on his search for Steve Fossett, whose remains and crash site are located in the Sierra Nevada mountains, according to Dames' remote viewing team. They will be hiking into the region to continue their search for Fossett in mid-June, Dames said.
He was supposed to be doing this ASAP back in October.

10th July 2008 - Dames produces another map

Here is a Google Map showing Ed’s supposed crash site and the actual crash site of Steve Fossett.

The wreckage was 70 miles away. A radius of 70 miles equals an area of over FIFTEEN THOUSAND square miles. Ed Dames claimed the wreckage was inside the area he marked on the map.


Michael Vandeven said...

i really wish people would stop buying dames' videos. it's my understanding that a $2,000,000 judgement was rendered against him several years ago when he was sued by some former colleagues. i hope he hasn't recovered from this judgement through sales of the bilge available on his website.

Anonymous said...

Mis-Aimed is more like it!

Erickson said...

It amazes me that on Dames' recent appearance on coasttocoast, George Noory cited Dames' prediction about Fossett as a hit. You either have gps accuracy and can pinpoint his location (within a square mile) on a map or you can't -- and Dames obviously couldn't. Of course Dames had to reinterpret what he said because he had stated that he would quit the business if he were wrong. And a "hit" provides for better radio. And people will believe what they want to believe.

jeffrey calhoun said...

That ed dames lies about most things. He has nothing to do with matrix films, or any gov matrix things at all. Just a poser, lije rappPort and sophia stewart, j peneda, and that matrix grouo mercenary outfit. I will seek to get court orders to shut them all down. I will open a website and apologize to all with a note of explanation. Thank you.