Wednesday, 6 July 2005

Morton and the Olympics

On Friday 15th April 2005 Sean David Morton predicted that LA would hold the 2012 Olympic Games. He said New York would win the bid but because of some emergency situation the games would be switched to LA.

Today the Olympic Commitee chose London as the host for the 2012 games. During the voting process Moscow were the first city to drop out. After the next round of voting New York lost out, then followed Madrid. This left just favourites Paris and second favourites London to fight it out. London won the final round with 54 votes to 50.

Here is my tribute to a brilliant prediction:

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Anonymous said...

Does this mean I can now drive my car from my house to the New York Olymics to be held in Los Angeles?

It is neat to know that a part of LA is called London... there is also an Ontario, California.

Next prediction: the Pan Am Games may be in Ontario... which one? CA, or CA; California or Canada?