Tuesday, 14 December 2004

Hans King

Here are the latest predictions from Hans King. He was talking with George Noory.

Terrorism in the US. Serious problems in 2005. There will be an attack this year. Concerns about a dirty bomb in a major city. There will be a sad event if not in 2005 but early 2006.

The sea ports are the main concern for terrorists entering the country.

Economy. The biggest threat to the US is the debt.

2005 there will be a major government scandal involving the President. It’s already in the works. This will happen in five to six months. Maybe involving his choice of Homeland Security Director. Electronic voting investigation is already underway.

Earth changes for 2005. Some of the islands in the Caribbean will start to get smaller because of the polar icecaps melting.

Climate change. More of a warming trend in the US with very cold winters. Another El Nino effect in winter 2004.

For the next 20 years hurricane season will be as bad as it was in 2004.

Price of oil is being manipulated. Oil prices will stay within 50 cents of were they are now.

No ice hockey season this year.

US are losing credibility in the world.

No major asteroid or planet threatening catastrophe will happen in our lifetime.

The Ukraine election. The poisoned candidate Viktor Yushchenko looks like he will win. The man is very ill.

2005 will be the last year for the Pope. He may not die but he won't be able to carry out his duties. No new Pope in 2005, if there is it will be at the end of 2005.
2005 was the last year for the Pope. He died Saturday 2nd April 2005.

The will be a military draft in 2005. The backdoor draft is already happening.

Saddam Hussein will die before he goes to trial, he is already sick. They don't want him to go to trial because he knows too much.

Lots of scandal coming up in 2005.

Income tax will eventually fade away.

Christmas won't be as great as people are thinking this year.

The secret societies are already in control.

There will be a revolution in consciousness in 2005. People will start to wake up to what the government is up to.

No alien visitations announced in 2005. He says they are already here. Some alien information will be leaked in 2005.

Mad Cow Disease is worse in the US and Canada than we are being told.

Tony Blair will be re-elected in 2005, but there will be concerns over his health.

We are not in the End Times. We will never see the End Times because there is no beginning or end.

2012. Nothing will change and there will be a lot of very disappointed people. Its all blown out of proportion.

Hall of Records under the Sphinx. There is something there but he doesn't know any more than that.

No breakthrough in free energy in 2005.

Over the next 36 months we will find out more about stuff like Planet X.

Solar power will be a big thing in the next four or five years.

Man will not land on Mars for a very long time, maybe 20 years. Robot machines will make it there instead.

We will have a cashless society.

We will all be chipped within 50 years.

The whole world will react very badly to the US Foreign Policy in 2005.

Shadow people are spirits or souls in another dimension.

Methane gas will be tapped from under the sea.

Red Elk will recover well but there is concern over his long term health.

Microbiologists who are dying are being transported by people who are interested in our world.

Osama Bin Laden is alive.

The Knights Templar are in possession of the Ark of the Covenant, and there are two Ark's.

David Kelly the weapons expert did not commit suicide.

Time travel is real.

Doom and gloom predictors just prey on the fear of people.

Curses don't exist.

Travis Walton was not abducted the way it was portrayed in the movie Fire in the Sky.

The US did go to the Moon.

There is a city under a lake in Peru. Flying saucers have been seen coming and going from the lake.