Monday, 1 May 2006

John Hogue

Here are the latest predictions from John Hogue. He was talking with George Noory.

There weren't too many predictions in this show as a lot of them have already been mentioned in previous shows. The one main prediction that he did give was that the US would go to war with Iran in June 2006.

4th June to 22nd July 2006 Nostradamus predicts a long comet will be seen in the skies when Mars and Saturn will be in Leo. Hogue thinks this is not a real comet but believes Nostradamus was describing a missile attack, possibly nuclear. Mars and Saturn will be in Leo again between 7th December and 16th/17th January 2007. He thinks this attack will involve Iran.

The whole world has a 10 year window in which it can dramatically change its course.

In one quatrain Nostradamus writes that a great city of the maritime ocean surrounded by a swamp of crystal in the winter solstice and the spring will be tried by a terrible wind. Hogue says the swamp of crystal signifies the way Nostradamus would view skyscrapers. So he is predicting a major typhoon in a city in the Southern Hemisphere such as Shanghai or in Australia.

The present Pope is the last Pope on St Malachi's list. The next Pope will not be called Peter II as an unwritten law states that there can only be one Pope called Peter and that was the first one.

Also on this show John Hogue admitted that he has changed his view on a lot of Nostradamus predictions over the years. He says the skeptics use all his changes to try and discredit his work.
This week I also watched a show on one of the Discovery channels debunking Nostradamus. One of the skeptics came up with a good analogy as to how people like John Hogue work. He compared Hogue's work to a game of roulette, a game called Nostradamus Roulette, except with this game the rules are slightly different.

With normal roulette you pick a number, the guy chose 23. You spin the wheel. If 23 comes up you win, if it doesn't you lose.

Nostradamus Roulette is slightly different. You pick a number, say 23 again. You spin the wheel. If 23 doesn't come up you spin again, and again and again, and keep spinning until it lands on 23. Then you proclaim Nostradamus got it correct and tell everyone how great he was.