Monday, 17 January 2005

Joseph Jacobs

Here are predictions for 2005 from Joseph Jacobs. He was talking with George Noory.

2005 will be a rough year.

He sees problems around water. Around ports, dams, rivers or things concerned with seafaring. We need to fix our dams or protect them.

He sees heavy loses in February, September and November. Ed Dames thinks March but he thinks this is wrong.

There will be lots of health issues around the world. We will see a year of breakthroughs in health and medicine.

George Bush is coming into a pretty rough time. He needs to be a little cautious when it comes to transportation and travel. This is around 31st January to 24th March. He will come through this. Some political problems around this time.

Religious wars this year. This could be a year of religious growth or religious terror.

This could be a good year for mining, particularly gold.

It is an important year for farming.

2005 will be a dramatic year internally for the US. Political conflicts in the US and Britain.

He does not believe in End Times.

20th January Inauguration Day will be fine and no problems.

North Korea will see some heavy illnesses around 10th March to 30th April.

There will be some incident between the US and North Korea between 1st May and 21st June. North Korea will meet the US or the other way round. Sabre rattling he calls it.

He sees a heavy time for Iran around 28th September to 19th November. Could be an earthquake.

He also sees an internal revolution in Iran.

Lots of internal trouble for Russia, Middle Eastern countries and some European countries.

He does not see any nation using a nuclear weapon, but he does not rule out an individual using a dirty bomb.

The Loch Ness monster is real but he isn't sure about the Yeti.

He feels the Pope wants to retire or travel.

2006 will be a constructive year.

Our Solar system is going through changes not just the Earth.

2012 there could be a major sun burst.

No tsunami in the US in the near future.

There will be some employment or labour issues in Canada but things will recover 1st July to 21st August, then Canada will do very well in the next two years.

US economy will fall 29th January to 21st March but then it will recover slowly.

Iraq situation will get worse and worse.

Osama Bin Laden is still alive and free but he doesn't know where.

Problems in Israel between 23rd March and 13th May.

Palestine leader Mabus is not the Anti-Christ. There is no Anti-Christ.

No asteroid will hit the Earth.

Social security changes will be a big issue.

United Nations will continue.

There is no Planet X.

Crop circles are real and are communicatons for Alpha Centauri.

SETI will not find anything because aliens use a different system to communicate.

He thinks time travel moving forward is possible but not back.

The Ark of the Covenant is in Ethiopia.

No problems with Deep Impact, the probe that will blow up part of a comet.

We have to find a new energy source within the next five years.

He does not believe in the Hollow Earth theory.

Information about aliens will be released in the next two years.

The new Palestinian leader will struggle at first but he has the support of his people.

There will be no earthquake in the Great Lakes area in the near future.