Sunday, 1 April 2007

Ed Dames

Ed Dames was talking with Art Bell.

Honey bees will be extinct very soon. The bees are starving to death. UV levels because of ozone depletion are so heavy worldwide which cause the bees to be blinded and so they can't find flowers to feed. UV is also degrading the quality of the pollen.

UV rays are also killing frog spawn.

In about 50 years this planet will be barren. The only way to survive is to build self contained habitats or live underground. We will have to live like this for a few decades.

Plankton in the ocean will start to die soon. They provide us with most of our oxygen.

There will be a huge environmental disaster in western Russia. There will be a Chernobyl-like incident involving a radiation leak. It is in a map grid of east 40 degrees - east 45 degrees, north 55 degrees - north 60 degrees. This will happen in 1 - 2 months. Remember the Monju reactor in Japan? he predicted that would blow and nothing happened. Update 2nd June, once again Dames was wrong.

He is using his new GPS remote viewing technique to find more gold in the Prescott, Arizona area. More gold? he hasn't found any of the other gold yet.

Art finally asked 'Where's my gold?', Ed said he would get it but then went on to waffle on about 2 gold mines he now owns, but when he has these sorted out he would bring Art his gold. Well it's been 904 days so far since Ed promised to find this gold and bring it to Art. No wonder the government closed down the RV program with a turnover rate this bad.

The harbinger of the Killshot is still a space shuttle being forced to land by a meteor shower.

Angels are real.

There is another race on Earth that will help us rebuild the ozone layer.

The US will not get to Mars and the outer planets. Other countries like Germany, Russia and China will.

One of the deepest canyons in the solar system is on Titan.

Mars did a have a civilization that was destroyed by a geophysical event that destroyed the Martian atmosphere. He knows there is at least one structure on Mars that is man made or artificial.

Dowsing is real and works.

JFK was shot through the Adams Apple by a device that was in the dashboard of the car.