Wednesday, 16 March 2005

Father Andrew Wingate

Here are the latest predictions from Father Andrew Wingate. He was talking with George Noory.

The Pope will go through his illness and then will be cured. He will never step down. He will go into exile for about 8 months and then will be declared dead by the church. The church will say he is dead and that his body is so badly mutilated that they can't show him in an open coffin. Then they will re-elect a new Pope. The election will be done by fax.
Pope John Paul II died on Saturday night 2nd April 2005. On Sunday 3rd April the Pope's body was laid out on a plinth in the Vatican palace's Clementine Hall, at the start of nine days of official mourning in the city state.

After a time Pope John Paul II will return to Rome to denounce the false Pope.

This exile will start at the same time the US is invaded.

The US will be invaded by a force from Russia and China.

The US will sink its own aircraft carrier to drum up support so they can continue in another war. By the time this happens the US will be involved in three military conflicts. The public will demand that the government get out of these wars.

The third secret of Fatima refers to the church being taken over and corrupted, and to communism being victorious in the world. Also to when the chastisement comes whole nations will vanish and how Pope John Paul II will be attacked and assassinated and how there will be an Anti-Pope.

Yellowstone Park will not be a huge eruption but it will become a huge sink hole. No time period given.

He sees an airborne bacteria that dissipates in the air very quickly.

We are in the End Times right now.

The US will be invaded within four years. It could happen this year but he doesn't think so. After this invasion World War III will start within three years.

First the war will start in the Middle East and spread through Turkey and Greece into Europe. Then the two leaders of France and Germany will be assassinated. By the time the US will be involved in three wars. The US will then sink its own aircraft carrier. The Pope will be declared dead.

Florida will be hit by a nuclear weapon within a month of the invasion starting.

Several divisions of Soviet troops are already in Mexico.

After World War III and the battle of Armageddon, evil has seen itself lose so it will prepare itself to destroy the world. This is were 666 comes into being. It means six great devils will rule the world for 6 days and they will be cast back into hell. They will then try to destroy the whole surface of the Earth. Time will cease to exist for 40 years.

On a previous show he said there would be an attack on a 'national treasure' he now thinks this could mean the space program and maybe an attack on Kennedy Space Center.

Lord Maitreya is the Anti-Christ.

He asks heaven for a sign that all this is true. He asked if he is to reveal all this information then let a radio talk show call him. Within half an hour he received a phone call from Coast to Coast asking him to be a guest.

He claims all his predictions come true, although not at the time he might say but they do happen within 18 months of the date he sets.