Thursday, 23 March 2006

Dr. Louis Turi

Dr Louis Turi returned to Coast to Coast AM on Tuesday 21st March to claim more hits. He is claiming the numerous tornadoes in the midwest US were his prediction for the 13th March. Although he says he gave the date 18th March and on that day Australia was hit with a tremendous typhoon.

There was no mention of Turi's wrong prediction for the 19th March, which he said there would be a terrorist attack. So that's why George Noory keeps telling us Dr Turi has a 100% record. He's bound to have if he omits all his wrong predictions.

He gave out a few more predictions. Next weekend 25th - 26th March he sees a bad explosion or surprise, maybe an earthquake.

He is expecting a plane to crash very soon.

Sharks and whales may find themselves beached because of the negative energy caused by planet Mercury going retrograde.

Computers are going to break down along with other electrical appliances and devices.