Thursday, 18 March 2004

Benjamin Baruch

Here are the predictions from Benjamin Baruch. He was talking with Art Bell.

Benjamin Baruch is an adviser in stock market trading. He claims he was struggling with a financial problem and in the end he decided to pray to God and asked him for the answer. God spoke to him and gave him the solution to his problem. Since then God has spoken to him many times and revealed what is in store for our future.

He says God told him that America, the Church, the nation and the whole World will come under judgement. The end time judgement of the nations of the Earth is about to begin in the US.

America is described in Bible prophecy as an eagle, an eagle that has built its nest in the stars. The eagles wings are about to be plucked. America will be judged before the final tribulation.

He saw a future made up of concentration camps in the US. He saw 100 megaton nuclear bombs being detonated and nuclear war in the US.

All this will happen within the next ten years.

UFO's are real but are not physical objects. They are projections from another dimension.

After 6,000 years of warfare there will never be peace.

The underground bunkers that were built for the Y2K problem were built using Y2K as a cover story. They were really built in preparation of the troubles we are about to face.

The US will go to war with Russia, China, Nicaragua, Cuba, Libya, Iran as well as many other countries.

The housing market and the stock market will crash after this years election.

God told him to sell all his stocks in 2000.

The stock market recovery we are all witnessing is a statistical hoax.

The collapse of the US will be the finale of World War III. The one world government will then rise up out of the ashes.

If gold prices start to move up watch for the stock market to crash soon.