Friday, 3 October 2003

Sean David Morton, Friday 3rd October 2003

WMD found in valley in Syria will be declared by US. Some action will be taken within 30 days of Sept 15th. This info will destroy the Democratic party. Will lead to war with Syria.
30 days have past since Sept 15th and no announcement yet.

Saddam has 4 nuclear weapons. His bio weapons were operated by the red chinese and hidden under a refridgeration plant and a mine near a town or school. All this will be announced soon.

No US draft this year.
Correct. There was no US draft.

There will be very serious attacks on Washington DC on 4th July 2004. This will cause Bush to institute the draft. Denver will become the capital of US after more attacks on Washington DC in 2005 - 2006. Omaha will become the spiritual capital of the world.
Wrong. No attacks on Washington DC.

Revolution in Iran. Sees no US troops in Iran. Some form of revolutionary government to replace Koran based theocracy. This is happening as we speak. Major movements on this around Christmas and in the Spring.

Blackouts caused by software, the new Double Promise software used as a terrorist action against US.

August 12th - December the planet is going through a biorhythmic low and this will effect electrical energy fields on the planet.
Wrong. Nothing happened.

Yellowstone Park will take another 18 months at least to blow, building up to the main event in 2005 - 2006. No explosion but it will implode.

Mount Rainier will blow in 2005 and Seattle will be destroyed.

2006 quake in LA, 2010 tidal waves in LA, 2011 another major quake in LA.

War in Middle East will bankrupt the US in 2004 - 2005.

George Bush must be protected in December or January. He may not finish his term in office. This could happen at a European Convention being held in the US.
Nothing happened to George Bush. Morton claims he alerted the secret services and they increased the security on the President and thats why nothing happened to him.

If Bush survives he will win re-election in 2004 then his most dangerous period will be in 2006. Atomic holocaust in Jerusalem in 2006 with a Libyan weapon all involving Bush, Sharon and Arrafat.
Bush was re-elected in 2004.

Government won't acknowledge ET contact in near future.

When Pope John Paul II dies the next Pope will reign for 8 years or so then the next Pope will be Pope Peter of Rome and he will reign from 2010 - 2018 which will be the end of the Catholic Church. This Pope will be killed by an invading army.

7 year peace treaty between Israel and Arab States will be broken in 3.5 years.

Interest rates to stay dead level.

Stocks in Palatin Pharmaceutical will be huge.

Palatin shares started to rise last week to a high of 5.89 but have nosedived to 5.12 as of today Tuesday 12th October 2003. Continued to drop to 4.65 as of Friday 24th October 2003. Palatin closed at 2.70 as of Tuesday 12th October 2004.