Sunday, 23 April 2006

Sean David Morton, Sunday 23rd April 2006

Sean David Morton made a quick visit to Coast to Coast. This time he was talking with George Noory.

Osama Bin Laden is still dead according to Sean. His brilliant sources, his uncle in the marine corp, his reliable (not) friends in the intelligent agencies confirm this. All the information about Bin Laden coming from the CIA is bogus. He says a kid in his parents basement with a good sound editing program could put together a Bin laden tape. I wonder if this is the same 12 year old booger eating kid that Morton likes to call everyone who challenges him?

George commented on Sean's gold and stock market predictions being spot on. Morton went on to claim a man who followed his gold predictions from the July 2005 show has made $2 million.

He says his stock portfolio from the July 2005 show has gone up by 320%. His gold and silver predictions are up by 82%.

He says he is single handedly the most successful prognosticator of the stock market and of where they are going to go and what they are going to do.

George jumped in and said 'but you're the worst football guesser we have ever seen'. Morton agreed and said people should never listen to ever him again as far as a football score is concerned. Surely if you are psychic and can make it big predicting the stock market, it is just as easy to predict football scores? This is probably the most sensible and correct prediction Mr. Morton has ever made as he has never made a correct sports prediction.

Previously Morton had said that sometime this year oil could be up as high as $150 a barrel. George said that he is halfway there with this prediction.

Oil prices will drop in the last few weeks of June just before 4th July. After 4th July there will be a steady rise to a national average oil price of $3.50 - $3.75. Oil will reach $100 a barrel by September this year.

Unleaded will hit $3.50 in the next couple of weeks.

He claims the Bilderburger Group want the worldwide oil price at $150 a barrel by early 2007.

There could be food shortages in the next 6 - 8 months due to rising oil prices.

George told him that previously he had said that Jeb Bush would be the republican candidate for President. Morton seemed to squirm at this one and tried to get out of it by saying he said this a long time ago. Another example of Morton making wild predictions and then hoping people forget about them. George reminded him that he said it on 12th January 2006.

Hilary Clinton is rapidly losing money and support amongst the democrats, the Hollywood community and the computer industry. The big money is now going behind Al Gore. Moton says he doesn't know what is going on with Jeb Bush. George asked him if he was backing down with his prediction? Morton made his excuse about the difficulty in predicting a two way race, then told us he had been correct in 1992, 1996 and 2000. He says the 2008 election will be surrounded in chaos, so much so that it is hard to see who will win. He sees a three party race in 2008 with John McCain stepping in as a dark horse third party. More support for Al Gore rather that Hilary Clinton. A possibilty of Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney, who may run together.

Sunday, 16 April 2006

Ed Dames, Sunday 16th April 2006

Ed Dames was talking with Art Bell.

Art started off by saying that the people who dislike Ed Dames only mention all his misses. They never mention his hits and that he has had quite a few over the years. Oh? like what exactly Art? Of course he didn't elaborate on this statement.

Dames admitted that he has had a lot of failures in the past, lots of failures in the search for missing children. He even admitted that he has had very little success in this area. But starting last week there will not be any more as he has developed a new method of searching. He says now he can locate anything to GPS precision. He told us about this new super accurate ability back in October 2004. He is very excited about this because now he can go after any target. For instance he can tell you were a threat submarine is parked, he can find Osama Bin laden, he can find Noah's Ark and also locate Atlantis. This will really silence the skeptics says Ed Dames. Bold statements from a guy with a record as bad as his. He will have to back this up in the next few months by coming up with the goods. Or is this just more hot air from Ed Dames. I will plump for the hot air.

A quote from his website "New methods and cues are provided periodically through training in these forums only for those that are learning with the DVD course." which means you have to buy the DVD set before you get hold of the secret technique.

He will be using this new skill to catch the Edmonton serial killer and also Russia's most wanted man.

He will be helping out with the Natalee Holloway case. He says her body has been stuffed into a weighted lobster cage and sunk immediately off the coast of Aruba. With his new technique he can now pinpoint the location of her body and in the next week he will produce a map with an X marks the spot to show this. I will keep checking his forum to see if this gets posted.

Art then asked about the gold. Dames said as a reward to his team they asked to go on a gold treasure hunt in which they found a strong box that is sitting around in the Sierra foothills. Please note the word "is" in the last sentence. This is the gold target he has previously talked about on this show. In October 2004 Dames claimed he had found gold and promised to bring this gold to Art Bell's house by December 2004. His excuse was that when they got to the location it was buried under private property. On 1st January 2005 he claimed to have found more gold in Pahrump, Nevada and gave out the location so someone could claim it. No one has yet come forward to say they found it. On the same show he said he found more gold near Carson City and that he would bring it to Art's house by the spring. Spring came and went and still no gold. Summer passed and we are still goldless. On 27th November 2005 he was asked what happened to all the gold? He made the excuses mentioned above and then said he had yet another gold target and his whole team is on this one, they will be digging up a strongbox in February 2006. February passed and still no gold. Ed Dames finding gold is about as rare as finding rocking horse poo. The Ed Dames fan club over at his forum claim this picture(left) is proof Dames found gold the first time. Hmmmm remote viewed gold must be transparent then.

He said he will follow through with this promise but now it looks like he will have to travel to the Philippines to do that (for those that haven't heard Art Bell is moving to the Philippines). He obviously hasn't found the gold or he would have said "was sitting around in the Sierra foothills". He admitted later that he did not have the gold yet and they are scheduled to go dig it up on 1st June.

Dames once had a contract with a group of international lawyers called SHIT(Search for Hidden International Treasures). A very apt name as far as Ed Dames is concerned. A quick websearch shows up no results for this group. They were looking for one of the worlds biggest hidden treasures buried somewhere on the island of Luxon. He said it was a fascinating contract. Curiously he didn't mention whether he found the treasure or not.

Dames says a cow was found today in Canada with BSE and this fits in with his prediction of starving children. In past shows he has predicted many babies will die due to lack of milk caused by BSE. Today's cow is the start of this prediction coming true.

He says the next time there is a category 4 or 5 hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico he will remote view the location where it will hit land.

Crop circles are ET calling cards. He is now predicting where the next crop circle will be. This will be west of a small town called Clearwater Prairie, Alberta.

His latest target is locating the l'Oiseau Blanc (White Bird) aircraft in which aviators Charles Nungesser and Francois Coli succeeded in their transatlantic crossing beating Charles Lindbergh by twelve days. This aircraft crashed 400 kilometres north of New York in New Hampshire. He will go and find it in September.

His team has remote viewed the Ark of the Covenant and it is still hidden in Jerusalem. He would not want to recover it though as it is claimed by three religions and would be a catalyst to World War III, even though he says World War III has already started but is on a slow burner.

Osama Bin Laden is not one of his primary targets but he says the CIA will hire someone to get in touch with him and one day he will find Bin Laden. Here's how this one works. First Osama Bin Laden is captured dead or alive using normal methods. Second, Ed Dames comes on Coast to Coast and claims he was responsible for his capture, but has no proof and is not allowed to talk about it.

One of his team remote viewed the Kennedy assassination and found that it was indeed a conspiracy. A remote controlled gun hidden in the dashboard of Kennedy's car was fired and shot him in the Adam's Apple. Art commented after Dames said he was really upset after he found this out, "that's very hard to swallow".

He claims recent reports of strange solar activity is proof that his Killshot scenario is still on target.

There was an interesting post over at the Dames forum. It was basically his admin congratulating Dames on predicting the earthquake in Indonesia, the safe landing of the Space Shuttle, and the Madrid terrorist attacks.

First the earthquake in Indonesia is the closest thing Ed Dames has ever come to getting a hit. There was an earthquake off the coast of Indonesia on 28th March 2005. Dames was correct about the month of March but he said the quake would be off the coast of New Guinea which was 2,000 miles away. Even seismologists said that after the tragic earthquake and tsunami in December 2004 they were expecting another quake any time in the next few months.

Secondly, Ed Dames did not say the shuttle would land, in fact he said exactly the opposite. On 31st July 2005 he said that we should all say a prayer for the crew of the space shuttle because he has remote viewed it and it doesn't land. You can read an exact transcript of his conversation here

Thirdly, never on Coast to Coast has Ed Dames ever mentioned anything about the Madrid terrorist attacks. He hasn't even laid claim to predicting them on C2C either.

This is just more proof that Ed Dames and the people involved with his forum are blatant liars.

Saturday, 8 April 2006

Sean David Morton, Saturday 8th April 2006

Sean David Morton returned to Coast to Coast. This time he was talking with Ian Punnett.

Ian started the show by saying he had never had so many pre-show emails about any guest before like he has had this week about Morton. Quite a lot of them were against Morton being on the show. Sean replied that 'there are a bunch of booger eating 12 year olds living in their parents basements somewhere that seem to have a bad grudge'. Where have I seen this statement before? See here. He went on to say 'it's only like one or two guys out there that want to wreck everyone else's ice cream'.

Ian also mentioned the court case between Morton and UFO Watchdog. Morton's take on it is that he sued some guys for libel, he wanted to bring these guys into court. He then changed his story because usually he tells George Noory that he won this case. This time he said 'unfortunately the entire case was dismissed because I had an awful lawyer that showed up completely unprepared for the whole thing'. Read the truth here THE SHAMELESS PSYCHIC AND HIS PROPHECY OF LIES.

He goes on to list all the programs and tv shows he's been involved with. This guy is so full of himself, he would have you believe he is Mr Hollywood. He then goes on to tell how he got started in all this. He graduated from USC and then got involved in the entertainment business making rock music videos, he sold a script to Buck Rogers which didn't get produced. He claims he was personal friends with Gene Roddenberry. He was in nightclubs and owned a couple of restaurants. He claims he made a huge amount of money on the stock market in the early 80's. He says he turned about $5,000 into about $250,000. The question is if Morton is such a hot shot at stock market trading, why is it he needs to come on radio shows to sell his newsletter? He could be sat at home trading the stock market living the high life as a multi billionaire.

Then he goes on to make claims on a stock prediction he made on his July Coast to Coast show. He says his stock picks from that show are up 87% since July. Gold is up 40% since that show and silver is up 42%. He claims a stock he predicted on that show is up 60% just yesterday. The stock is Nuclear Solutions(NSOL). Funnily enough he never mentioned this stock on the July show. On 7th July 2005 it was trading at 0.95. Over the year it did nothing special, moving up slightly and then dropping back down. Monday 3rd April it was down to 0.78 then it jumped on Friday 7th April and hit a high of 1.95 before it closed at 1.35. This works out at a 42% increase not 60%, and if it hadn't made that jump on Friday you would have been looking at a loss. The only stocks Morton mentioned in July were: Palatin Technologies, Pixar, Caterpillar Tractors, Texas Instruments, XM Satellite Radio, Wal-Mart, Nutracea and PetroKazakhstan.

He claims he told us to buy this stock in July when it was valued at 0.42. Firstly no he never mentioned it on the show, and secondly NSOL was never valued at 0.42 at any time in July. You can check it for yourself here Also if it was valued at 0.42 in July and you sold at 1.95 on Friday, that would be a 364% increase.

On 16th November 2005 Morton mentioned NSOL. That day it was valued at 1.10.

He claims Goldman Sachs subscribe to his newsletter and are amazed that they can make millions of dollars from his predictions and they only have to pay $65 a year for the privilege.

2004 - 2034 we have moved into the Pisces era which means there will be a lot of water disasters. In September 2034 we will see ET intervention into human evolution. They will fix the Earths wobble that was started by an asteroid strike in 2027. A new messianic figure will be born and his rule will start in 2039.

The biggest story this year will be the storms. There will be 7 major hurricanes above category 3 that will hit the US and Mexico.

Hundreds of thousands of people in the Carolinas will have to flee their homes in August - September. The storms will move north and hit New York.

The biggest challenge to California this year is flooding.

4.5 - 5 earthquakes in San Francisco.

New Madrid fault will fracture in 2011 and 2012 according to the Bible code. This will increase the width of the Mississippi river to 100 miles.

War will start in Iran soon. The US will attack Syria before it exits Iraq.

The Middle East will rip open this year with a spectacular attack on Jerusalem in August. 3rd August will see a suitcase nuclear attack on the Dome of the Rock temple. Jerusalem always gets attacked, destroyed or invaded on 3rd August according to Sean's history book.The Third Temple of Solomon will be built here after the Dome is destroyed, this will take 2 years to build.

By the end of this year there will be another attack on US soil that will be blamed on Islamic factions. The next harmonic convergence is in 28th May 2010 and we will see a whole group of people get together who will come out of society and create a new world.

Pakistan will attack India with nuclear weapons but he can't give a time frame.

North Korea will merge with South Korea. North Korea is no threat to the US.

There will be no border war with Mexico.

In 15 to 20 years time the US will merge with Canada and Mexico creating a 13 nation state confederation that will eventually be called the NAU (North American Union). They will have a big yellow flag with a snake on it that says 'Don't tread on me'.

He has a new movie, Badlands, about the border war. He is hoping to get financing for this. Why? he claims he is so successful in the stock market why doesn't he finance it himself? I wonder if it's going to be another Hollywood blockbuster like his last movie, which was such a success it went straight to dvd.

USA is the second Holy Land that is spoken about in the Bible. If this is so the prophecy is that the US will be invaded by the Kings of the East with the 200+ million army (China), one last battle will be fought and the invaders will be defeated on the plains of Denver.

Still maintains the US capital will move to Denver.

He admits that you should not pay any attention to his football predictions because they totally suck. This is the only sensible thing he has said all night.

USC will play Ohio State for the National Championship.