Monday, 23 February 2004

David Booth

Here is the latest vision from David Booth. He was talking with George Noory.

In 1979 David Booth had a recurring dream. He saw a plane take off from an airport, bank steeply and then crash. He alerted the authorities who took him seriously but could do nothing about it. Not long after a DC 10 took off from Chicago, banked steeply and crashed killing all passengers, exactly as in Davids dream.

In March last year David started to experience another recurring dream. In it he is viewing Earth from space as a large dark planetary object comes up from beneath the Earth and collides with the South Pole. Then he sees huge explosions on the west coast of North America.

He says it looked too big to be an asteroid and it wasn't a comet.

He says he thinks it will happen after 8th June 2004. Venus going into transit is a sign.

When he appeared on Alex Merklinger's show on 19th February he elaborated on this saying that Venus goes into transit on 8th June. This is an 8 year cycle that only occurs every 105 years. This will lead us up to the end of the Mayan calender in 2012.

There are astronomers at the South Pole who are able to see something right now but are keeping it quiet.

Five hundred years ago Nostradamus predicted that 97.6% of the Earth's population would die because of a pole shift shortly after the year 2000.

On 16th March 2003 G M Scallion had a vision of 2 light beings pointed down towards Earth at the Wyoming/Utah area which was red. He said this will change the World in 18 months. That date is this September.

There is already a large movement of troops. The 25th Infantry Division has been sent down to Antarctica. By Spring 80% of the US military will be outside the continent of North America in preparation of some coming disaster.

The US and the Vatican have set up observatories in Antarctica.

Russian observatories know of a large number of incoming objects from space.

Iraq has some of the largest underground facilities. Only the US and Russia have more. The Iraqi facilities can hold up to 450,000 people and are now fully stocked.

He is 100% certain that the World's Governments know that there will be a huge calamity soon. There is no possibility that he is wrong.

The US Government has designated 600,000 people to go underground to be protected.

The Government will unleash a viral or bacterial plague on humanity to kill off large masses of people to cut down the chaos and panic.

Micro biologists aren't being killed. It is a cover story. They are being moved underground to develope the virus.