Wednesday, 29 October 2003

Aaron C. Donahue

Lucifer is an alien and the father of the human race. He will return within the next 7 years. He will return in a craft from another dimension, it will be televised.

The Earth is dying and we will burn up and become another Venus.

Satan and the Devil are fictitious.

Social chaos. Lucifer will rise and become the new God of the human race. This will be our first alien contact. He is not the anti-christ.

Demons will assimilate us and use our nervous systems. They will take over a third of the population.

No future for the US. Terrorist will start random bombings and random assassination attempts.

Yellowstone Park will blow within 3 years.

The pyramids were poured into place.

There is no such thing as the Illuminati.

Tuesday, 28 October 2003

Gordon Michael Scallion

A third of our land mass will be lost in the future. A similar amount we will regain from the land mass rising up from the ocean bed. This will happen around 2012.

The current sun spot cycle which should be in reduction will continue on and become a double cycle.

A major solar flare will have a direct hit on the Earth. It will disrupt satelites and electrical equipment on the ground. It will cause a major blackout globally within the next year.

Earth changes around the US will begin. Key areas to watch are from Wyoming to the Oregon coast. Watch for thermal action. New geysers will appear, ground venting and the birth of new volcanoes. Eruption of Mount Baker and Mount Rainier. The ground will tear from Eureka, CA to Bakersfield, CA. These are all the final warning signs.

Watch for new venting and fires in Yellowstone Park. Within days and months of this the ground will fracture.

The Egyptians used a form of laser to quarry rocks for the pyramids. This help was given to them by the Atlantians and groups from Russia. They had lighter than air craft, like modern day dirigibles to carry the stones from the quarry to the site. Using the power or their voice they would make noises that would power up a charge through a staff held by a priest. The charge pointed by the staff would lift the stone along a carpet of aluminium foil. Part of the Great Pyramid was used as an observatory.

Atlantis occupied a space all the way from Africa to the east coast of the US, stretching down to the east of Cuba. Atlantis wasn't the only advanced civilisation. Advanced cultures existed in India and in the Gobi desert. The Atlantians didn't use electricity, they had light energy systems and magnetic energy systems. They had devices that could travel outside the Earth's atmosphere. They also had powerful telescopes that could see anything.

In past Earth history 300 million years ago humanoids were 14 - 16 inches tall and other types that were 14 - 16 feet tall.

Long before humans on this planet came into being, even before apes, there was a thriving civilisation on Mars. Intelligent aquatic lifeforms too. Their demise was due to misuse of technology. Martian giants came to this planet. They looked like shadow people, ghost-like creatures. A lot of them looked reptilian.

New, strange discoveries will come to light with the new Martian probes. Maybe not buildings but constructed avenues will be found.

Our black op projects use Atlantian technology. We have secret craft that use magnetic amplifiers.

Evidence of alien life will be revealed in a few months, maybe a few years. ET's are influencing key people in our society.

Great changes to human DNA will start within a decade.

The next terrorist attack on the US will be electronic. Key computers wil be shut down causing between $20 and $30 billion to be lost from the economy.

Previous power outages were caused by software problems.

Fires in California are not related to terrorism. A week to 10 days and the cause will be revealed.

Nothing geophysical to happen to California in the next 6 months.
December 2003 there was a 6.5 earthquake in California that killed 2 people.

Wednesday, 22 October 2003

Sylvia Browne, Wednesday 22nd October 2003

Princess Diana was murdered.

Yellowstone Park will blow in 3 to 5 months.

Sylvia says she predicted the assassination of Anwar Saddat. Pity she couldn't get his first name correct, she called him Omar.

She doesn't believe in Tarot cards.

Marilyn Monroe was killed by the Mafia.

The Pope won't be with us much longer. There will be one more Pope and then a group of Cardinals will take over.
The Pope is still with us(date 17th May 2004)

Aliens colonized this planet, built the pyramids etc. They are here now amongst us, in Government. They have come back to view us and check us out.

Osama Bin Laden is still alive but doesn't have very long to live.

Saddam Hussein will be caught by the end of 2003 but they won't get him alive.
She was right about Saddam being caught by the end of the year, but he was caught alive and well with no injuries on December 13th 2003.

She is very concerned about North Korea. No date given.

The next President of the US will be a democrat. The election will be very close.

Terrible times for the economy of the US in the next two years and then it will slowly recuperate.

Mafia killed Bobby Kennedy.

There will be a manned mission to Mars and we will find that there once was life there. No date given.

Sunday, 19 October 2003

Sean David Morton, Sunday 19th October 2003

The Great Pyramid is a clock in stone, used as a hall of initiation into secret societies.

Osama Bin Laden is dead. He was hit by shrapnel in a missile attack on February 5th 2002 but escaped wounded. He died 8 weeks later in late April or early May. Bin Laden’s son is now in control operating out of Iran.

On his 21st August 2003 appearance Morton suggested that both Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden are dead. According to an unnamed source of his, Hussein died in March in the Iraqi conflict, and Bin Laden was injured in a caravan during a missile attack, but escaped and later died of medical problems in April of 2002. As we all know Saddam was captured alive and well on 13th December 2003.

Wrong. Osama Bin Laden released a video message on 29th October. In it he mentions Bush and Kerry proving that it was made recently.

Atomic holocaust in Jerusalem. Bible code gives two dates, 1997 and 2006.

President Bush is in danger. Security for Bush’s visit to China needs to be increased. December 8th 2003 he could be in danger at an International conference in US. Jeb Bush could run for office in 2004 if anything happens to George Bush.
Nothing happened to George Bush. Morton claims he alerted the secret services and they increased the security on the President and thats why nothing happened to him.

November 2004 to 2005 one last great warning to mankind. Could be a solar flare, red sky or disease of some kind.

Middle East. Saad Bin Laden is the man to watch. He is in Iran right now. There will be a new government in Iran before the spring of 2004.
Wrong. No new Government in Iran.

Israel is doing some of the dirty work for the US in Syria looking for the WMD that were smuggled out of Iraq.

July 4th 2004 some kind of major attack on Washington DC, an explosion of some kind. A truck or an aircraft near the Capitol Building. After this attack the capital will move to Denver in 2005.
Wrong. No attacks on Washington DC.

Talks of a major global plague coming in the fall of 2004 – 2006 some kind of massive flu virus, SARS was phase 1 of this virus and will mutate into phase 2.

Smallpox attacks on New York, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Attack on New York in 2004 from the fire of a missile, planes could be considered missiles, could be a biological nuclear device of some kind. A smallpox attack in Israel will kill 14,700 people in 2005 specifically in Jerusalem.

The trigger for many of his predictions concerning the west coast of the US is the eruption of Mount Rainier. The weak side of Mount Rainier faces Seattle. Bible code predicts Mount Rainier will erupt in 1811 and 2005. New Madrid fault will shift in 2006 and there will be double eruptions of the New Madrid fault in 2010 and 2011.

2004 Election will be something special.

Gigantic collapse of the economy and stock market in 2005. Economy picks up from 2003 to 2005 with recoveries in the technology sector. There will be a double currency established, one is going to be a foreign currency called Red Backs, a coloured type of money for use outside the US and then another type of currency for use within the US. The market will rise to 15,000 in 2005 and then crash. NASDAQ will track with it.

Sunday, 12 October 2003

Ed Dames, Sunday 12th October 2003

Alien agency has been recording us for thousands of years. They have a Star Trek like replicator that is fuelled by petroleum based fossil fuels. They take the fuel from a primary collection point in North America.

The aliens have a specific agenda but he remains neutral on whether they are good or evil.

Aliens are capable of moving into another dimension.

The alien agency is directly connected to an underground area on Mars containing sentient machines.

US will put beam weapons in space and on the backside of the moon. China won't be happy about this and to stop the US they will use their new weapon, a bio engineered biological warfare agent that attacks only wheat. This will cause the economy to drop overnight. When China does this the US will respond with nuclear weapons.

Next catastrophic earthquake in Japan is soon.

Next use of a nuclear weapon will definitely be on the Korean peninsula. No date given. North Korea will up the level of nuclear blackmail by testing a nuclear weapon. The test might be in open air and that may invoke a response that causes them to use a nuclear weapon against US forces on the peninsula.

Our Sun to go on a rampage and terminate the Earth's living dynamics. Protons from the Sun will hit us several times. The Earth's axis will move as much as 17 degrees. This cataclysm will end World War III. We will need to be underground for a few weeks to survive the 300 miles per hour winds. Safe places are west of Glacier National Park, the lake valley region of Canada, Switzerland and Hawaii.
Well we had some large Sun spots on Wednesday 22nd October but surely Ed would have said it was going to happen this week as it was so close. He will probably try and claim he said this but he said nothing about Sun spots, especially the size of Jupiter. UPDATE: He appeared with Art Bell on 9th November and claimed he predicted the large solar flares. He altered this prediction (see above) to suit his case. He never mentioned that he said the Sun event he saw would end world war III.

Previous Earth shifting on its axis caused the city off Cuba to be submerged 2,200 feet.

Global economic collapse is just around the corner.

Robert Miles wasn't abducted by aliens, it was a spitirual experience. He was confronted by his guardian angel.

Friday, 3 October 2003

Sean David Morton, Friday 3rd October 2003

WMD found in valley in Syria will be declared by US. Some action will be taken within 30 days of Sept 15th. This info will destroy the Democratic party. Will lead to war with Syria.
30 days have past since Sept 15th and no announcement yet.

Saddam has 4 nuclear weapons. His bio weapons were operated by the red chinese and hidden under a refridgeration plant and a mine near a town or school. All this will be announced soon.

No US draft this year.
Correct. There was no US draft.

There will be very serious attacks on Washington DC on 4th July 2004. This will cause Bush to institute the draft. Denver will become the capital of US after more attacks on Washington DC in 2005 - 2006. Omaha will become the spiritual capital of the world.
Wrong. No attacks on Washington DC.

Revolution in Iran. Sees no US troops in Iran. Some form of revolutionary government to replace Koran based theocracy. This is happening as we speak. Major movements on this around Christmas and in the Spring.

Blackouts caused by software, the new Double Promise software used as a terrorist action against US.

August 12th - December the planet is going through a biorhythmic low and this will effect electrical energy fields on the planet.
Wrong. Nothing happened.

Yellowstone Park will take another 18 months at least to blow, building up to the main event in 2005 - 2006. No explosion but it will implode.

Mount Rainier will blow in 2005 and Seattle will be destroyed.

2006 quake in LA, 2010 tidal waves in LA, 2011 another major quake in LA.

War in Middle East will bankrupt the US in 2004 - 2005.

George Bush must be protected in December or January. He may not finish his term in office. This could happen at a European Convention being held in the US.
Nothing happened to George Bush. Morton claims he alerted the secret services and they increased the security on the President and thats why nothing happened to him.

If Bush survives he will win re-election in 2004 then his most dangerous period will be in 2006. Atomic holocaust in Jerusalem in 2006 with a Libyan weapon all involving Bush, Sharon and Arrafat.
Bush was re-elected in 2004.

Government won't acknowledge ET contact in near future.

When Pope John Paul II dies the next Pope will reign for 8 years or so then the next Pope will be Pope Peter of Rome and he will reign from 2010 - 2018 which will be the end of the Catholic Church. This Pope will be killed by an invading army.

7 year peace treaty between Israel and Arab States will be broken in 3.5 years.

Interest rates to stay dead level.

Stocks in Palatin Pharmaceutical will be huge.

Palatin shares started to rise last week to a high of 5.89 but have nosedived to 5.12 as of today Tuesday 12th October 2003. Continued to drop to 4.65 as of Friday 24th October 2003. Palatin closed at 2.70 as of Tuesday 12th October 2004.

Wednesday, 1 October 2003

Classic Predictions

Sean David Morton - Predictions for 1998
The Federal Reserve would crash.

We would all be using smart cards instead of paper money.

The Internal Revenue Service as we know it would be gone.

Political turmoil involving the resignation of Al Gore. He names Ted Kennedy as his replacement and the resignation of a scandal-ridden Clinton, but not before Clinton has a heart attack.

Fidel Castro to be overthrown before January 25th, 1999.

Madeleine Albright would be dead or injured after a terrorist attack.

Scores of dams in northern California were supposed to break.

Major quakes to strike Canada and north of San Francisco (7.2M and 6.0+M respectively).

Noticeable rises in heat and UV-ray activity caused from ozone holes opening over Los Angeles.

Sean David Morton - Predictions for 2001
There will be a change of government in Iraq. Saddam Hussein is dying of cancer and his son, Quizak will take over. Unfortunately he will not be any saner than his father.

A great sadness coming up in February, 2001, which appears to be the death of the Pope. I see the entire country of Italy dressed in black. I have predicted for some time that Bishop Martini will be the Pope’s successor. He speaks seven languages and is very urbane. This Pope will be called the “Pope of the Glorious Olive Branch” or “the Pope of Peace”.
Source: New Life Expo

Sean David Morton - Predictions for 2003
A concerted terrorist attack on 5 major US airports (Chicago, Dallas, Salt Lake, NYC, LA) will occur in late August 2003.

21st August 2003 Morton said that Saddam Hussein was dead. He died in March in the Iraqi conflict.

Ed Dames - Predictions for 1998
A “plant pathogen” cylindrical object from space to impact near Lake Victoria, Africa by/around the end of February, leads to air-borne spores killing plants world-wide.

North Korea will use a missile-mounted nuclear weapon against their southern neighbours.

Nuclear reactor to be used as a weapon in northern Spain.

President Clinton won’t make it to the end of the year.

Reports of cannibalism in Eastern Europe.

A bigger, stronger type of tornado, one that literally rips people asunder in US Midwest.

A war involving the PLO and Israel.

Global economic collapse in late spring or early summer.