Wednesday, 9 June 2004

Psychic Calendar 2004

George Bush must be protected in January. He may not finish his term in office Sean David Morton
Nothing happened to George Bush. Morton claims he alerted the secret services and they increased the security on the President and thats why nothing happened to him

January – March Yellowstone Park will erupt Sylvia Browne
Nothing happened

23rd January – 5th February is a risky time for the US Joseph Jacobs
He claims he got this correct because of a terrorist strike in Iraq. Also Ricin was found in the Senate on 1st February

29th January – 1st February could be strike dates for terrorism in the US Joseph Jacobs
Wrong. Nothing happened. Some claim that this could mean the flights from Britain and France that were cancelled, but this started around Christmas time. As nothing happened and he wasn't more specific I am marking this down as a miss

30th January – 23rd March is a hard time for Israel Joseph Jacobs
Suicide bombings continue in Israel and but this happens all year round

Carolina Panthers will win the Super Bowl 20 – 17 Sean David Morton
Wrong. New England won 32 - 29. In his email to me SDM had this to say 'Panthers vs. Pats in the SUPERBOWL. AGAIN, PRINT THE WHOLE STORY! I stated CLEARLY that this was based on what I felt would be an UP year in the markets and that if the PATS won the economy would tank. ALSO, I told everyone that it would be, and I quote, "A THREE POINT GAME!" I bet $1000 on the game, and IF YOU HAD TAKEN my advice, you would have WON, as I did, because it WAS a three point game, AND the Panthers beat the 6.5 point spread.'
Still wrong Sean. You came on Coast, said Panthers would win and gave the score 20 - 17. You may have said it would be a 3 point game but you never mentioned spread betting.

13th February – 18th July Major earthquake in California Joseph Jacobs

24th February – 16th April Osama Bin Laden is in trouble but he won’t be caught alive Joseph Jacobs
Wrong. Bin Laden is still in hiding

Osama Bin Laden is dead. This will be announced before the Spring Sylvia Browne
Wrong. Bin Laden is still in hiding

10th March – 22nd June North Korea will become an issue Joseph Jacobs

March is a very difficult month for the whole world Joseph Jacobs
Correct. 11th March 2004 Terrorist attack in Madrid, Spain. The total dead so far is 201

19th April or 9th June Prince Charles will have a health problem Joseph Jacobs

Later this month the stock market will rise Sean David Morton
Correct. The stock market did start to rise

Major announcements about discoveries in Egypt and the Middle East in May or June Sean David Morton

10th May – 30th June is a very bad time for Canada in terms of economy and health - Joseph Jacobs

A large dark planetary object will come up from beneath the Earth and collide with the South Pole. Huge explosions on the west coast of US. Transit of Venus on 8th June is a sign for the start of this event David Booth
Having been booked on Coast To Coast on Thursday 13th March to talk about Booth's so called meeting with Sister Lucia, witness to the Miracles of Fatima in 1917 Booth refused to elaborate. Both men would only discuss the dream Booth had already talked about on his last appearance on Coast on 23rd February. Once again they told how 97% of the Earth's population would die in September 2004 yet they were still trying to market their books and videos. The interview was promptly and politely cut short. Maybe Booth's vision was his subconscious telling him that his credibility was going up in smoke?

US troops will be home from Iraq in June or July Sylvia Browne
Wrong. Troops still in Iraq

US will be placed on red alert on 4th July. A dirty bomb in New York is a concern Sean David Morton
Wrong. Nothing happened

Serious attacks in Washington DC on 4th July. An explosion of a truck or aircraft near the Capitol building. This will cause Bush to institute the draft Sean David Morton
Wrong. Nothing happened

Major terrorist attack in US on 4th July Joseph Noah
Wrong. Nothing happened

US Dollar will hit a new low Sean David Morton
Wrong. The lowest the dollar hit on the broad index according to the Federal Reserve from Januray 1973 to present was in July 1995 and was listed as 84.50. The dollar index for July 2004 was at 101.85.

Dow Jones will break 11,000 Sean David Morton
Wrong. It never reached 11,000

This summer and fall we will see major winds - GM Scallion
Correct. Major hurricanes this summer.

26th July – 16th September labour problems and difficult times for New York – Joseph Jacobs

Dow Jones to fall Sean David Morton
The Dow Jones fell to around 9,800 in mid August but has been rising since to around 10,200

Riot or unrest at Olympic Games Sean David Morton
Anti war and anti Bush demonstrators made a protest against the visit of Colin Powell. He was going to attend the closing ceremony but decided to cancel his visit

George Bush will hit a difficult time between 27th August and 18th October. He sees a health problem around this time for his father Joseph Jacobs

A swarm of earthquakes to hit around the Mount Baker area, then deep quakes underneath Seattle Sean David Morton

Between September and December there will be major earthquakes on the west coast of the US - GM Scallion

September 29th Comet Toutatis will threaten the Earth - Billy Meier

No natural disaster in Seattle in September 2004 - Joseph Jacobs

The best time to catch Osama Bin Laden is before 6th October. He does not think Bin Laden has already been caught - Joseph Jacobs
We still haven't caught Osama Bin Laden.

Yasser Arafat will be very ill after 15th October - Joseph Jacobs
On 8th October it was reported that Arafat suffered a mild heart attack. 22nd October it was reported he now has a dose of flu, but his officials are denying this. 29th October Arafat was flown to Paris with reports of a serious blood disorder. Yasser Arafat died 11th November.

Dow Jones to rise in third week of October – Sean David Morton
Wrong. The Dow is still falling in third week.

October 2004 is a very rough time worldwide and for the US. The appearance of disease, possibly biological. The medical profession will be very busy - Joseph Jacobs

Oil prices will plummet before the US election to $30 a barrel – Sean David Morton
Wrong. Oil prices closed on 29th October at $51.76 a barrel.

Later this year a smallpox attack in Israel killing 14,700 Sean David Morton

Fall this year will see another bout of SARS and an Asian flu Sean David Morton

George Bush will win the election by a landslide Sean David Morton
Correct that George Bush won, but it was not a landslide.

John Kerry will win the election Sylvia Browne

George Bush will win the election Sylvia Browne
Correct. Pretty good idea to edge your bets and go for both though.

There will be an election this November - Joseph Jacobs

George Bush will win the election. Some tampering with the voting machines. He will be thinking of more military action after he wins, probably Iran - Joseph Jacobs
Correct but don't think there was any tampering.

George Bush will win a second term. The 20 year presidential curse will continue and Bush will have health problems or be involved in a plane accident John Hogue
Correct about the election. Wrong about the 20 year presidential curse.

Howard Dean will run against Bush John Hogue
Howard Dean pulled out of the race on Wednesday 18th February 2004.

George Bush will be re-elected – Joseph Noah

Michael Eisner will change jobs after 22nd November - Joseph Jacobs

One last great warning to mankind. Could be a solar flare, red sky or disease of some kind Sean David Morton

Christmas Day will be 25th December - Simon Aspinall

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