Sunday, 23 April 2006

Sean David Morton, Sunday 23rd April 2006

Sean David Morton made a quick visit to Coast to Coast. This time he was talking with George Noory.

Osama Bin Laden is still dead according to Sean. His brilliant sources, his uncle in the marine corp, his reliable (not) friends in the intelligent agencies confirm this. All the information about Bin Laden coming from the CIA is bogus. He says a kid in his parents basement with a good sound editing program could put together a Bin laden tape. I wonder if this is the same 12 year old booger eating kid that Morton likes to call everyone who challenges him?

George commented on Sean's gold and stock market predictions being spot on. Morton went on to claim a man who followed his gold predictions from the July 2005 show has made $2 million.

He says his stock portfolio from the July 2005 show has gone up by 320%. His gold and silver predictions are up by 82%.

He says he is single handedly the most successful prognosticator of the stock market and of where they are going to go and what they are going to do.

George jumped in and said 'but you're the worst football guesser we have ever seen'. Morton agreed and said people should never listen to ever him again as far as a football score is concerned. Surely if you are psychic and can make it big predicting the stock market, it is just as easy to predict football scores? This is probably the most sensible and correct prediction Mr. Morton has ever made as he has never made a correct sports prediction.

Previously Morton had said that sometime this year oil could be up as high as $150 a barrel. George said that he is halfway there with this prediction.

Oil prices will drop in the last few weeks of June just before 4th July. After 4th July there will be a steady rise to a national average oil price of $3.50 - $3.75. Oil will reach $100 a barrel by September this year.

Unleaded will hit $3.50 in the next couple of weeks.

He claims the Bilderburger Group want the worldwide oil price at $150 a barrel by early 2007.

There could be food shortages in the next 6 - 8 months due to rising oil prices.

George told him that previously he had said that Jeb Bush would be the republican candidate for President. Morton seemed to squirm at this one and tried to get out of it by saying he said this a long time ago. Another example of Morton making wild predictions and then hoping people forget about them. George reminded him that he said it on 12th January 2006.

Hilary Clinton is rapidly losing money and support amongst the democrats, the Hollywood community and the computer industry. The big money is now going behind Al Gore. Moton says he doesn't know what is going on with Jeb Bush. George asked him if he was backing down with his prediction? Morton made his excuse about the difficulty in predicting a two way race, then told us he had been correct in 1992, 1996 and 2000. He says the 2008 election will be surrounded in chaos, so much so that it is hard to see who will win. He sees a three party race in 2008 with John McCain stepping in as a dark horse third party. More support for Al Gore rather that Hilary Clinton. A possibilty of Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney, who may run together.