Saturday, 10 April 2004

Ed Dames, Saturday 10th April 2004

According to reports the biggest solar flare ever almost shut down the entire Earth in November. Dames claims this is the shot across the bow before the kill shot.
In October 2003 Dames predicted the Sun would go on a rampage. What he failed to mention is that in his very same prediction he said that the solar flare would signal the end of World War III and that the poles would shift 17 degrees. This is a totally different solar event but he keeps claiming it as a hit.

The next use of a nuclear weapon will be on the North Korean peninsular. The nuclear weapon is in place. It is like a nuclear mine and will be detonated if the US troops invade. Once this escalates into a nuclear conflict the whole World will come together to stop this war.

The nuclear cloud will drift over China.

This nuclear event is only small compared to what is about to happen.

Coming global super storm to start this year. Ohio will be hit by a huge tornado.

The massive event Dames talks about is the kill shot, not one but a series of huge solar flares. All satellites and power grids will be destroyed. People living in big cities are in serious trouble.

The trigger for this event is when we see a space shuttle forced to land because of a meteor shower. This is the harbinger. The beginning of the end. Once the space shuttle is forced to land it will only be a couple of months before the start of the disaster. The space shuttles are still grounded but the flights resume in early 2005.

We will see some drastic geo-physical changes in the Earth, eventually resulting in a wobble and possibly a pole shift. The wobble will cause waves as high as 2,000 feet. This wobble is caused by the rapid melting of ice because the planet has been heated up so much.

2005 will see a tremendous amount of worldwide earthquakes, followed by intense meteor showers. Not like the Leonids, these will actually hit the Earth.

Around the same time as the kill shot a large planetary body will pass by the Earth, go around the Sun and pass by us again. This could be Planet X and will be the size of Pluto. We will have 3 months warning of its approach.

The combination of both events will kill around 2 billion people. A further 2 billion people could die because of the after effects.

We will experience winds of 300 mph for a few weeks so we will need to be below ground with a supply of fresh water and food. To be safe you will need to be far inland or very high up, around 3,000 feet above sea level or own your own very large sail boat. Safe places are west of Glacier National Park, east of British Columbia, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Once the Earth settles there will be lots of broken nuclear reactors with radiation clouds everywhere.

We will rebuild and he suspects this is not the first time this has happened. The nations that are survivable are the ones that do not rely heavily on high technology. China is poise to become the top nation.

Aliens won’t intervene. But after things calm down another race will be here helping us to rebuild.

Many people will start to experience these events in dreams as the time draws closer.

Dames says that the likelihood of these events being accurate is 100%.

All this information he is releasing on a kill shot DVD, plus a new remote viewing pack released soon.
Why? If most of us will be dead next year.