Sunday, 9 November 2003

Ed Dames, Saturday 9th November 2003

The solar activity that is happening at the moment is just the beginning of a series of large events on the Sun.

The next large event will actually destroy satelites and damage some power grids in North America. This will happen within the next three weeks.
Wrong. Nothing happened.

The Sun has a 11,500 year cycle. Each cycle ends with the Sun scorching the Earth.

The next event will be so big it will be noticed by everyone.

Things will happen in the sky that no scientist has seen before.

Polar ice caps will melt.

We will see waves as big as 2,000 feet.

Earth's axis will tilt.

A huge earthquake will hit Japan in late Spring 2005. It will not cause a lot of damage to Tokyo but the Monju fast breeder reactor will be destroyed killing 17,000 people, Between 200,000 and 400,000 people will die later.