Sunday, 19 October 2003

Sean David Morton, Sunday 19th October 2003

The Great Pyramid is a clock in stone, used as a hall of initiation into secret societies.

Osama Bin Laden is dead. He was hit by shrapnel in a missile attack on February 5th 2002 but escaped wounded. He died 8 weeks later in late April or early May. Bin Laden’s son is now in control operating out of Iran.

On his 21st August 2003 appearance Morton suggested that both Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden are dead. According to an unnamed source of his, Hussein died in March in the Iraqi conflict, and Bin Laden was injured in a caravan during a missile attack, but escaped and later died of medical problems in April of 2002. As we all know Saddam was captured alive and well on 13th December 2003.

Wrong. Osama Bin Laden released a video message on 29th October. In it he mentions Bush and Kerry proving that it was made recently.

Atomic holocaust in Jerusalem. Bible code gives two dates, 1997 and 2006.

President Bush is in danger. Security for Bush’s visit to China needs to be increased. December 8th 2003 he could be in danger at an International conference in US. Jeb Bush could run for office in 2004 if anything happens to George Bush.
Nothing happened to George Bush. Morton claims he alerted the secret services and they increased the security on the President and thats why nothing happened to him.

November 2004 to 2005 one last great warning to mankind. Could be a solar flare, red sky or disease of some kind.

Middle East. Saad Bin Laden is the man to watch. He is in Iran right now. There will be a new government in Iran before the spring of 2004.
Wrong. No new Government in Iran.

Israel is doing some of the dirty work for the US in Syria looking for the WMD that were smuggled out of Iraq.

July 4th 2004 some kind of major attack on Washington DC, an explosion of some kind. A truck or an aircraft near the Capitol Building. After this attack the capital will move to Denver in 2005.
Wrong. No attacks on Washington DC.

Talks of a major global plague coming in the fall of 2004 – 2006 some kind of massive flu virus, SARS was phase 1 of this virus and will mutate into phase 2.

Smallpox attacks on New York, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Attack on New York in 2004 from the fire of a missile, planes could be considered missiles, could be a biological nuclear device of some kind. A smallpox attack in Israel will kill 14,700 people in 2005 specifically in Jerusalem.

The trigger for many of his predictions concerning the west coast of the US is the eruption of Mount Rainier. The weak side of Mount Rainier faces Seattle. Bible code predicts Mount Rainier will erupt in 1811 and 2005. New Madrid fault will shift in 2006 and there will be double eruptions of the New Madrid fault in 2010 and 2011.

2004 Election will be something special.

Gigantic collapse of the economy and stock market in 2005. Economy picks up from 2003 to 2005 with recoveries in the technology sector. There will be a double currency established, one is going to be a foreign currency called Red Backs, a coloured type of money for use outside the US and then another type of currency for use within the US. The market will rise to 15,000 in 2005 and then crash. NASDAQ will track with it.