Tuesday, 3 January 2006

Sylvia Browne, Tuesday 3rd January 2006

Caught Hook, Line and Sinker

George Noory started this show with breaking news that in West Virginia 12 miners that were caught in an explosion had been found alive more than 41 hours after the blast. One miner however has been found dead.

George's opening words to Sylvia were "Sylvia, this is a momentous day today with these coal miners, at least 12 of the 13 being found alive". Sylvia replied "Yes".

They then went on to go through her predictions for 2006, listed below. Then after a while George had to talk about the miners. This was around 2:30am.

George Noory: "Of course, this is after the fact. With these 12 of 13 coal miners that they found successfully"

Sylvia Browne: "I know"

George Noory: "Had you been on the program today, and had they not been found, would you have felt as if because they had heard no sounds, that this was a very gloomy moment and that they might have all died?".

Sylvia Browne: "No, I knew they were gonna be found. You know, I hate people who say something after the fact. It's just like I knew when the Pope was dead, and I said it on...... thank god I was on Montel show, according to the time it was 9 something, whatever Rome time was, I said 'he's gone', and he was"

George then moved on to other topics. Around 3:00am the news story had changed. The earlier report was wrong. Now the true report was that 12 of the 13 miners were dead. What was Sylvia going to do? Live on air she was facing humiliation, her $750 an hour career going up in smoke.

George Noory: "How tragic Sylvia Browne for this to occur after a worldwide euphoria.... that they may have been alive"

Sylvia Browne: "Exactly, and how crazy for them to report that they were alive when they weren't".

George Noory: "......Frustrating"

You could just picture Sylvia's so called spirit guide 'Francine' climbing the walls, screaming 'Let's get out of here NOW'.

George went on to talk about his conversation with the West Virginia news reporter and told the listeners that they would follow the story and also take phone calls. Sylvia had to act, she had to do something to cover her ass. So she did the only thing she could, she U-turned.

Sylvia Browne: "I don't really think there's anybody alive, if there is I think maybe only one, I just don't believe that there's...... I haven't heard anything cause I've been with you. but I just don't think they are alive"

George Noory: "That's frustrating"

Sylvia Browne: "It's terrible, especially when everybody was...... yeah, false hope..... exactly....."

What's this? The world famous psychic has now changed her tune and reversed her earlier prediction. Has Sylvia given up her job and now become a news reader? because that's what she just did. Quickly George had to act and get off the subject, so he went straight to the phone calls. A comfort zone for Sylvia as all the calls are from her fans who think the sun shines out of her backside and that she can do no wrong. At the end of the phone segment George told us how angry he was that the miners story could be reported so wrong, and that the reporters released this story to the media without checking it first. If George is mad just think how Sylvia feels. She must be absolutely fuming. Her career in tatters and all she can see now is visions of unemployment checks. After the break George is back with Sylvia and tries a bit of damage limitation.

George Noory: "Sylvia, with the accuracy rate that you have, and it is very high, of the few that you get wrong, do they sometimes become right, maybe later on?"

Sylvia Browne: "Yeah, but see I never...... I didn't believe that they were alive"

George Noory: "What's that? the miners?"

Sylvia Browne: "Uh huh"

George Noory: "Oh, okay"

Sylvia Browne: "Yea, no, I think that they're...er... and see I've been on the show with you, so I don't know but I don't think that there's any that are gonna make it"

George Noory: "Well, that's not a good situation......"

Sylvia Browne: "No......"

George Noory: "Well I'll talk about that next hour, I'm concerned about how the media...."

Sylvia Browne: "What was there? 13?......wasn't there?"

She's trying to play innocent and pretend she hasn't heard the news report.

George Noory: "Thirteen were in there and they said one had died, 12 were alive"

Sylvia Browne: "Well, there's 12 gone...and there's 1 still going....."

George Noory: "I think the misunderstanding for you was that I was telling you, after the fact, that they were alive, had that story not broken while we were on the air, what do you think would have happened ? And that's where I think we threw a curve ball at you"

Sylvia Browne: "Yeah, no, I just believed that they were gone......"

There was a long pause.

George Noory: "Well, I think unfortunately you may be right..."

George then goes back to the phone calls, back to the Montel crowd who watch Sylvia on that show and idolize her. Then it was the end of her stint. George apologized for all the confusion, gave a few plugs for Sylvia's latest books and said goodbye to her. Sylvia slumps off and asks 'Francine' to pass the bottle of Jack Daniel's.

The show returned after the break with Open Lines for a couple of hours but something was still bugging poor George.

George Noory: "So confusing was the effort that I had earlier asked our psychic guest, Sylvia Browne, about this situation and specifically I said, 'Had this not occurred' and we're talking about had they been found saved at that time, 'before you were on the air, Sylvia, and if I had asked you about it, what would you have said? Would you have said they were alive?' And she responded by saying 'I hate people who respond after the fact. I know that they will be found.' She didn't say 'found alive' so I'm now confused about that. Because after the break, she came back and was extremely upset, as I was and I'm sure so many other people were when we found out that 12 of the 13 were now dead, not alive. But I tried, I listened to this tape again and I want to get a portion of it later to play for you, if not today, tomorrow, because she is a psychic and we like to judge their accuracy, but she did not say 'that they were found alive', she simply said 'they would be found'. So I can't take her to task on that. But I did want to listen to the tape before I jumped all over that".

George tries his best to come to Sylvia's defence, but it's too late, she has already dug a huge hole for herself and fallen right in it.

Coming back from another break George still can't get Sylvia's foul up off his mind.

George Noory: "I do have a portion of that first statement with Sylvia Browne, cause I want to replay that. I want you to hear it. I want to hear again. I just listened to it again, through my headphones, I'm in 'the cave' in St. Louis, about what she said. You know, it's important. I mean, you talk to a psychic and you want them to be accurate and if they're not, they're not. They're human. But you want to know that too. So let's listen to this, uh, because it is a little vague and confusing. So, this is the first portion when we had heard that they were alive and I started talking to her about how would she have reacted to that, and this is what she said."

Then he proceeded to play a recording of the first statements from Sylvia Browne, see above.

George Noory: "and that's it, and then er she went to talk about the Pope. So she said, 'no, I knew they were going to be found' but she never said 'alive'. And then there was another portion a little bit later on when she reacted to it as well, saying that she's sorry that they're dead and everything else. So it's confusion. And, maybe that's the secret of psychics, sometimes ... you're a little vague".

Then it was back to the phone calls again but later George still won't let it drop. He continued to play the earlier clips of Sylvia, and asks that we should all make up our own minds as to what she meant. He did say that his first impression was that at first she said the 12 would be found alive, but then after the break she changed her story.

George Noory: "....However, she contends, 'no, that's not true'. She claims that she merely said, 'that they were going to be found'. And by that she meant, a lot of times in coal mine accidents, the bodies never are found. They're in there because of the explosion and the collapse of the mine, they can't really go in there and get them out. They're buried alive and they stay in there".

George tried his best to defend her but the damage had already been done by Sylvia herself, no papering over the cracks would make this go away. He should have called her on it right away, not beat about the bush with excuse after excuse. She messed up, she outted herself live on air and she should have been accountable for it. Lets hope Premier Radio Networks kick her off the show for good after this. Of course this won't happen, she is a good ratings winner, even though her accuracy is way off the mark.

Read more about this over at Binnall of America in an article entitled Sylvia Browne Meltdown

UFO Watchdog report Sylvia Browne Blows it Big Time

Fox News report TV Psychic Misses Mark on Miners

Now for the predictions:

The weather this year will be worse than last year.

Hurricanes will hit in the north east US.

Two more earthquakes in Asia.

Small quakes in Washington and California.

Floods in the midwest as usual.

Floods in the south east in the spring.

Health. There will be no pandemic with the Bird Flu. Asia will be hit with it, but the rest of the world it will be contained.

A new replacement for insulin.

There will be some kind of vaccination for certain types of cancer. Stomach and colon.

There will be advancments in treatments for plaque in the heart valves.

A breakthrough in MS involving the hypothalamus gland.

A vaccine that blocks the need for nicotine.

Celebrity predictions for 2006.

Britney Spears will divorce. She finds her husband not what she thought he was.

Bruce Willis will marry a very young dark haired woman.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will marry.

Jennifer Aniston will also marry.

Russell Crowe will get into more trouble. He needs anger management.

Jennifer Lopez should be careful with her health. She will also become pregnant.

Nicole Kidman will marry a producer and she have a baby girl.


Gold and property remain good investments.

The LA property bubble will not burst, not for about three or four years, and then it will just level off.

Interest rates will go up a bit.

Gov. Schwarzenegger will lose popularity. He will run again because his ego will make him. He will be defeated if he runs.

President Bush's popularity will continue to decline. He will become embroiled in more scandals.

Bush has some neurological problems.

The 2008 election will be between Kerry and McCain, and Kerry will win in a close vote.

There will not be a woman President in her lifetime.

By the end of 2006 troops will begin returning from Iraq.
She has been saying this for the last few years and always gets it wrong so then she just moves the date. One day she will get it correct and will take credit for the prediction. See here, here and here

Trains and trucks continue to concern her as far as safety and terrorism.

A caller asked about a serial rapist in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Sylvia said his first name was Benand his second was Halle or Hally. He works as a line painter on the roads. That's why he can get around so much. He will be caught within the next month or two.

Nothing will happen over Iran, it's all a lot of talk.

North Korea and China is more concerning, but not anytime soon.

The US will not move into Syria.

She feels the terrorists will hit European countries other than the US.

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