Tuesday, 28 October 2003

Gordon Michael Scallion

A third of our land mass will be lost in the future. A similar amount we will regain from the land mass rising up from the ocean bed. This will happen around 2012.

The current sun spot cycle which should be in reduction will continue on and become a double cycle.

A major solar flare will have a direct hit on the Earth. It will disrupt satelites and electrical equipment on the ground. It will cause a major blackout globally within the next year.

Earth changes around the US will begin. Key areas to watch are from Wyoming to the Oregon coast. Watch for thermal action. New geysers will appear, ground venting and the birth of new volcanoes. Eruption of Mount Baker and Mount Rainier. The ground will tear from Eureka, CA to Bakersfield, CA. These are all the final warning signs.

Watch for new venting and fires in Yellowstone Park. Within days and months of this the ground will fracture.

The Egyptians used a form of laser to quarry rocks for the pyramids. This help was given to them by the Atlantians and groups from Russia. They had lighter than air craft, like modern day dirigibles to carry the stones from the quarry to the site. Using the power or their voice they would make noises that would power up a charge through a staff held by a priest. The charge pointed by the staff would lift the stone along a carpet of aluminium foil. Part of the Great Pyramid was used as an observatory.

Atlantis occupied a space all the way from Africa to the east coast of the US, stretching down to the east of Cuba. Atlantis wasn't the only advanced civilisation. Advanced cultures existed in India and in the Gobi desert. The Atlantians didn't use electricity, they had light energy systems and magnetic energy systems. They had devices that could travel outside the Earth's atmosphere. They also had powerful telescopes that could see anything.

In past Earth history 300 million years ago humanoids were 14 - 16 inches tall and other types that were 14 - 16 feet tall.

Long before humans on this planet came into being, even before apes, there was a thriving civilisation on Mars. Intelligent aquatic lifeforms too. Their demise was due to misuse of technology. Martian giants came to this planet. They looked like shadow people, ghost-like creatures. A lot of them looked reptilian.

New, strange discoveries will come to light with the new Martian probes. Maybe not buildings but constructed avenues will be found.

Our black op projects use Atlantian technology. We have secret craft that use magnetic amplifiers.

Evidence of alien life will be revealed in a few months, maybe a few years. ET's are influencing key people in our society.

Great changes to human DNA will start within a decade.

The next terrorist attack on the US will be electronic. Key computers wil be shut down causing between $20 and $30 billion to be lost from the economy.

Previous power outages were caused by software problems.

Fires in California are not related to terrorism. A week to 10 days and the cause will be revealed.

Nothing geophysical to happen to California in the next 6 months.
December 2003 there was a 6.5 earthquake in California that killed 2 people.