Monday, 6 September 2004

Joseph Jacobs

Here are the predictions from Joseph Jacobs who appeared on Coast to Coast with George Noory.

He sees US borders as potential crossings for illegal Middle Eastern aliens.

George Bush will hit a difficult time between 27th August - 18th October. He sees a health problem around this time for his father.

No natural disaster in Seattle in September 2004.

Florida is in for more rough times. Hurricane Ivan will hit Florida.

The best time to catch Osama Bin Laden is before 6th October. He does not think Bin Laden has already been caught.

Yasser Arafat will be very ill after 15th October.
On 8th October it was reported that Arafat suffered a mild heart attack. 22nd October it was reported he now has a dose of flu, but his officials are denying this. 29th October Arafat was flown to Paris with reports of a serious blood disorder.

Nothing serious will happen to Pope John Paul.
Wrong. The Pope died Saturday 2nd April 2005.

October 2004 is a very rough time worldwide and for the US. The appearance of disease, possibly biological. The medical profession will be very busy.
Wrong. No appearance of disease, there was a shortage of flu vaccine though.

There will be an election this November.

George Bush will win the election. Some tampering with the voting machines. He will be thinking of more military action after he wins, probably Iran.

Greenspan will retire.

Michael Eisner will change jobs after 22nd November.
Eisner is still in the same job as of 1st December.

Sun storms will affect the planet in 2012. Satelites will be knocked out.

Reincarnation is real.

He does not believe in End Times.

A lot of health problems in 2005.

Shipping and US ports need to be guarded.

Canada is in a wonderful three year cycle starting 1st July 2004.

The US economy is on a rollercoaster ride for another year or so.

November 2004 will see a big rise in gasoline prices.

ET's are real and we are being visited.

Crop cirles are real and are communications.

SETI using radio waves will not work.

He doesn't see any asteroid hits.

Sylvia Browne is quite good.

Bill Clinton will heal very well.

Loch Ness monster is real.

The terrorist situation in Israel will continue for a very long time.

Strong possibilty of a polar shift in the next 2 or 3 years.

No floods in the Arizona area.

US draft will probably be implemented.