Sunday, 31 July 2005

Ed Dames, Sunday 31st July 2005

Ed Dames paid a quick visit to Coast to Coast AM to give us an update on his Killshot prediction. He was talking with Art Bell.

Ed Dames says his prediction about the space shuttle being forced to land is here now.

He still claims he predicted the March earthquake in Indonesia.

The Perseids meteor shower peaks on August 11th and 12th. This is the harbinger for the Killshot event.

We now have the three elements in place that forecast the Killshot, a space shuttle in orbit, and meteor shower, and the increase in solar activity.

He says that we should all say a prayer for the crew of the space shuttle because he has remote viewed it and he says it doesn't land.
Wrong. The space shuttle landed safely on Tuesday 9th August. The landing was delayed by 24 hours due to bad weather.

He thinks we have two years to go until the Killshot.

Dames says the shuttle could make it back to earth safely but he says he is 80 - 85% certain that it won't.

Art asked him what is the point of people buying his remote viewing kits and dvd's if the Killshot is just around the corner. Dames replied that his dvd's tell you were the safest places are and where to go to survive.

Places which are popular crop circle areas are the safest places.

He says 20 billion people will die over a 6 month period because of the Killshot. He then said we will probably lose a third of the worlds population.
Not sure what he means by 20 billion people as there aren't that many people on the Earth.

In the next 2 months at the max we will see some strange solar activity.

Even if the shuttle lands safely he says the Killshot prediction will still come true.

He says his previous prediction that a meteor shower would force the space shuttle to land was incorrect.

Right at the end of the interview after Dames had said that most of us were going to die soon he asked if he could still plug his dvd. Art told him no because they were out of time.