Monday, 3 January 2005

Psychic Calendar 2005

Savage winter in the northeast US, Great Lakes area and Europe Sean David Morton

Saddam Hussein will be dead before his trial Sylvia Browne

The economy will rebound at the beginning of the year and then slow down Sylvia Browne
Correct. The Dow Jones hit a 3 year high on 4th March.

It will be a mild winter Sylvia Browne

20th January Inauguration Day will be fine and no problems - Joseph Jacobs
There were no problems on 20th January.

The Popes health will get worse after Christmas 2004 Father Wingate
The Pope was in hospital in late January early February with flu and breathing problems.

US economy will fall 29th January to 21st March but then it will recover slowly - Joseph Jacobs
Wrong. The Dow Jones hit a 3 year high on 4th March.

George Bush is coming into a pretty rough time. He needs to be a little cautious when it comes to transportation and travel. This is around 31st January to 24th March - Joseph Jacobs
Wrong. Nothing happened.


Heavy loss of life - Joseph Jacobs

There will be a 9+ earthquake near the northwest tip of New Guinea. Then the Monju Experimental Breeder Reactor will break causing many deaths Ed Dames
Wrong. There was a 8.5 - 8.7 earthquake of the west coast of Indonesia on Monday 28th March. This was 2,000 miles away from where Dames predicted it. No reports of the Monju Reactor being broken.

North Korea will see some heavy illnesses around 10th March to 30th April - Joseph Jacobs

Problems in Israel between 23rd March and 13th May - Joseph Jacobs

Large companies will start to lay people off Evelyn Paglini
IBM announced on 5th May it was cutting 13,000 jobs worldwide.

There will be some incident between the US and North Korea between 1st May and 21st June - Joseph Jacobs

Massive movement of the landmass under Mount Rainier until October - Sean David Morton

There will be a massive government scandal involving the President Hans King

US draft will be introduced in June or July - Sean David Morton

17th, 18th or 19th June 2005 there will be a huge natural disaster. This will be announced by the police - Dr Louis Turi

There will be some employment or labour issues in Canada but things will recover 1st July to 21st August - Joseph Jacobs

No problems with Deep Impact, the probe that will blow up part of a comet on 4th July - Joseph Jacobs

The draft will not start in the US until there is a terrorist attack before July/August Sean David Morton

There will be a major alien contact incident in the southwest US - Ed Dames

A major problem with the space shuttle. It will not land - Ed Dames
Wrong. The space shuttle landed safely on Tuesday 9th August. The landing was delayed by 24 hours due to bad weather.

19th or 20th August 2005 there will be a serious earthquake. He could not say where this would happen - Dr Louis Turi

29th or 30th August 2005 thousands of people will be forced to relocate - Dr Louis Turi
Correct. Thousands did have to relocate due to Hurricane Katrina.


8th September or a day either side police will make interesting news on a large scale, or some element of drama and death - Dr Louis Turi
True. Almost 250 police officers deserted their posts during Hurricane Katrina.

17th September someone important will be assassinated in the Middle East. There will be some news on the Natalee Holloway case - Dr Louis Turi
True. A Kurdish member of the Iraqi Parliament was murdered.

26th September an earthquake or hurricane will force thousands of people to relocate - Dr Louis Turi
True. Hurricane Rita.

September, October or November there will be some warning to mankind Sean David Morton

Heavy loss of life - Joseph Jacobs

He sees a heavy time for Iran around 28th September to 19th November. Could be an earthquake - Joseph Jacobs


Civil war in the US this Fall Sean David Morton

Stock market to rise to a new high of 14,000, maybe as high as 16,000 this Fall Sean David Morton

October 5/6/7 Dramatic news involving more death and/or a police announcement - Dr Louis Turi
True. No death but police were put on alert for a possible terrorist threat in New York.

October 15/16/17 Earthquakes/volcanoes/tornadoes/ oil and Natalee Holloway - Dr Louis Turi
True. Hurricane Wilma.

October 22/23/24 A return of a weather-related event such as Katrina/Rita which will force thousands to evacuate - Dr Louis Turi
True. Hurricane Wilma hit Mexico and then Florida.


Heavy loss of life - Joseph Jacobs

November 8th - A big explosion or earthquake - Dr Louis Turi
There was a 4.1 earthquake in Pakistan on 7th November. He is claiming the rioting in France and the terrorist bombings in Jordan as the big explosions. He fails to mention that the riots in France have been going for the past two weeks.

November 19th - Lots of people will be forced to relocate or restart a new life - Dr Louis Turi

November 29th - An ugly energy involving death for many innocent people - Dr Louis Turi

Mount Tarawera on the North Island of New Zealand will erupt - Ed Dames

The sky is falling in November/December 2005, meaning a possible meteor shower - Ed Dames


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