Friday, 9 March 2007

The Phony Awards 2006

Here are the winners for 2006.

The Nostradamus Award for the Best Prophet

1st Joseph Jacobs 43%
2nd John Hogue 11%

The Nancy Lieder Award for Outstanding Contributions to False Prophecy, or the psychic who you think sucks the most
1st Sean David Morton 43%
2nd Sylvia Browne 27%

2006 Inductee to the True or False Hall of Shame
Sylvia Browne 35%

The Uri Geller Award for Worst Prediction
1st Sylvia Browne 68% - she knew the West Virginia miners would be found, then later changing her mind and said she didn't think there's anybody alive, after she heard that the original news report was wrong.

2nd Sean David Morton 9% - There will not be a political power shift this year. The democrats will not make up any ground

The Art Bell Award for Best Prediction
1st Joseph Jacobs 51% - Tony Blair will have a rough year after May and may be thinking of leaving or may be forced to leave.

2nd Hans King 17% - There will be talk of impeachment before March/April or May.

Overall a good or bad year for the psychics?
Bad 85%

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