Thursday, 19 February 2004

Sylvia Browne, Thursday 19th February 2004

She says that when she predicted that Saddam Hussein would be found before the end of 2003 she saw him underground, that is why she thought he was dead.
She did predict that Saddam would be found but only now does she mention that she saw him underground. This is after the fact.

Osama Bin Laden is dead. This will be announced before the Spring.

Yellowstone Park will erupt soon.

John Kerry will win the election.
I have been told that a few months ago on the Montel Williams show Sylvia predicted that George Bush would win the election. Sylvia Browne also predicted that Bill Bradley would win the 2000 Election.

There are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

US troops will be home from Iraq by June or July.

The US economy will drop even lower but will pick up in two years time.

There will be no terrorist attacks in the US this year. Maybe some small attacks in Florida.
No attacks in the US and no small attacks in Florida.

There is no such thing as the end times.

2010 Aliens will reveal themselves. They are already walking among us.

The east coast of the US will be hit by a tsunami this year.

She claims she is 85% - 90% accurate with her predictions.

The Ohio sniper will be caught in the next couple of weeks.
A man suspected of being the Ohio sniper was arrested in Las Vegas on 17th March.

Maitreya is not the Anti-Christ.

She is concerned about North Korea. They are a sleeping giant.

Unemployment among the handicapped people in the US will improve within the next two years.

There is a Planet X. It is the object that has been seen beyond Pluto.

Atlantis is real. It will rise in 20+ years.

Mount Rainier will erupt within 7 years.

Major earthquake in Seattle within 12 years.