Wednesday, 2 August 2006

Sean David Morton, Wednesday 2nd August 2006

Here are the latest predictions from Sean David Morton. He was talking with George Noory.

3rd August 2006 Sneak atomic attack on Jerusalem. Two dates mentioned in the Bible Code say 2000 or 2006. Previously he has given us dates 1996, 1997, and now 2000 and 2006, keep making these dates up Sean and one day you might get something right.

He still insists there are WMD's in the Bekaa Valley in Syria.

World War III will start before 1st October 2006 acording to the Bible Code.

The true Armageddon phase will start 7th November 2007 with an economic collapse. This will last for a year.

A seven year tribulation phase will start 2012 leading to 2018.

George went through some of Sean's past predictions. In November 2005 he said there would be repeat of the 1917 - 1922 Spanish Flu pandemic. George gave this a miss.

George then asked about his prediction that Dick Cheney would resign due to ill health. Sean says he does not seen Cheney as vice president by 2008.

In 2007 he says there is a lot of chaos with presidential politics and so for him 2008 is unclear. He is not sure if the president is still in office or who the president is at that time. He thinks there will be a three party race with John McCain and Joseph Lieberman running together as a third dark horse party.

He previously said gold would reach $725 by July or August. It hit $729 in May and has since dropped.

He thinks gold will hit $800 - £825 by Christmas 2006 or January 2007. Then he says $850 by Labor Day. In four years time gold will hit $1,000.

We are entering a period of high inflation, higher interest rates, and a stagnating economic sector.

By 2nd August 2007 the inflation rate will be somewhere upwards of 25% - 30%.

Interest rates will start going through the roof.

He claims his stock picks from July last year are up 347%.

He's now changed his mind on oil hitting $100 a barrel, and now he says it will stay in the $75 - $80 range.

His stock pics this time are Nuclear Solutions (NSOL), Parafin Corp (PFNC), Azure Dynamics, Nova Gold, and Apple.

Fidel Castro will be dead in 18 months so his Pentagon insider told him. The US government will force out the Russians and the Chinese out of Cuba, this will happen before the end of the Bush administration.

The will be an 7+ earthquake in LA in 2010. It will be centered in the Santa Monica Bay and waves will hit the basin area, along with a huge series of fires on the both sides of the Santa Monica Mountains.

His previous prediction that LA would host the 2012 Olympic Games he admits he got wrong, but he saw some new structure being built with a angel on top. He assumed that this was for the 2012 Olympics, but now he thinks it is the 2010 Football World Cup. South Africa are due to host the World Cup but have been told if their plans aren't in place by next year then the competition will be moved to LA. So 2010 World Cup in Los Angeles.

He remote viewed the Face on Mars and found that five million years ago there was a magnificent city there near the Cydonia region inhabited by tall pale beings that had large distended heads.

He admits he has been wrong so many times about Mount Rainier erupting that he doesn't give out predictions on this anymore.

Yellowstone, Mounts Rainier, Baker, Adams, the San Andreas Fault and the New Madrid Fault are the Four Horsemen of the American Apocalypse, time frame for this is around 2012. He's mentioned all this before in past shows. Now he throws in a meteor hitting the US as well around this time.

The Vajra Chronicles say that the US, Canada and Mexico will join together to form the North American Union. This will be a 13 nation state confederation. The financial capital of all this will be Omaha, Nebraska. There will be a global world leader called the Emmanuella in 2039. The flag of the North American Union will be yellow with a coiled serpent on it that says 'Don't Tread on Me', which becomes popular during a series of civil wars that are fought inside the United States in the late 2010's to the early 2020's.

The world population at this time is 1.8 billion. The last great war is between the United States and China. A final battle between the US and China around 2018 - 2020, in which the Chinese are defeated at the "Plateau of Judgment" on the red mountains of Colorado.

Terrorist attacks in Washington DC will force the US to move the capital to Denver, Colorado.