Saturday, 8 April 2006

Sean David Morton, Saturday 8th April 2006

Sean David Morton returned to Coast to Coast. This time he was talking with Ian Punnett.

Ian started the show by saying he had never had so many pre-show emails about any guest before like he has had this week about Morton. Quite a lot of them were against Morton being on the show. Sean replied that 'there are a bunch of booger eating 12 year olds living in their parents basements somewhere that seem to have a bad grudge'. Where have I seen this statement before? See here. He went on to say 'it's only like one or two guys out there that want to wreck everyone else's ice cream'.

Ian also mentioned the court case between Morton and UFO Watchdog. Morton's take on it is that he sued some guys for libel, he wanted to bring these guys into court. He then changed his story because usually he tells George Noory that he won this case. This time he said 'unfortunately the entire case was dismissed because I had an awful lawyer that showed up completely unprepared for the whole thing'. Read the truth here THE SHAMELESS PSYCHIC AND HIS PROPHECY OF LIES.

He goes on to list all the programs and tv shows he's been involved with. This guy is so full of himself, he would have you believe he is Mr Hollywood. He then goes on to tell how he got started in all this. He graduated from USC and then got involved in the entertainment business making rock music videos, he sold a script to Buck Rogers which didn't get produced. He claims he was personal friends with Gene Roddenberry. He was in nightclubs and owned a couple of restaurants. He claims he made a huge amount of money on the stock market in the early 80's. He says he turned about $5,000 into about $250,000. The question is if Morton is such a hot shot at stock market trading, why is it he needs to come on radio shows to sell his newsletter? He could be sat at home trading the stock market living the high life as a multi billionaire.

Then he goes on to make claims on a stock prediction he made on his July Coast to Coast show. He says his stock picks from that show are up 87% since July. Gold is up 40% since that show and silver is up 42%. He claims a stock he predicted on that show is up 60% just yesterday. The stock is Nuclear Solutions(NSOL). Funnily enough he never mentioned this stock on the July show. On 7th July 2005 it was trading at 0.95. Over the year it did nothing special, moving up slightly and then dropping back down. Monday 3rd April it was down to 0.78 then it jumped on Friday 7th April and hit a high of 1.95 before it closed at 1.35. This works out at a 42% increase not 60%, and if it hadn't made that jump on Friday you would have been looking at a loss. The only stocks Morton mentioned in July were: Palatin Technologies, Pixar, Caterpillar Tractors, Texas Instruments, XM Satellite Radio, Wal-Mart, Nutracea and PetroKazakhstan.

He claims he told us to buy this stock in July when it was valued at 0.42. Firstly no he never mentioned it on the show, and secondly NSOL was never valued at 0.42 at any time in July. You can check it for yourself here Also if it was valued at 0.42 in July and you sold at 1.95 on Friday, that would be a 364% increase.

On 16th November 2005 Morton mentioned NSOL. That day it was valued at 1.10.

He claims Goldman Sachs subscribe to his newsletter and are amazed that they can make millions of dollars from his predictions and they only have to pay $65 a year for the privilege.

2004 - 2034 we have moved into the Pisces era which means there will be a lot of water disasters. In September 2034 we will see ET intervention into human evolution. They will fix the Earths wobble that was started by an asteroid strike in 2027. A new messianic figure will be born and his rule will start in 2039.

The biggest story this year will be the storms. There will be 7 major hurricanes above category 3 that will hit the US and Mexico.

Hundreds of thousands of people in the Carolinas will have to flee their homes in August - September. The storms will move north and hit New York.

The biggest challenge to California this year is flooding.

4.5 - 5 earthquakes in San Francisco.

New Madrid fault will fracture in 2011 and 2012 according to the Bible code. This will increase the width of the Mississippi river to 100 miles.

War will start in Iran soon. The US will attack Syria before it exits Iraq.

The Middle East will rip open this year with a spectacular attack on Jerusalem in August. 3rd August will see a suitcase nuclear attack on the Dome of the Rock temple. Jerusalem always gets attacked, destroyed or invaded on 3rd August according to Sean's history book.The Third Temple of Solomon will be built here after the Dome is destroyed, this will take 2 years to build.

By the end of this year there will be another attack on US soil that will be blamed on Islamic factions. The next harmonic convergence is in 28th May 2010 and we will see a whole group of people get together who will come out of society and create a new world.

Pakistan will attack India with nuclear weapons but he can't give a time frame.

North Korea will merge with South Korea. North Korea is no threat to the US.

There will be no border war with Mexico.

In 15 to 20 years time the US will merge with Canada and Mexico creating a 13 nation state confederation that will eventually be called the NAU (North American Union). They will have a big yellow flag with a snake on it that says 'Don't tread on me'.

He has a new movie, Badlands, about the border war. He is hoping to get financing for this. Why? he claims he is so successful in the stock market why doesn't he finance it himself? I wonder if it's going to be another Hollywood blockbuster like his last movie, which was such a success it went straight to dvd.

USA is the second Holy Land that is spoken about in the Bible. If this is so the prophecy is that the US will be invaded by the Kings of the East with the 200+ million army (China), one last battle will be fought and the invaders will be defeated on the plains of Denver.

Still maintains the US capital will move to Denver.

He admits that you should not pay any attention to his football predictions because they totally suck. This is the only sensible thing he has said all night.

USC will play Ohio State for the National Championship.