Wednesday, 1 March 2006

Psychic Calendar 2006

January 14th People will need to relocate - Dr Louis Turi

January 22nd Death/drama/police/secrets/terrorism - Dr Louis Turi

January 29th Explosions/earthquakes/tornadoes - Dr Louis Turi

By January gold will be at $525 - Sean David Morton
True. It reached the high $560's.

January is a disaster month, we will see a lot of financial losses - Joseph Jacobs

End of January until May 15th Bush will have a difficult time, people will be leaving his administration - Joseph Jacobs

January 17th until April 30th North Korea seems ok. They seem to be opening up more to other nations - Joseph Jacobs


February 11th People will be forced to relocate - Dr Louis Turi

February 19th More terrorists attack. More dramatic news involving death and the police - Dr Louis Turi

February 26th Explosions and earthquakes - Dr Louis Turi

US will attack Syria in the next 6 months - Sean David Morton

March 8th People will be forced to relocate again because of either an earthquake, an hurricane, a tornado or a volcano eruption - Dr Louis Turi
The San Cristobal volcano in Nicaragua started spewing gas and ash on Monday 6th March, althought experts say it wasn't as bad as in December 2005. ***UPDATE*** Having looked into this I found this website If you look there is hardly a day goes by when there ISN'T a volcano somewhere in the world.

March 13th He didn't want to tell us what was going to happen in case he scared people - Dr Louis Turi
Wrong. George Noory gave Turi a hit on this one. I won't.

March 19th Another terrorist attack - Dr Louis Turi

March 25th More earthquakes and explosions - Dr Louis Turi

There will be talk of impeachment before March, April or May - Hans King

March 22nd and July 3rd there will be a blockage in the United States, including legal situations in March/April - Joseph Jacobs
Wrong for March 22nd.

Major changes in the stock market - Sean David Morton

April 6th People will once again be forced to relocate - Dr Louis Turi
Wrong. The US experienced more tornadoes but not on the 6th.

April 14th Even more terrorist attacks - Dr Louis Turi

April 21st Earthquakes and explosions, plus he throws in a tornado to really get things going - Dr Louis Turi

Three earthquakes to hit April to October in Northern California - Sean David Morton

May 13th Terrorist attack - Dr Louis Turi

The mortgage bubble will pop sometime around May and through the summertime - Sean David Morton

Tony Blair will have a rough year after May and may be thinking of leaving or may be forced to leave - Joseph Jacobs

May 14th until July 4th is a tough time for Israel - Joseph Jacobs

US to go to war with Iran in June - John Hogue

June 7th Death/drama/Police/secrets/terrorism - Dr Louis Turi
Wrong about the terrorism. Turi is claiming Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's killing as a hit for this one. The US bombing of a known terrorist leader is not the same as a a terrorist act. Death and drama he could be given a hit for though.

June 16th Explosions, earthquakes and tornadoes - Dr Louis Turi

June 26th People will have to relocate - Dr Louis Turi
Not on the 26th, but on the 28th people are fleeing the mid-Atlantic floods

By June/July gold will hit $725 - Sean David Morton
Wrong for June. Gold is hovering around the $580 mark.

Late June oil prices will drop - Sean David Morton

July 6th Some police corruption scandal will come to light - Dr Louis Turi

July 13th Explosions and earthquakes - Dr Louis Turi

July 23rd is another date were we have to be careful - Dr Louis Turi

July 23rd Hurricanes/tornadoes/thousands of people forced to relocate - Dr Louis Turi

July 26th until September 16th is a difficult time for New York - Joseph Jacobs

According to Bible Code experts, August 3rd is a possible date for a sneak atomic attack against Jerusalem - Sean David Morton

August 1st Terrorism/dramatic news/police - Dr Louis Turi

August 9th They are back, explosions, earthquakes and tornadoes - Dr Louis Turi

August 9th Explosions/earthquakes/news involving nuclear exchange or nuclear deals - Dr Louis Turi

August 19th Thousands of people will be forced to relocate because of natural disaster - Dr Louis Turi

August 20th Beginning/ending of portion of life. I think he means relocate - Dr Louis Turi

August 30th Death/drama/Police/secrets/terrorism - Dr Louis Turi

August. Health issues, natural disasters and war - Joseph Jacobs

August will see some sabre rattling from North Korea - Sean David Morton

September 7th The dreaded explosions, earthquakes and tornadoes once again - Dr Louis Turi

September 16th Relocate - Dr Louis Turi

September 25th The police are at it again, death/drama/Police/secrets/terrorism - Dr Louis Turi

Stock Market will crash in September/October - Sean David Morton

Oil prices will readh $100 a barrel - Sean David Morton


October 6th Explosions, earthquakes and tornadoes - Dr Louis Turi

October 12th Relocate - Dr Louis Turi

October 22nd Death/drama/Police/secrets/terrorism - Dr Louis Turi


November 9th Death/drama/Police/secrets/terrorism - Dr Louis Turi

November 19th Relocate. - Dr Louis Turi

November 26th Explosions, earthquakes and tornadoes. - Dr Louis Turi

December 7th Relocate - Dr Louis Turi
Wrong. Turi missed the boat on this one, he should have said tornado. A tornado made the news when unusually London was hit by one. But I guess he will try and claim it as a hit.

December 17th Death/drama/Police/secrets/terrorism - Dr Louis Turi

December 24th Explosions, earthquakes and tornadoes - Dr Louis Turi