Saturday, 3 July 2004

John Hogue

Here are the latest predictions from John Hogue. He was talking with Art Bell.

Nostradamus says the world will end in 3997.

The war on terrorism will last for 27 years, this is known as the War of the Third Anti Christ. Mabus is the third Anti Christ.

2008 another major terrorist attack. Major events that will define the next 36 years of human history.

Iraq situation will be just as bad next year.

We will find that some of the richest oil fields are under Iraq.

The next problem countries will be Iran and North Korea.

After 2008 there will be a very strong movement in US of people who want to get free of using other peoples energy sources and want America’s involvement as a super power to dwindle in the following five years.

In the future the world’s problems will be sorted out by a world government.

Bush will win a second term.