Friday, 30 December 2005

Art Bell's Prediction Show for 2006 Part 2

Here are the second set of predictions for 2006 made by the listeners to Coast to Coast.

67. Astronomers will discover two new huge bodies beyond Pluto.

68. There will be a space disaster with the Mars mission.

69. NASA will start work on a new spaceship using UFO impulse drive technology.

70. Condolezza Rice will announce she is pregnant, the father being a prominent figure in the current administration.

71. The Pope will visit Jerusalem and California and Cuba.

72. Israel will launch an attack against the West Bank.

73. There will be restrictions on the internet by the New World Order.

74. Bird Flu will become very serious in the US in November/December.

75. Communications systems will breakdown all over the planet.

76. Something will happen in the US that will cause the UN to step in. A natural disaster or uprising.

(77.) Space aliens will come down and yell at President Bush for ruining their environment. Art wouldn't allow this.

77. President Sharon in Israel will be out of office and Benjamin Netanyahu will take over.

78. Two of our living former Presidents will pass away of natural causes. A third will be diagnosed with dementia.

79. Al Zachawi will not be caught.

80. A battle will be fought on American soil.

81. Some conflict with Turkey and an unnamed official in the US government will be killed.

82. Atlanta, Georgia takes on a new importance nationally.

83. Mexico will go to war over the border fence.

84. People will become more responsible in their behaviour.

85. NASA will discover an asteroid that is heading towards Earth and will plan to nuke it.

86. Earthquakes in California and solar flares in South America in late January and early February.

87. AMD will release a 6ghz chip before the end of the year.
Correct, maybe.

88. There will be a fire at the Smithsonian Institute and some new discovery will be revealed as they put the fire out.

89. Prince Harry will become King before Prince William.

90. A major figure in the British Royal family will pass away in July/August. Maybe Prince Phillip.

91. A widespread disease across the nation. Maybe Bird Flu.

92. Florida or somewhere on the east coast will be hit by a tidal wave.

93. A seismic event will reroute the Rio Grande river.

94. The Federal Government will have to temporarily relocate to Denver, cue Dr Turi.

95. A cure for AIDS will be found.

96. The beginning of the Tribulation.

97. World peace this year.

98. Three major earthquakes in northern California.

99. Art Bell and Ramona will possibly adopt a 14 year old native american child.

100. A lost civilization will be discovered in the western US.

101. Tragedy in Mexico will force people to move north into the US and the army will mow them all down with machine guns.

102. There will be an AIDS mutation and a nuclear conflict.

103. Art Bell will do more than three shows a month this year.

104. Dalai Lama will pass away this year, then for a few days there wil be world peace.

105. Denali will go which will cause Yellowstone to blow.

106. Michio Kaku will confirm that time travel to the past and perpetual motion go hand in hand.

107. There will be a super drought in the US. Food prices will sky rocket.
Slightly correct.
107a. Coral Castle secret revealed.

108. Art Bell will sign a contact for a 30 minute radio show a few days each week.

109. This year is the beginning of a new time as it is really 2012. A great coming together of the people.

110. Mount St Helens will blow.
Slightly correct.

111. Military jets will be scrambled in the US, we will see them shooting live on the news.

112. It will be revealed that flight TWA 800 was shot down.

113. Massive ethnic violence in Mexico.

114. There will be a zombie plague.

115. Instead of a border fence with Mexico we will have people at night with bows and arrows shooting people.

116. Ariel Sharon will pass away this year.

117. December 18th Osama Bin Laden will be shot by one of his own people. Results in US being blamed so terrorists release a dirty bomb.

118. A comet will hit the Earth in May.

119. Governments will announce that they will not be held responsible for individuals.

120. Scientists will find proof of a creator.

121. The Virgin Mary will appear in Bayside, New York.

122. Blue Ray will win the DVD format war.

123. There will be a race war between Mexicans and African-Americans.
Wrong, maybe slightly correct.

124. Yellowstone will not blow. Jet stream will cause havoc in southern California in January.
Correct about Yellowstone, wrong about the jet stream.

125. Bird flu epidemic.

126. The US will see most catastrophic set of events it has ever seen within its boundaries.

127. We will hear that BSE is in our milk.

128. A huge tsunami, not known where.

(129) Before the end of January impeachment process will be launched against President Bush. Art wouldn't allow this one.

129. In the spring a small comet will hit the Earth and gives off a cloud of gas.

Art Bell's Prediction Show for 2006 - Part 1

Here are the first set of predictions for 2006 made by the listeners to Coast to Coast.

1. The automobile industry will have an even worse year.

2. The anti-christ will be revealed as Bono.

3. A hurricane in August will make Katrina look like a baby.

4. California or part of it will separate from the coast.

5. A huge explosion in Cheyenne Mountain.

6. In Mexico or Central America a lost city will be uncovered by a hurricane.

7. The regime in North Korea will collapse and will want to reunite with South Korea. China will become involved and take over.

8. Mount Rainier explodes and causes great destruction.

9. Eight natural disasters this year.

10. An impact somewhere in Mexico maybe a meteor.

11. The Son of God will be revealed this year.

12. A category 3 hurricane in the Carolinas in September or October.

13. A magnetic disturbance affecting the Mid West US, turns the sky brown, causes fires.

14. Mel Gibson will release the most contraversial movie ever about the US being held hostage by terrorists.

15. Richard Daly will run as a Democrat candidate for President.

16. 8.0 or greater earthquake for California in late spring/early summer.

17. June 6th many UFO's will crash in populated areas because of a magnetic flux.

18. A lot of joy for Art Bell this year.
Correct, but also much tragedy.

19. World War III by July under the leadership of President Condolezza Rice.

20. Earthquakes in Boston and Maine.

21. A satelite or some man made machine will come falling to Earth. Could be a shattered part of a UFO and it won't be covered up.

22. An earthquake will cause a small tsunami on Lake Tahoe.

23. Fidel Castro will pass away this year and Cuba will change and become like Las Vegas.

24. Bigfoot will be proven to be real and a body will be found.

25. A large tsunami will hit Northern California, Oregon and Washington.
Correct, according to Art.

26. Iran move their nuclear refining facilities to Russia.

27. Canadians will start causing trouble with nano technology in food.

28. January there will be a huge blizzard of snow on the North East coast of the US.

29. George Bush will resign.

30. Scientist will unlock the immortallity gene.

31. Pope Benedict will assert himself and the Catholic church will become a big political power.

32. Bush will begin to talk about an US exit strategy for Iraq.

33. A female celebrity will encounter a stalker and will be murdered.
Wrong, then later changed to correct.

34. Neither Sylvia Browne, James Van Pragge, John Edwards or any psychic will take on and win James Randi's million dollar challenge.

35. The Northern part of Australia will be hit by bad storms.

36. Cell phones will start to carry warnings about brain damage and cancer.

37. A 7+ earthquake in the San Francisco area that will cause a cascade effect. Deeper faults will be discovered.

38. Bats will invade the US from Mexico.

39. The psychic community online will make peace or more likely start fighting.

40. A discovery of an unknown vessel in the ocean. Some kind of ghost ship.

41. Pope Benedict will be a temporary Pope. He will either die or step down.

42. A suitcase nuke will explode in St Patricks Cathedral in July/August.

43. George Bush will be out of office and into a new job between January 31st and May 15th.

44. During the Saddam Hussein trial a gang will storm the building and either kill him or break him free.

45. Sometime this year Iran and Israel will go to war.

46. The baby boomers will cause a cultural shift in the US. They will be tired of a culture ruled by the idiotic youth.

47. Mississippi valley floods after July this year.

48. There will be a one world government this year.

49. Terrorist attack in Phoenix, Arizona. Possible suitcase nuke.

50. A British tabloid will do a genetic test on Prince Harry and prove he is not the son of Prince Charles.

51. Anti discrimination movement will shift how we view a persons age.

52. Iran terrorists will fire a dirty bomb at Israel.

53. South East coast of China and inland three quarters of the way to the Russian border there will be a nuclear accident.

54. A major earthquake in New York, from the mouth of the St Lawrence river downwards.

55. Pope John Paul II will return and become the new Pope.

56. The Sun will make world news this years and solar activity will go off the charts.

57. June 6th something awful to happen in the world. A perfect storm forming on this day.

58. The democratic party will collapse this year.

59. An explosion in a harbour somewhere in the world during a full moon.

60. America will be in a civil war in November.

61. Man made space technology will provide a breakthrough in medical research at the cellular level.

62. A discovery of some kind of vessel in the Bermuda Triangle.

63. The New Madrid fault will let go and cause massive flooding.

64. Fidel Castro will die this year. The new leader will align himself with Mexico and then declare some US territories as their own.

65. Virgin Galactic will have a joint venture with NASA.

66. President Bush will be hurt.

Sunday, 27 November 2005

Ed Dames, Sunday 27th November 2005

Ed Dames was talking with Art Bell.

He started off by telling us he is leaving soon to move permanently to Ukraine to be with his girlfriend.

In an email a listener asked Ed to explain why his prediction about the space shuttle not landing didn't come true?
Dames squirmed around this and said it wasn't about the shuttle. He said 2/3 of the data was there in his prediction and maintained that this was the harbinger event for the Killshot. Art kept saying but nothing happened to the shuttle and it landed. Dames just dismissed this and said that it was still the start of the scenario for the Killshot.

The next emailer asked about Ed's claims to have caught the BTK killer, what happened?
Dames says he openly told George Noory in a private phone call that his team were not responsible for the capture of the BTK killer. He said his team did have plane tickets to fly to Wichita but five days before they were set to leave the police caught the killer. They decided to go anyway (probably because the airline wasn't giving refunds) to try and find a missing child. I want to know why they had to be there? If remote viewing works why don't they just do it from the comfort of their offices and without the ex pence of plane tickets?

Its a different story on his website message forum. Here he used to have a whole section where he talks about how his team helped capture the serial killer. Funny how that has been taken down now. There is one thread still on the messageboard concerning BTK entitled 'BTK Suspect arrested - Dames pinpoints house'. In it people are wanting to know if remote viewing had anything to do with this capture. Brent Miller, who claims to be an RV professional has this to say:

"Major Dames and his team from January through February focused on the location of the BTK killer and isolated it down to his residence. All his team members, including Ed purchased tickets to meet at Wichita on March 21st to validate the RV data on the ground and notify the authorities. I do know that Ed made it clear to the world that we were going after the BTK killer, so perhaps that is why more focus was utilized by the authorities to locate him. I do not know what information about our sessions that Ed provided the authorities to assist them in the search, but he was indeed captured before our team landed."

The administrator of the site adds "Congratulations RV team for pinpointing the location of the BTK killer. Once, again we are amazed."

A third emailer wanted to know what happened to the gold he was supposed to find and bring to Art's house?
Dames said the first lot of gold was on private property and they had no access to it. Why did remote viewing not tell them this, or why didn't they look at an up to date map before they set off with spades in hand? That's another plane ticket wasted then.

The second gold rush Ed told us about was not far from Pahrump, Nevada and on an earlier show he gave out the map coordinates so that anyone senseless enough to believe him could go out there and stake a claim. He said two people found it and staked a claim to it. His team decided they didn't want to go there and own a gold mine. Art asked 'why not? everyone wants to own a gold mine'. Dames replied that it would take up too much of his time and that's not what he wants to do for a living. Then he contradicts himself in the next sentence when he says his team were very upset when he pulled them off the gold project to go looking for al-Zarqawi. He says he has just sent information on Zarqawi's location off to Taskforce 626. Well I guess that means Zarqawi's safe then.

He says al-Zarqawi is hiding in an underground drainage system in the city of Ar Rutbah near the border of Jordan.

Anyway he says he has yet another gold treasure hunt and the whole team is in on this one and they will be out there digging in early February for a strongbox.

Another emailer asked if there is a connection with chemtrails and the killer fungi Dames once viewed?
He said no and what they are doing with chemtrails is highly classified (meaning he doesn't know). He said they have nothing to do with climate control or global warming.

He says there are no military bases on the moon. The US military would like to have a moon based weapon system that can shoot back at the Earth or hit objects in the Earth's atmosphere. The Chinese are desperate to beat the US to the moon because they want the same weapon system.

The Bulgarian footage of a UFO is real click here to view the video. A member of his team remote viewed it. It is not actually a craft but a projection of a chamber that is situated on a distant planet. The aliens use it as a kind of watching post. He goes on the describe the beings as having two stages. First is a larval stage with intelligence. The second is something resembling a water beetle/wasp/ant, if you can imagine all those mixed up together. He says the aliens have no interest in us. They are interested in a couple of marsh lands in the Caribbean. Well what are they doing in Bulgaria then Ed?

Ed says that the grey aliens are trying to communicate a meeting place. He's viewed it himself after about a year of trying and now he knows where this place is. He will take a team and video this meeting. These are the same aliens that abducted Travis Walton.

The Seattle/Tachoma earthquake is close. Sometime in 2006. The Space Needle was tilted when they viewed it. If you live or work in downtown Seattle you should move.

Black Mold is deadly and will affect areas that have been hit by the hurricanes. Lots of people will die.

20 years ago he foresaw the Killshot and dying babies. The babies were dying because of lack of milk. This he now realizes is Mad Cow disease and the culling of cattle means the lack of milk.

10 years ago he saw global economic collapse which they originally thought was caused by World War III or something like that. He now sees it is caused by disease.He also sees a rush to market a vaccine which will be defective and will be known as the mark of the beast.
You can't give babies milk or milk products till they are around 2 years old. They need formula, they can't digest milk products yet.

The Chinese are way ahead in the art of mind warfare. They use children to remote influence because their minds are not closed yet. Ed does not teach this because it can be misused.

Ed wanted to try an experiment in remote influencing using the minds of Coast to Coast listeners. Art wasn't too sure and said he wanted to stop all these mind experiments as he already knew they worked. They decided not to do it and Ed then told Art that what he had wanted to do was set off a charge in a detonator that was sat next to al-Zarqawi. Art exclaimed that even though al-Zarqawi was a bad guy and a bastard he could not condone murder. Brilliant theatrics from Dames. How would we know if it had worked or not? I guess he came up with this gimmick to make up for his last visit when he was asked to destroy a listeners computer and he declined saying he had better things to do. What is wrong with picking an harmless target for this experiment. He could have said lets turn off the light beam on the Luxor pyramid in Las Vegas and therefore we could all see the results.

Ed says he remote viewed his fiancee in Ukraine. Lets hope she is real when he gets there and is not buried under private property.

He says they can't remote view the Powerball lottery only the Pick Three's. He didn't say why.

He was asked about his prediction that Mount Tarawera in New Zealand was going to erupt last year. He admitted it didn't happen but he said there has been a lot of volcanic activity in that area. The next caller who lives in New Zealand right next to Mount Tarawera asked him where is his source for all this activity is? because there has been none. Dames replied that its 200 miles to the north east.

Art said that it seems people only remember the misses of Ed Dames and not the hits. Well that's not a very hard thing to do seeing as Ed Dames has never had any hits.

He managed to get a couple of plugs in for his dvd's. $70 for the first dvd, $249.95 for all 4.

Art finished off by telling Ed that he is waiting for the gold.

Wednesday, 16 November 2005

Sean David Morton, Wednesday 16th November 2005

Sean David Morton was talking with George Noory.

USC will win 35 - 27 against Texas.
Wrong. Texas won 41 - 38.

45 - 20 for the Fresno game this weekend according to his wife.

From 21st December 2005 a third of humanity, or the third world, will fall into a hole or pit, due to economic factors, due to what is going on with oil, due to the Avian Bird Flu.

Claims he predicted in 1994 that between 2004 and peak in 2006 there would be a repeat of the 1917 - 1922 Spanish Flu pandemic, and that's what we are looking at right now with the Avian Flu.

Gold will be up to $525 by January 2006. Right now it stands at $477. Back in July 2005 when he originally made this prediction it was $438.

He goes on about the US currency splitting into two different types, Redbacks and Greenbacks. One for the US and one for overseas. This time he says he witnessed for himself these notes in Amsterdam 6 months ago. He said something similar in July, how many times has he seen these things?.

Gold will hit $725 by July 2006 or August 2006 at the latest.

Silver he originally thought would hit $9 by January 2006 but has now adjusted it to $8 - $8.25 by the same date.

The best thing to invest your money apart from gold is the Swiss Franc.

Here are his latest stock picks:

BTH Bilaton Limited is a good buy.

Apple will be good stock to buy.

Pixar will still be a good buy as it will be bought by Disney.

Nuclear Solutions(NSOL.OB).

Asia Dynamics Corp (AZD.TO).

Magna Entertainment.

The mortgage bubble will pop in the next 6 months.

Oil prices will go up due to a savage winter in the mid-west and on the east coast. This will drive the price up to $75 - $80 a barrel in January - February 2006.

2008 election will be contested by Hillary Clinton v Jeb Bush.

He said it was so far away he didn't want to predict who would win.

Dick Cheney will resign due to health issues.

Condolezza Rice or Jeb Bush could step into the vice presidential race.

San Francisco has some very bad earthquakes coming in February - March 2006. A 6.5 quake will be the trigger for a three quake scenario in late April - May through to October 2006.
Wrong about the quakes in February - March.

There are a series of Messianic figures. The next Messiah will appear at Stonehenge, England between 2034 and 2039. Then one in Machu Picchu, then one in Los Angeles. The last one is in 2489AD in Japan. This is the Maitreya.

An asteroid will break into five pieces and hit the planet in 2010.

The last great war starts in 2018(he changes it later and says starts in 2015) with the US v China. Everything before that is the global terrorist war. Then 2034 its the wars of God v Man, which is where we have the big meteor strike in 2028.

Italy will dive out of the EU because they want to go back to the Lira as their currency.

2007 - 2008 Europe Armegeddon - Economic collapse, chaos, collapse of the Euro, massive Islamic immigration that will turn into civil war in a lot of European countries.

Wednesday, 19 October 2005

Dr. Louis Turi

Dr Turi returned to Coast to Coast today to claim more success with his predictions. He also more or less gave the same three predictions for November. Anyone see a pattern forming here?

November 8th - A big explosion or earthquake.
There was a 4.1 earthquake in Pakistan on 7th November. He is claiming the rioting in France and the terrorist bombings in Jordan as the big explosions. He fails to mention that the riots in France have been going for the past two weeks.

November 19th - Lots of people will be forced to relocate or restart a new life.

November 29th - An ugly energy involving death for many innocent people.

Wednesday, 21 September 2005

Dr. Louis Turi

Dr Turi returned to Coast to Coast today to claim more success with his predictions. George Noory said that the 17th September prediction that someone important would be assassinated in the Middle East has now come true. He also said that Dr Turi's prediction hit rate is now 3 out of 3.

Both these statements are wrong. Dr Turi has given us 5 predictions so far and only one of them has been correct (see Psychic Calendar).

I ran a Google search for the assassination in the Middle East and could not find any news items that show this prediction to be correct. Around the date he gave an Iraqi immigration minister escaped an assassination attempt when her building was attacked but she survived because she wasn't in her office at the time Link to news item.

***UPDATE 28th September***
After a further search I found this item of news from the 17th or 18th September.

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Insurgents killed a Kurdish member of Iraqi parliament, his brother and the driver of his car and wounded a second lawmaker in an ambush on their convoy north of Baghdad , police and officials said Sunday.

Faris Nasir Hussein, a member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan party, was killed in the attack Saturday night, along with his brother and their driver, said Peshro Ibrahim, a National Assembly official.
Link to news item

Dr Turi predicted on or around the 8th September the police would make interesting news on a large scale. Well it is now known that almost 250 police officers deserted their posts during Hurricane Katrina.
Full story here

So it looks like Dr Turi has another couple of hits although in the one above he said 'an important person' and it is unknown how important this official is. That gives him a hit record of 3 out of 5.

Here are more predictions for October:

Energy from Uranus is playing a part in the turbulent weather we've been experiencing.

He says Hurricane Rita would be worse than Katrina.

October 5/6/7 Dramatic news involving more death and/or a police announcement.

October 15/16/17 Earthquakes/volcanoes/tornadoes/ oil and Natalee Holloway.

October 22/23/24 A return of a weather-related event such as Katrina/Rita which will force thousands to evacuate.

Monday, 19 September 2005

John Hogue

Not much in the way of predictions on this one. John Hogue was talking with George Noory. Once again this show was more evidence that Nostradamus never predicts anything. The experts take his quatrains and decode them in their own style. Then they fit them to events in history to suit and tell us how great Nostradamus was.

Claims he predicted the New Orleans tragedy in his book back in 1998.
In the last two years on Coast to Coast he has never mentioned anything about this.

The world will not end in 2012.

Hurricane Rita will finish the job Hurricane Katrina started. He thinks Rita will hit New Orleans.

Facism is returning.

Born out of our future tribulations will come a new humanity.

The Earth will not shift on its axis by 40 degrees.

Thursday, 8 September 2005

Sylvia Browne, Thursday 8th September 2005

There are not many new predictions from Sylvia as this show was mainly a plug for her new book. She was talking with George Noory.

We are now experiencing the polar tilt.

Mount St. Helens will blow this year or maybe next.

She is concerned about trucks coming into the country. There needs to be better security to check them.

No terrorism involving trucks on the US west coast.

She doesn't see any nuclear explosions in the US.

Natalee Holloway is dead and has been dumped in deep water.

The Saddam Hussein trial is ridiculous, who wants to defend him? He looks very ill.

Osama Bin Laden is dead.

Gas prices will go up and she doesn't see them coming down any time soon.

Dr. Morgus is not dead.

Her spiritual guide told her we never went to the moon.

No major earthquakes in California for the next 20+ years.

Everyone will have an implanted chip within 20 years.

She is worried that Hurricane Ophelia could hit the Carolina's.

A serial killer in Edmonton, Alberta is killing prostitutes. Sylvia says his name is Jacob or goes by the name of Jake. He's short and stocky, burly looking, got a broad face, broad nose, dark complexion, a very high bulging forehead with deep set eyes. He will be caught within the next month.

Monday, 5 September 2005

Gordon Michael Scallion

Here is an update from Gordon Michael Scallion. He was talking with George Noory.

The planet has been going through changes since the 1970's but in the past decade things have been speeding up.

He thought the New Orleans tragedy would happen a year ago.

There will be a major effort to rebuild New Orleans.

There will be another event coming into the Gulf of Mexico this year that could effect these rebuilding plans.

He says a pole shift has already occurred.

On a scale of 1 - 10 the earth changes we have experienced so far would be a 2 and will get much worse in the next 6 - 8 years.

Due to the high gas prices he thinks people will just stop using their cars and stop traveling which will trigger a decline in the economy.

The economy will start to crash in 2006 and continue to get worse in 2008.

A series of events will occur. The next major event in the US will be changes to the west coast. It will be broken up into three places over a period of months or perhaps years.

The Mississippi river becomes like a huge inland sea.

Cuba will disappear.

Half of Florida will be gone.

A large landmass will rise up between Florida and the African coast in the mid Atlantic. This used to be one of the major islands of Atlantis.

Also a new landmass will appear in the Pacific between Hawaii and the US west coast.

California will fracture in three waves. The first wave will split the land into hundreds of islands. The second wave is when the land falls off into the sea from Eugene, Oregon all the way down to Phoenix, Arizona. The third wave the fracture will push into Colorado.

We will lose most of the Hawaiian islands.

These are the warning signs to watch out for. Watch for a 6+ earthquake in Japan. When this happens within weeks a similar event will happen in the Indian Ocean. A few weeks after this another event will occur in South America or Mexico. Finally the west coast of the US will experience an earthquake of similar magnitude.

Within the next 7 years the US west coast will experience an 8+ earthquake.

Vancouver, Canada will become a seaport. Albert and Saskatchewan will remain intact. Ontario will be broken up into several pieces with water flowing between. The Great Lakes will merge into one. Quebec remains intact. Prince Edward Island will disappear. Nova Scotia remains ok.

The British Isles will sink.

The new landmass that becomes the new USA would not be able to support a population of 300 million people.

The US will still be able to produce grain and this will be an important export to other countries who have nothing.

The Space Program will change and a new trend of being more robotic will start.

There will be an earth based telescope that will have the capability of Hubble despite having to look through the atmosphere.

He believes time travel goes on right now.

Terrorist attacks will last for 20 years. He has never had a vision which contains a nuclear device detonating in the US.

Just one question. If Gordon Michael Scallion is so sure that this is going to happen then why did he pay $267,500 for a new house in Florida back in 1998? Read more here The Absurdity of Gordon Michael Scallion

Monday, 29 August 2005

Dr. Louis Turi

Dr. Louis Turi returned to Coast to Coast AM to talk about the prediction he made that said thousands of people would be forced to relocate on the 29th or 30th August. This prediction came true as Hurricane Katrina forced thousands of people to evacuate.

The two other predictions he made that didn't come true weren't mentioned although he did say he was two days out with his prediction of an earthquake which happened in Japan. His excuse for this was because Japan is ahead of the US in the world time zones.

He also claimed that after his last appearance he emailed the Coast to Coast webmaster and asked him to add to the website that there would be a terrorist attack on 7th July. There were terrorist attacks in London on 7th July. He says the webmaster said he didn't want to alter the website and so the prediction was never added.

Here are three predictions he has for September.

8th September or a day either side police will make interesting news on a large scale, or some element of drama and death.
True. Almost 250 police officers deserted their posts during Hurricane Katrina.

17th September someone important will be assassinated in the Middle East. There will be some news on the Natalee Holloway case.
True. A Kurdish member of the Iraqi Parliament was murdered.

26th September an earthquake or hurricane will force thousands of people to relocate.
True. Hurricane Rita.

Sunday, 31 July 2005

Ed Dames, Sunday 31st July 2005

Ed Dames paid a quick visit to Coast to Coast AM to give us an update on his Killshot prediction. He was talking with Art Bell.

Ed Dames says his prediction about the space shuttle being forced to land is here now.

He still claims he predicted the March earthquake in Indonesia.

The Perseids meteor shower peaks on August 11th and 12th. This is the harbinger for the Killshot event.

We now have the three elements in place that forecast the Killshot, a space shuttle in orbit, and meteor shower, and the increase in solar activity.

He says that we should all say a prayer for the crew of the space shuttle because he has remote viewed it and he says it doesn't land.
Wrong. The space shuttle landed safely on Tuesday 9th August. The landing was delayed by 24 hours due to bad weather.

He thinks we have two years to go until the Killshot.

Dames says the shuttle could make it back to earth safely but he says he is 80 - 85% certain that it won't.

Art asked him what is the point of people buying his remote viewing kits and dvd's if the Killshot is just around the corner. Dames replied that his dvd's tell you were the safest places are and where to go to survive.

Places which are popular crop circle areas are the safest places.

He says 20 billion people will die over a 6 month period because of the Killshot. He then said we will probably lose a third of the worlds population.
Not sure what he means by 20 billion people as there aren't that many people on the Earth.

In the next 2 months at the max we will see some strange solar activity.

Even if the shuttle lands safely he says the Killshot prediction will still come true.

He says his previous prediction that a meteor shower would force the space shuttle to land was incorrect.

Right at the end of the interview after Dames had said that most of us were going to die soon he asked if he could still plug his dvd. Art told him no because they were out of time.

Thursday, 21 July 2005

Evelyn Paglini

Here are the latest predictions from Dr. Evelyn Paglini. She was talking with George Noory.

She sees massive destruction by fire from now until October in five states. Not all by natural causes. This will happen in August, October and September.

There will be earthquakes this year in California, Oregon and the midwest.

There will be massive flooding in more than one state.

Hurricanes will continue and there will be a category 5. Massive destruction by tornadoes this year.

The Saudi royal family need to be protected from terrorist attack.

Oil prices will hit $61 a barrel. Gasoline prices will go over $3 at the pump.

There will be a major stock downturn in October.

Wednesday, 13 July 2005

Joseph Jacobs

Here are the latest predictions from Joseph Jacobs. He was talking with George Noory.

He sees a rough couple of years for Japan.

North Korea seems to be waffling and changeable in their attitude between 13th August and 3rd October 2005.

Osama Bin Laden is still alive.

There is no Planet X.

There is no possibility of Earth being hit by an asteroid just yet.

The US holiday sales will be pretty good between 7th December and 27th January.

September and November will be disasterous times worldwide.

US economy will be fine until 22nd March 2006.

Weather conditions will continue to get worse.

He does not believe in End Times.

2012 the Sun will be hugely active and knock out a lot of our satellites.

California will have a difficult time between 19th July and 8th September. This may involve water.

Labour difficulties in the US in 2006.

There will be some shock in March/April 2006 but he is not sure what it is yet. It might become clearer to him as the date gets closer.

He does not sense an Anti-Christ.

The US economy will continue to be a rollercoaster.

When Mecury goes retrograde between 22nd July and 15th August it is a good time to take care of any unfinished business.

Thursday, 7 July 2005

Morton Stock Watch

Here are the stock charts for the companies predicted by Sean David Morton. They are automatically updated each day so you can see easily if they go up or down. The price by each name indicates the share price on Thursday 7th July.

Palatin $1.85

Pixar $42.61

Caterpillar Tractors $98.70, the shares were split in two on 14th July and both valued at $50, the charts now show the price as $48.675

Nutracea $0.61

Texas Instruments $29.4

Walmart $49.51

XM Satellite Radio $34.55

Sean David Morton, Thursday 7th July 2005

Here are the latest predictions from Sean David Morton. He was talking with George Noory.

Once again Sean David Morton was introduced as having an astounding hit rate. This was Sean's 50th appearance on the show. With his track record his 1st appearance should have been his last.

George immediately asked why his prediction that New York would host the 2012 Olympics was wrong. Sean started to waffle on and take us around the houses a bit but eventually gave a slight admission that he got this wrong. He did however maintain that he still sees the 2012 Olympics in LA. In the timeline he looks at he sees a great earthquake/tsunami in LA. He also sees a series of emergency events in the city that is supposed to host the Olympics and because of this the games cannot be held there. These events will happen 2 years or 18 months before the games, which leads to the Olympics being switched to LA.

George tried to help Sean out of a hole by saying that maybe part of his prediction came true as the Olympic city for 2012 (London) suffered terrorist attacks early today, and maybe that was what he was seeing.

Los Angeles Rose Bowl will have its own football team called the LA Stallions.

Yellowstone Park will begin to collapse releasing poisonous gases destroying crops and cattle.

Yellowstone, Mounts Rainier, Baker, Adams, the San Andreas Fault and the New Madrid Fault are the Four Horsemen of the American Apocalypse between now and 2015.

There are a group of asteroids heading towards Earth. He sees a Wormwood type event in 2027 that will cause problems up until 2034.

After this year the most important trend in the United States and the world is going to be the formation of true
spiritual communities that are going to be much more focused on a greater spiritual truth and greater good than money or economics.

The next trend starting from the election on 2nd November 2004 until 17th September 2034 is going to be a Piscean age, which is concerning water, baptism, tsunami, cleansing countries by water, problems with water, fights over water, droughts.

When asked about his prediction that there would be a US draft he claimed he was told the US plan was to have a draft by July 2005. Then he went off on another tangent and failed to give a reason as to why his prediction was wrong. Later he says wait and see what happens by the end of this year.

Israel will go into Iraq and blow up some sites between now and 28th July 2005.

There will be a one world government that will attempt to establish a three tiered system with three currencies. At the same time there will be a series of financial collapses, a series of plagues, a series of natural catastrophes that are going to come into play which will fracture those goals at world government.

There will be a military conflict against the Chinese in 2018.

The end game is between 2034 - 2039 after all the wars have played themselves out, after the wars of man versus man, or the war of Satan versus man there will be the wars of God versus Man, which are cosmic events such as meteors, earthquakes etc. At the end of all this is the light at the end of the tunnel and the return of the Messiah. He will be born in 2034 and takes control as a small child of a worldwide spiritually based government in around 2039.

The US capital will more to Denver, which is now in process.

He does not see George Bush finishing his Presidency.

Hillary Clinton will run in 2008 and Jeb Bush will be the Republican party candidate. The only way he see's Hillary winning is if there is a strong third party candidate.

Claims his Pixar stock prediction among others have gone through the roof.
No they haven't. In January 2004 when he told us to buy they were valued at $66.24. In August 2004 they dipped as low as $33 but have picked up to todays price of $43.

Interest rates will not go up any more than 2%. They will stay about the same as they are now for about the next 6 months. They CANNOT go up any more than 2%.

A downward trend in stocks in 2005 for 14 months.

Gold will be up to $525 by January 2006.

The Swiss Helvetica coin is a good investment.

If the European Constitution is passed then the potential gains of the Euro going up against the Dollar could be a profit of 10,000% or more within 6 months of the treaty being signed.

The Euro will go up to $2 by this Fall.

Within 18 months there will be a dramatic change in the economic system of the US. There will be a two tiered monetary currency system. Offshore currency will be called Redbacks.

Oil now at $61 a barrel will rise to $150 next year.

If the oil price continues to rise then the Canadian dollar will soar as there huge oil reserves under Canada.

Stocks. Caterpillar Tractors will be worth around $100 a share by the end of the year.
Caterpillar Tractors price today is $98.70.

Texas Instruments with its Sling Box device that can turn your computer into a TV will be a good investment. Also they are developing holographic TV.
Todays price for Texas Instruments is $29.4.

XM Satellite Radio is a good buy.
XM Radio price today is $34.55.

Hurricane Dennis will fade out but he sees another system that will hit Dennis and cause it to move along the east coast of Florida up into Texas which means that the orange futures will be a good investment.
Saturday 9th July. Dennis has regained Category 3 status with maximum sustained winds of 115 mph, and winds could increase Saturday evening, the National Hurricane Center said. The hurricane "could possibly become a Category 4, which would make it even stronger than Ivan," said NHC Director Max Mayfield.

Pixar is another good buy because they are down now 14% because of bad sales but they are still one of the premiere film and animation companies.
In January 2004 Morton told us Pixar were the stocks to buy. They were then valued at $66.24. Today they trade at $42.61. How happy are you people who bought these back then and now are told to buy yet again after they lost 14%?

Wal-Mart is another great investment.
Wal-Mart price is $49.51.

Nutracea (Stock symbol NTRZ.OB) is his top investment and he says in 6 months time will be on the NASDAQ and worth $5 a share.
Nutracea are priced at $0.61.

PetroKazakhstan stocks will go through the roof.
No information on these shares at this time.

Palatin Pharmaceuticals will be a big thing.
Back in October 2003 when Morton told us to buy Palatin they were priced at $5.89. They have dropped ever since and today the price is $1.85 a share.

Osama Bin Laden is dead and the US Government knows about it. He is buried in Saudi Arabia.

There will be an 8.8 or 8.9 earthquake in the Bay of Bengal area in 2005.

There will never be disclosure on ET’s by the Government. In 2034 ET’s will show up for one day only and then disappear.

Jim Morrison is alive and working at Bank of America.

Wednesday, 6 July 2005

Morton wrong again

The Olympic Commitee chose London to host the 2012 Olympic Games. So Sean David Morton is wrong once again. He predicted New York would host the games and then it would be switched to LA.

During the voting process Moscow were the first city to drop out. After the next round of voting New York lost out, then followed Madrid. This left just favourites Paris and second favourites London to fight it out.

London won the final round with 54 votes to 50.

Morton and the Olympics

On Friday 15th April 2005 Sean David Morton predicted that LA would hold the 2012 Olympic Games. He said New York would win the bid but because of some emergency situation the games would be switched to LA.

Today the Olympic Commitee chose London as the host for the 2012 games. During the voting process Moscow were the first city to drop out. After the next round of voting New York lost out, then followed Madrid. This left just favourites Paris and second favourites London to fight it out. London won the final round with 54 votes to 50.

Here is my tribute to a brilliant prediction:

Saturday, 2 July 2005

Another Morton prediction could bite the dust this week

Back in April 2005 Sean David Morton predicted the 2012 Olympics would be held in New York, but because of some emergency situation the venue would be switched to Los Angeles.

Well this week on Wednesday 6th June the Olympic Committee will choose which city has won the right to host the 2012 Olympics.

The favourite to win is Paris, closely followed by London. New York, Moscow and Madrid are considered to be the outsiders to win.

Morton will be appearing on Coast to Coast AM next week so lets hope this gets a mention.

Saturday, 18 June 2005

Ed Dames, Saturday 18th June 2005

All Quiet on the Golden Front

Well no new predictions from Ed Dames. This interview was mainly about his trip to the Ukraine and how the Chinese are developing their own remote viewing program.

Now we all remember back on 9th October 2004 when Dames promised to find some gold treasure using his RV skills and bring it to Art's house at Christmas time. His next appearance on the show was 1st January 2005. He failed to produce the gold and made his excuses saying when he got to the location of the treasure it was buried on private property. He left the show promising to find more gold in Carson City and bring it to Art's house in June in time for his birthday.

So here is Dames on the show in June and once again no gold. In fact there was not one single mention of gold. At least the first time he failed Art challenged him about it, so why was it conveniently forgotten about this time. Not a single caller asked about this either.

Later Dames talked about remote interference and how he could attack any computers operating system and cause it to shut down or break. This prompted a caller to offer his computer as a test and challenged Ed to break it. Ed replied that it would take him 40 minutes to target the machine and then maybe another 15 minutes to affect it. Urged on by Art Bell to go ahead and do it Ed refused saying he was too busy and had more important things to do.

Wednesday, 15 June 2005

Dr. Louis Turi

Dr Louis Turi was talking with George Noory. He made three predictions that are imminent.

17th, 18th or 19th June 2005 there will be a huge natural disaster. This will be announced by the police.
Wrong. Dr Turi is trying to claim a hit on thie one. This is how low some people will stoop. He says the Washington DC police chief had his car stolen over the weekend and this was the prediction coming true.

19th or 20th August 2005 there will be a serious earthquake. He could not say where this would happen.

29th or 30th August 2005 thousands of people will be forced to relocate.
Correct. Thousands did have to relocate due to Hurricane Katrina.

Also he said that in March or April 2006 George Noory would move into television.

Wednesday, 8 June 2005

Dr. Louis Turi

Dr. Louis Turi paid a quick return to Coast to Coast to claim another hit. He had previously predicted a big explosion or earthquake for 8th November. He is claiming the 4.1 earthquake in Pakistan as a hit. He also says the rioting in France is the explosion he forecast. He forgot to mention that the riots in France have been going on for the past two weeks.

He following night, 9th November, George Noory gave him more credit when he announced that the terrorist bombing in Jordan was another hit for Dr. Turi.

Tuesday, 19 April 2005

John Hogue

John Hogue was talking about the election of Pope Benedict XVI. He was talking with George Noory.

St Malachi wrote in his prediction that this new Pope would be Gloria Olivae, or Glory of the Olive which means a great peacemaker. The new Pope's chosen name Benedict connotes a peacemaker, which Hogue related to the Israeli symbol of the olive branch.

Hogue predicts Pope Benedict XVI will attempt to restore many people leaving the church in Europe back to the catholic church.

Pope Benedict may try to act as a peacemaker between Arabs and Israelis.

The last Pope will be Peter of Rome.

Either this Pope or the next one will be the false Pope, leading the church into its greatest crisis and greatest test. Nostradamus describes the destruction of Rome and the Pope to become a refugee.

Other seers have also seen the Pope having to leave Rome because of some tremendous natural or warfare disaster.

Hogue believes a Nostradamus quatrain described Pope John Paul I being poisoned.

The present Pope Benedict XVI could either become the man who brings peace and forestalls and prevents the chastisement prophecy from happening in our times. Or in his reign we could see the destruction of the Vatican forcing the Pope to leave.

The great world war that Pope Benedict XVI is trying to forestall is the war we are already in, but because it is different from the other world wars. It is a more chaotic war, which is more like a global civil war. This Pope's reign marks the beginning of what the catholic prophecies call the 'Warnings' or the Tribulation, which include the weather changes, the earthquakes, the natural disasters, the strange activity of the sun etc.

This present Pope will last for six or seven years. If he stays healthy he could last ten years.

Classic Pope Predictions

Today it was announced the new Pope would be Joseph Ratzinger. He will take the name Pope Benedict XVI.

After incorrectly trying to predict the death of the last Pope our famous so called psychics gave up. Here is a round up of some classic Pope predictions.

Father Wingate - 16th March 2005

Pope John Paul II will go through his illness and be cured.

Sean David Morton - Thursday 13th May 2004

The next Pope will be Leo and he will last for 5 - 6 years.

Sean David Morton Predictions for 2001
A great sadness coming up in February, 2001, which appears to be the death of the Pope. I see the entire country of Italy dressed in black. I have predicted for some time that Bishop Martini will be the Pope’s successor. He speaks seven languages and is very urbane. This Pope will be called the “Pope of the Glorious Olive Branch” or “the Pope of Peace”.

John Hogue - Monday 28th February 2005
The next Pope will be called John Paul III.

Joseph Jacobs - Monday 17th February 2005
He feels that Pope John Paul II wants to retire or travel.

Joseph Jacobs - Monday 6th September
Nothing serious will happen to Pope John Paul II.

Hans King - Tuesday 14th December 2004
2005 will be the last year for the Pope. He may not die but he won't be able to carry out his duties. No new Pope in 2005, if there is it will be at the end of 2005.

Friday, 15 April 2005

Sean David Morton, Friday 15th April 2005

Sean David Morton gave us a quick update. He was talking to George Noory.

Once again Mr. Morton was introduced as having a fantastic prediction hit record. If you read his prevous predictions you will see how big a lie that last statement is.

A great concern about the pacific northwest in May. Between the 21st and 23rd there will be deep underground earthquake activity under Mt Rainier, Mt Baker and Mt St Helens. Also off the coast of Seattle and Vancouver.

May - September/October earthquake activity in the above area.

Yellowstone caldera will be active in May to the middle of 2006. Deadly clouds of gas will come out of the caldera killing herds of animals, possibly people. He sees no explosion but small pockets of eruptions and sections of the caldera collapsing in on itself.

No earthquake above 6.5 in southern California this year.

September/October 2006 there will be a substantial earthquake in the San Fransisco area.

Huge earthquake in southern California in 2010.

The Olympics will be in New York in 2012 but it will be switched to Los Angeles because of an emergency situation. The Olympics will not be cancelled.
Wrong. London won the bid to host the 2012 Olympics.

Sunday, 10 April 2005

Ed Dames, Saturday 10th April 2005

Here are the latest predictions from Ed Dames. He was talking with Art Bell.

Dames says the earthquake prediction he made on his last appearance on Coast to Coast was the March 28th earthquake off the coast of Indonesia.
He is claiming this as a hit even though he said the earthquake would be off the coast of New Guinea which is 2,000 miles away. Now when Ed was working for the government remote viewing program and was asked to view Soviet missile bunkers and the results he submitted were 2,000 miles off target, would those results be called a hit? If so, no wonder the government cancelled the remote viewing program.

The next major global catastrophe will be the eruption of Mount Tarawera on the North Island of New Zealand. This will happen in November 2005. The last time this volcano erupted in 1886 it killed 150 people, this time there will be a bigger death count. This eruption will be more violent than the eruption of Mount Pinatubo.

He says he has another gold project and will bring the gold to Art in June.
There was no mention of his last failed gold attempt.

The next use of a nuclear weapon is easy to see for a trained remote viewer. It will be on the Korean peninsular. He is still working on a date for this. Maybe a month from now he will know the date.

Dames says he has EVP experience with the US government from 1981 but he can't talk about it because it is still classified.

Art hosted a show about EVP last week which included the alleged voice recording of a child who was drowning. Dames says this was not the voice of a child drowning but the sound of a foetus being aborted.

The end of life on Planet Earth is close. He said the sky is falling in November/December 2005, meaning a possible meteor shower.

A meteor shower will force the space shuttle to land signalling the beginning of the end of the world. This will be followed by a huge solar flare hitting the earth. When this happens make sure you are underground with lots of fresh water.

There are alien bases inside sea mountains which are so deep that they are totally inaccessible to man.

There will be a major alien contact incident in the southwest US in August. He invited Art to go along and watch it. This is a private event and he won't give the exact location. This close encounter has something to do with helping us avoid a nuclear conflict and World War III.

There will be a major economic collapse in the US soon.

He agrees with Zacharia Sitchin that Planet Niburu is real.

There has been sentient machines on the moon for years.

Dames says that if the President was kidnapped the Government would call on him to help find him. Art asked why they didn't call on him to find Osama Bin Laden? Dames replied because finding Bin Laden is not an emergency.

Wednesday, 6 April 2005

Father Andrew Wingate

Father Andrew Wingate made another quick visit to Coast to Coast AM to talk to George Noory.

Wingate says he is still examining his prediction that the Pope isn't dead, but he stands by all his other predictions. He is having to check to see why his seers were wrong when they have been so accurate in the past.

He openly admitted that he was wrong and that Pope John Paul II had passed on.

He still stands by his predictions that the US will be invaded by the Chinese and Russians.

John Hogue

John Hogue made a short appearance on Coast to Coast AM. He mainly repeated things he has said on other shows, and also repeated that there would be only two more Popes. He doubts the next Pope will be black.

One thing he did fail to mention was the name of the next Pope, probably not wanting to dig a huge hole for himself like Father Wingate has done. Now on previous shows he has told us about the accuracy of the predictions of St Malachi. He claims St Malachi has named all the Popes from the 1590's to the present day with an 80% hit rate. Here he had the perfect opportunity to reveal the person who he believes according to the prophecy of St Malachi will be the next Pope. He didn't. He did however give us the name of the final Pope, who will be called Peter of Rome.

Friday, 1 April 2005

Father Andrew Wingate

Father Andrew Wingate returned to Coast to Coast for a quick update. He was talking with George Noory.

He still maintains that Pope John Paul II will be cured of his illness. He says do not believe anything we are told in the news. Wingate says the Vatican will not announce the Pope is dead because he will be cured.

He stands by everything he said on March 16th. But he did add that if the Pope does die then he is going to have to re-evaluate a lot of things.
Pope John Paul II died on Saturday night 2nd April 2005.

You can read more here at Binnall of America

Wednesday, 16 March 2005

Father Andrew Wingate

Here are the latest predictions from Father Andrew Wingate. He was talking with George Noory.

The Pope will go through his illness and then will be cured. He will never step down. He will go into exile for about 8 months and then will be declared dead by the church. The church will say he is dead and that his body is so badly mutilated that they can't show him in an open coffin. Then they will re-elect a new Pope. The election will be done by fax.
Pope John Paul II died on Saturday night 2nd April 2005. On Sunday 3rd April the Pope's body was laid out on a plinth in the Vatican palace's Clementine Hall, at the start of nine days of official mourning in the city state.

After a time Pope John Paul II will return to Rome to denounce the false Pope.

This exile will start at the same time the US is invaded.

The US will be invaded by a force from Russia and China.

The US will sink its own aircraft carrier to drum up support so they can continue in another war. By the time this happens the US will be involved in three military conflicts. The public will demand that the government get out of these wars.

The third secret of Fatima refers to the church being taken over and corrupted, and to communism being victorious in the world. Also to when the chastisement comes whole nations will vanish and how Pope John Paul II will be attacked and assassinated and how there will be an Anti-Pope.

Yellowstone Park will not be a huge eruption but it will become a huge sink hole. No time period given.

He sees an airborne bacteria that dissipates in the air very quickly.

We are in the End Times right now.

The US will be invaded within four years. It could happen this year but he doesn't think so. After this invasion World War III will start within three years.

First the war will start in the Middle East and spread through Turkey and Greece into Europe. Then the two leaders of France and Germany will be assassinated. By the time the US will be involved in three wars. The US will then sink its own aircraft carrier. The Pope will be declared dead.

Florida will be hit by a nuclear weapon within a month of the invasion starting.

Several divisions of Soviet troops are already in Mexico.

After World War III and the battle of Armageddon, evil has seen itself lose so it will prepare itself to destroy the world. This is were 666 comes into being. It means six great devils will rule the world for 6 days and they will be cast back into hell. They will then try to destroy the whole surface of the Earth. Time will cease to exist for 40 years.

On a previous show he said there would be an attack on a 'national treasure' he now thinks this could mean the space program and maybe an attack on Kennedy Space Center.

Lord Maitreya is the Anti-Christ.

He asks heaven for a sign that all this is true. He asked if he is to reveal all this information then let a radio talk show call him. Within half an hour he received a phone call from Coast to Coast asking him to be a guest.

He claims all his predictions come true, although not at the time he might say but they do happen within 18 months of the date he sets.

Monday, 28 February 2005

John Hogue

Here are the latest predictions from John Hogue. He was talking with George Noory.

This is the final 6 months of the Pope's life.

St Malachi wrote in the 1140's after a vision the names of every Pope. So according to this list there will be only two more Pope's after John Paul II. From 1595 onwards this list is almost 80% accurate. The next Pope will be called John Paul III. Peter of Rome will be the last one.

In the reign of the next Pope we will see the things that indicate we are in the period building up to the tribulation of the chastisement. We could see war, famine and earthquakes in many places. The Trinity really stands for three ages of God's mission on earth of 2,000 years each. The first being the Father which is the Old Testament, the Son which is the 2,000 years of Jesus Christ, which is coming to a head right now. The third is the Holy Spirit when humanity reaches is spiritual maturity.

According to Nostradamus we are in the era of the third Anti-Christ. He said a king of terror would decend from the skies in September 1999. He was talking about 911, he got the month correct but the year was wrong.

First Anti-Christ was Napoleon. Second was Hitler, Nostradamus called him Hister. The third Anti-Christ is called Mabus which is a code name. He says this of the third Anti-Christ ' Mabus will soon die, then will come a horrible destruction of people and animals. At once one will see vengence. One hundred powers. Thirst, famine. When the comet will pass'. A comet could mean a comet, meteor, asteroid or a missile. The age of Mabus starts in September 1999 according to Nostradamus, indicated by the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, right month wrong year. The death of Mabus will start a 27 year long war. Hale Bopp could be the comet in 1997.

Mabus is alive now, a grown adult and in the next four or five years we will know who he is. He will do something that will trigger his own death and this cause the real war to begin.

Mabus then again could be a victim of the Anti-Christ.

Using the anagram techniques of decoding Nostradamus, Mabus could be Osama(Usama) Bin Laden or George W. Bush.

If Bush or Bin Laden should fall in this war we need to look if the war gets better or worse to tell if the prophecy is coming true.

The End Times could just mean the end of things as we know them.

A man made plague will cover the whole of the northern hemisphere around the time of the International Space Station.

US and Russia will go to war against each other in the 2020's according to some prophecy.

July - October 2005 the US needs to watch its temper and not react because there is a sign of war, possibly with Iran, Syria and North Korea.

George Bush is entering dangerous times, either health or a policy crisis in July - October 2005.

A scandal of some kind may force Bush out of office.

The possibility of UFO intervention increases religion and spirituality.

No new terrorist attacks on the US until 2008.

He claims Nostradamus predicted the Asian earthquake that caused the tsunami.

A caller to the show said she saw a comet or asteroid event happening in May 2005. The asteroid will be followed by and artificial craft containing aliens beings. She claims she is always correct.

Monday, 17 January 2005

Joseph Jacobs

Here are predictions for 2005 from Joseph Jacobs. He was talking with George Noory.

2005 will be a rough year.

He sees problems around water. Around ports, dams, rivers or things concerned with seafaring. We need to fix our dams or protect them.

He sees heavy loses in February, September and November. Ed Dames thinks March but he thinks this is wrong.

There will be lots of health issues around the world. We will see a year of breakthroughs in health and medicine.

George Bush is coming into a pretty rough time. He needs to be a little cautious when it comes to transportation and travel. This is around 31st January to 24th March. He will come through this. Some political problems around this time.

Religious wars this year. This could be a year of religious growth or religious terror.

This could be a good year for mining, particularly gold.

It is an important year for farming.

2005 will be a dramatic year internally for the US. Political conflicts in the US and Britain.

He does not believe in End Times.

20th January Inauguration Day will be fine and no problems.

North Korea will see some heavy illnesses around 10th March to 30th April.

There will be some incident between the US and North Korea between 1st May and 21st June. North Korea will meet the US or the other way round. Sabre rattling he calls it.

He sees a heavy time for Iran around 28th September to 19th November. Could be an earthquake.

He also sees an internal revolution in Iran.

Lots of internal trouble for Russia, Middle Eastern countries and some European countries.

He does not see any nation using a nuclear weapon, but he does not rule out an individual using a dirty bomb.

The Loch Ness monster is real but he isn't sure about the Yeti.

He feels the Pope wants to retire or travel.

2006 will be a constructive year.

Our Solar system is going through changes not just the Earth.

2012 there could be a major sun burst.

No tsunami in the US in the near future.

There will be some employment or labour issues in Canada but things will recover 1st July to 21st August, then Canada will do very well in the next two years.

US economy will fall 29th January to 21st March but then it will recover slowly.

Iraq situation will get worse and worse.

Osama Bin Laden is still alive and free but he doesn't know where.

Problems in Israel between 23rd March and 13th May.

Palestine leader Mabus is not the Anti-Christ. There is no Anti-Christ.

No asteroid will hit the Earth.

Social security changes will be a big issue.

United Nations will continue.

There is no Planet X.

Crop circles are real and are communicatons for Alpha Centauri.

SETI will not find anything because aliens use a different system to communicate.

He thinks time travel moving forward is possible but not back.

The Ark of the Covenant is in Ethiopia.

No problems with Deep Impact, the probe that will blow up part of a comet.

We have to find a new energy source within the next five years.

He does not believe in the Hollow Earth theory.

Information about aliens will be released in the next two years.

The new Palestinian leader will struggle at first but he has the support of his people.

There will be no earthquake in the Great Lakes area in the near future.

Saturday, 8 January 2005

Gordon Michael Scallion

Gordon Michael Scallion appeared on Dreamland with Whitley Strieber This isn't much of an update as he mainly goes over his old predictions which I have already documented.

Claims back in 1992 he predicted the earthquake and tsunami in the Indian Ocean, but at the time he thought it would happen soon. He never thought it would take 13 years to come true.

In the next decade the USA will lose a third of its land mass and be divided in two. Phoenix up to Colorado will become the new west coast.

He sees most of Europe under water.

Huge land masses will rise up out of the Atlantic Ocean.

Africa will be split into three areas.

Mount Rainier will come to life in 2005 or 2006.

9th, 10th, 11th January 2005 he sees some headline grabbing earth changes globally.

2005 will be the year of the volcano.

Wednesday, 5 January 2005

The Phony Awards 2004

After a month of voting and almost 2,000 votes cast the results are in. Here are the winners of the First True or False Awards.

The Nostradamus Award for the Best Prophet
Winner Joseph Jacobs - 26%
Second Sean David Morton - 15%

The Nancy Lieder Award for Outstanding Contributions to False Prophecy, or the psychic who you think sucks the most
Winner Sean David Morton - 41%
Second Sylvia Browne - 19%

The First Inductee to the True or False Hall of Shame
Sean David Morton - 46%

The Uri Geller Award for Worst Prediction
Winner, Osama Bin Laden is dead - Sean David Morton - 27%
Second, John Kerry will win the election - Sylvia Browne - 22%

The Art Bell Award for Best Prediction
Winner, Yasser Arafat will be very ill after 15th October - Joseph Jacobs - 66%
Second, Saddam Hussein will be caught before the end of 2003 - Sylvia Browne - 15%

Monday, 3 January 2005

Psychic Calendar 2005

Savage winter in the northeast US, Great Lakes area and Europe Sean David Morton

Saddam Hussein will be dead before his trial Sylvia Browne

The economy will rebound at the beginning of the year and then slow down Sylvia Browne
Correct. The Dow Jones hit a 3 year high on 4th March.

It will be a mild winter Sylvia Browne

20th January Inauguration Day will be fine and no problems - Joseph Jacobs
There were no problems on 20th January.

The Popes health will get worse after Christmas 2004 Father Wingate
The Pope was in hospital in late January early February with flu and breathing problems.

US economy will fall 29th January to 21st March but then it will recover slowly - Joseph Jacobs
Wrong. The Dow Jones hit a 3 year high on 4th March.

George Bush is coming into a pretty rough time. He needs to be a little cautious when it comes to transportation and travel. This is around 31st January to 24th March - Joseph Jacobs
Wrong. Nothing happened.


Heavy loss of life - Joseph Jacobs

There will be a 9+ earthquake near the northwest tip of New Guinea. Then the Monju Experimental Breeder Reactor will break causing many deaths Ed Dames
Wrong. There was a 8.5 - 8.7 earthquake of the west coast of Indonesia on Monday 28th March. This was 2,000 miles away from where Dames predicted it. No reports of the Monju Reactor being broken.

North Korea will see some heavy illnesses around 10th March to 30th April - Joseph Jacobs

Problems in Israel between 23rd March and 13th May - Joseph Jacobs

Large companies will start to lay people off Evelyn Paglini
IBM announced on 5th May it was cutting 13,000 jobs worldwide.

There will be some incident between the US and North Korea between 1st May and 21st June - Joseph Jacobs

Massive movement of the landmass under Mount Rainier until October - Sean David Morton

There will be a massive government scandal involving the President Hans King

US draft will be introduced in June or July - Sean David Morton

17th, 18th or 19th June 2005 there will be a huge natural disaster. This will be announced by the police - Dr Louis Turi

There will be some employment or labour issues in Canada but things will recover 1st July to 21st August - Joseph Jacobs

No problems with Deep Impact, the probe that will blow up part of a comet on 4th July - Joseph Jacobs

The draft will not start in the US until there is a terrorist attack before July/August Sean David Morton

There will be a major alien contact incident in the southwest US - Ed Dames

A major problem with the space shuttle. It will not land - Ed Dames
Wrong. The space shuttle landed safely on Tuesday 9th August. The landing was delayed by 24 hours due to bad weather.

19th or 20th August 2005 there will be a serious earthquake. He could not say where this would happen - Dr Louis Turi

29th or 30th August 2005 thousands of people will be forced to relocate - Dr Louis Turi
Correct. Thousands did have to relocate due to Hurricane Katrina.


8th September or a day either side police will make interesting news on a large scale, or some element of drama and death - Dr Louis Turi
True. Almost 250 police officers deserted their posts during Hurricane Katrina.

17th September someone important will be assassinated in the Middle East. There will be some news on the Natalee Holloway case - Dr Louis Turi
True. A Kurdish member of the Iraqi Parliament was murdered.

26th September an earthquake or hurricane will force thousands of people to relocate - Dr Louis Turi
True. Hurricane Rita.

September, October or November there will be some warning to mankind Sean David Morton

Heavy loss of life - Joseph Jacobs

He sees a heavy time for Iran around 28th September to 19th November. Could be an earthquake - Joseph Jacobs


Civil war in the US this Fall Sean David Morton

Stock market to rise to a new high of 14,000, maybe as high as 16,000 this Fall Sean David Morton

October 5/6/7 Dramatic news involving more death and/or a police announcement - Dr Louis Turi
True. No death but police were put on alert for a possible terrorist threat in New York.

October 15/16/17 Earthquakes/volcanoes/tornadoes/ oil and Natalee Holloway - Dr Louis Turi
True. Hurricane Wilma.

October 22/23/24 A return of a weather-related event such as Katrina/Rita which will force thousands to evacuate - Dr Louis Turi
True. Hurricane Wilma hit Mexico and then Florida.


Heavy loss of life - Joseph Jacobs

November 8th - A big explosion or earthquake - Dr Louis Turi
There was a 4.1 earthquake in Pakistan on 7th November. He is claiming the rioting in France and the terrorist bombings in Jordan as the big explosions. He fails to mention that the riots in France have been going for the past two weeks.

November 19th - Lots of people will be forced to relocate or restart a new life - Dr Louis Turi

November 29th - An ugly energy involving death for many innocent people - Dr Louis Turi

Mount Tarawera on the North Island of New Zealand will erupt - Ed Dames

The sky is falling in November/December 2005, meaning a possible meteor shower - Ed Dames