Friday, 15 April 2005

Sean David Morton, Friday 15th April 2005

Sean David Morton gave us a quick update. He was talking to George Noory.

Once again Mr. Morton was introduced as having a fantastic prediction hit record. If you read his prevous predictions you will see how big a lie that last statement is.

A great concern about the pacific northwest in May. Between the 21st and 23rd there will be deep underground earthquake activity under Mt Rainier, Mt Baker and Mt St Helens. Also off the coast of Seattle and Vancouver.

May - September/October earthquake activity in the above area.

Yellowstone caldera will be active in May to the middle of 2006. Deadly clouds of gas will come out of the caldera killing herds of animals, possibly people. He sees no explosion but small pockets of eruptions and sections of the caldera collapsing in on itself.

No earthquake above 6.5 in southern California this year.

September/October 2006 there will be a substantial earthquake in the San Fransisco area.

Huge earthquake in southern California in 2010.

The Olympics will be in New York in 2012 but it will be switched to Los Angeles because of an emergency situation. The Olympics will not be cancelled.
Wrong. London won the bid to host the 2012 Olympics.

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