Monday, 26 June 2006

Michael Horn Goes on the Attack

This week I received an email from Michael Horn. For those of you who have never heard of this shady character Mr. Horn represents alleged UFO contactee Billy Meier. Now I have no interest in the Billy Meier case. I have always thought Mr. Meier's pictures to be fake and that goes for the rest of the story, but I have never publicly said so. Mr. Meier claims to be in contact with aliens. These aliens allegedly give out predictions concerning the future of our planet. That is why I have a couple of pages documenting some of these.

So on Saturday 17th June I received this email out of the blue.

I think that you should read an article of mine, from 2004, and some other info on the Meier case, since you appear to have lumped him in with people who have very questionable records of accuracy. After you have done your homework, you should offer either a credible, substantiated debunking or a very comprehensive public apology regarding the Meier case. Oh yeah, I couldn't find your name anywhere. Are you simply another debunker who hides anonymously, without the courage to to present himself truthfully? Hey, maybe you'll make room for the info below on your site, you know, in the interest of fairness...right?

The rest of the email I don't want to bore you with. Needless to say Mr. Horn cut and pasted a few articles about himself. There was a long list of alleged predictions from the 70's, 80's and 90's made by Billy Meier which Mr. Horn claims all came true.

I saw no reason why I should apologise. I had done nothing wrong, so I sent back a reply.

Hi Michael,

Why should I apologise? All I have tried to do is document your so called predictions when you appear on Coast to Coast. Although I do have a problem with Billy Meier. Notice how very general the predictions from your appearance on 7th march 2004 are. Any normal person can come up with things like this.

Yet you keep listing predictions from years ago that you claim were made by Billy and came true, all these are very specific.

How about coming up with some very specific predictions for the next year or so. Or are you like the Nostradamus fans who can never predict anything, they can only look back and match up the weird quatrains with things that have already happened.

I don't believe anything about Billy Meier. His pictures have always looked fake to me and photo analysis has proved so.

But so far I haven't made a comment on that, YET.


Simon Aspinall
Not anonymous, I just don't feel the need to promote myself as I have nothing to sell or scam the public with.

He soon responded with this.

Why? Simply because you're incorrect and uninformed. Yes, the listed predictions were published in copyrighted books and unalterable documents before the events occurred. If you cannot comprehend that it's because, like every other genius skeptic, you've entered the arena with your mind made up, the evidence be damned.

Look at your idiotic comment about the photo analysis proving the photos's exactly the opposite! Are you unable to read the comments from the scientists and experts below, did you not read the photo analysis and sound analysis documents on my site?

You know nothing about the volumes of info still in German, with tons more, already validated predictions. What about the Jupiter, Saturn, Venus and Pluto info...did you (presumably "normal person" that you'd like to think you are) come up with it? If you were even alive in 1958, did you predict what Meier did then, especially No. 6 here

I don't waste a lot of time with wannabes who think they can simply add Meier to a
list of hoaxers and feel smug and self-contented. Do some damn homework. If you want to tell me that the 20 minutes you've spent making your pathetic case...which, in true idiot skeptic fashion doesn't deal with one specific response to the info below, trumps 27 years of really looking at and testing the case, then you're truly another low level, unscientific amateur.

So selling equals scamming, genius? Did the person who sold you your computer scam you, what about your school books, your food, etc.?

Absolutely goddamned pathetic.


He obviously only likes people who believe his far fetched story. I sent another reply.

You don't think I would waste 20 mins of my time on Billy Meier do you? Couple of mins at most.

Here are some pics you can analyse:
Pictures show evidence of strings or rods attached to top of model craft
Picture from a scorched negative found in Billy's barn that we were never meant to see. Shows a model of a craft sat on a table.

Like I said before come up with some very specific predictions for the next year or so and lets see what happens. I know your answer now, you will make some excuse and shout your mouth off.


He was again quick to reply with his excuses, but still no new predictions.

Of course, manipulated photos by Kal Korff, twice publicly self-admitted liar. You are unfamiliar with the case, the models made by the investigators, the one gifted to Meier, the attempt by Meier to make a model shot as good as his 1,200 photos, films, etc.

And, I hate to tell you, I don't play the game by your rules. You want more prophecies, read the Henoch Prophecies at

Here's another clue, I have no respect for amateurs who are non-responsive to provided, documented info.

At this point I was starting to think his rants were pretty familiar. They are in the same mould as Sean David Morton. Sorry no Mr. Horn I won't give your website a single second of my time. Like I said earlier I have no interest at all in the Billy Meier case. All I do is collect the predictions.

From : Simon Aspinall
To :
Subject : RE: Time for some homework!

See what I mean, you will not provide any new predictions, you can only go on about past predictions.

The only comment I made about Meier was that he would go the same way as Nancy Lieder when his prediction that Comet Toutatis would threaten the Earth didn't come true. 1 prediction, 1 wrong.

I guess you are like the rest of these charlatans, you hate someone else recording your predictions as you have no control over them.

He must have been running out of ideas with his next response. It was just a quick one liner "Amateur. Nice try, won't work." Still no predictions from him.

From : Simon Aspinall
To :
Subject : RE: Time for some homework!

You can think I am an amateur, you can think what you like. Just like I think Billy Meier is a joke and you're an even bigger joke for pushing his crap.

The one thing I don't do is make money by running a scam.

Please stop emailing me. I have much better use of my time than to be bothered with Billy Meier and his model photographs.

He then asked me to prove it.

From : Simon Aspinall
To :
Subject : RE: Time for some homework!

I would if you would send me some new predictions. But you won't because you know you will be found out.

You appear on Coast to Coast selling your rubbish which is a 99% cert you are a scam along with the likes of Sean David Morton, Ed Dames and Sylvia Browne.

Put up or shut up.

He was back on the attack after this, but still no new predictions.

It might help if you recognized that you're too blitheringly stupid to have done your homework and, as such, plainly unworthy of any new information, since you can't even recognize the validity of that which is already published.

There's an old saying that applies to fools like you who fancy themselves something important,

"Don't cast your pearls before swine."

Consider yourself addressed in that warning. And if you don't want any more emails from me, which is the only wise thing you've said, I suggest that you don't drop in for more target practice on my part.


How many times do I have to tell this nut I AM NOT INTERESTED IN BILLY MEIER. He obviously can't read. I specifically asked for new predictions. I am not interested in his list of old predictions. Who knows how many times he has manipulated those.

From : Simon Aspinall
To :
Subject : RE: P.S.

Fool, you are the one that contacted me.

Can I ask you why you charge for your information? since doesn't this go against the whole Pleiadian school of thought. Not very spiritual to charge people for so called life saving information is it?

I thought that Adrian the guy in Florida was the only true contactee of the Pleiadians.

Once a scam always a scam.

I mentioned Adrian in this email to see if I could get a reaction out of Mr. Horn. Adrian is a guy in Florida who also claims he is in contact with the Pleiadians. I have been told Michael Horn hates this guy. Adrian is a fake and an associate of Sean David Morton. He is such an idiot though he missed this part.

From : Michael
To :
Subject : RE: Another thing

Oh boy, he's back. Yes, contacted you because you're the shallow, lazy joker who attacked someone because it's YOU who didn't do YOUR homework. Meier is so far beyond your comprehension, though he shouldn't be, simply because you don't...THINK. You want it all spelled out for you, and when it is, you can't even read it!!!

Meier said Toutatis (which he predicted and named well before it was discovered) could threaten the earth. That was accurate, he never said it would HIT us. Just like how Meier PUBLISHED this in 1995, "The danger of accidents in nuclear reactors will increase throughout the world. Regarding this subject, France in particular must be extraordinarily careful in every way, for one prophecy warns of a strong probability for an accident near Lyon, which can be prevented as long as the responsible individuals undertake the right steps --- a prophecy can be changed."

August 12, 2003, that EXACT power plant - one out of 436 on the planet - was shut down due to a problem that was discovered regarding overheating. But YOU knew that, right? I mean you're a "normal person" who could have, and must have predicted it.

Well you would have known it if you'd read the volumes of FREE info at my site such as:

But you don't READ, or THINK, you're a know-it-all who has time on his hands but uses it to launch shallow minded, inaccurate attacks.

Charge for my information? Really? Another stupid statement that simply demonstrates you haven't read my FREE site...and won't trouble yourself to. So here, a sample, go read it and don't bother me until you have. If you can't address what's written here, and the rest of what's on the site, no further responses to your stupid, childish comments will be forthcoming. Demonstrate some intelligence and integrity first.

Wrong again Michael. I have never attacked you or Billy Meier on my website. Let me repeat, it was YOU that contacted me.

From : Simon Aspinall
To :
Subject : RE: Another thing

Please answer straight questions. Why are you charging money? not your site, I mean your videos and dvd's and books? This goes against Pleiadian principles, surely? Please give an answer.

I have not attacked you or Billy Meier on my website, so I think you are talking a load of crap.You can send me all the cut and pastes you want, I will not read it.

All I ask is give me some predictions for the coming year and lets see how they go. I will mark them down and if they come true I will give credit to Billy and believe all you are saying. If you don't you will just be another dickhead trying to flog his story to the gullible few who at the end of the day you hope will buy it and line your pockets.

In his next reply he tried to justify why he makes money from the Billy Meier case.

Sure, I'll be real glad to answer your question, since you are apparently too dim-witted to comprehend. Tell me how YOU pay for YOUR: Computer, Rent, Car, Gas, Food, Electricity, Clothing, Website, Travel etc., etc.

Now, since those are the kinds of straight questions that I deserve answers for, which I'm SURE you will provide, I'll tell you the following:

ALL of the thousands and thousands of dollars of costs for my research, international travel, writing, correspondence, production of DVD/video, promotion, etc. related to the case for the past 27 years has been done solely by me. That includes an average of six hours per day (minimum) EVERY day working on it (including answering numbskulls like you who think they REALLY know something about the case).

NO PAYMENT from Meier or anyone else. None. All on my dime.

Since my research warranted the production of my DVD (which has now also been picked up for national distribution by another larger company), and since I paid for it accordance with good old capitalism I actually - hold on here for the big announcement - SELL it (and other related products) to those people who become interested in the case because of my free radio appearances and/or the free information on my site.

And since I have cut back my other work to just a few hours per week to devote the time that this needs, and since - unlike you - I don't get all of the essentials of life free (you really MUST tell me how you do that), by golly, I let people send me money for the products.

So NO, it doesn't go against any principles to be compensated for your labors, even though I do my work VOLUNTARILY. But life is funny, if you do the right things it works out for you.

I do the right things.

Now, it's your turn. How do you get everything for free?

NO Mr. Horn you do not deserve any answers from me. You started this charade. Notice how he says he will be glad to answer my question. I asked for new predictions, he has yet to answer that one. Also notice how he has tried to switch the attention away from himself and on to me. just to avoid having to address the issue of the predictions. Anyway I replied and told him what he wanted to know.

I'll tell you how I pay for things. I have a good honest job as a network engineer. I do not resort in my spare time to being a slug that crawls out from under a stone to promote an obvious fake and make money by scamming people.

Ufology is a serious matter and it is people like you who give the subject a bad name.

Now how many times do I have to ask you for some new predictions? Why do you run scared when I ask you this? What do you have to hide? Surely if Billy is really telling the truth they will all come true and you have nothing to worry about.

Horn replies with insults and gets it all wrong.

Numbnuts, do your parents know that you're doing this? You are no more a network engineer than I am. It's so damn obvious, who do you think you're fooling?

YOU prove to me that you're not some anonymous, pimply-faced, 18 year-old kid, living off his parents and using their computer when they're at work and you'll get the predictions, though you sure as hell won't like what they have to say.

That's how it works.

I think you should stop making assumptions Mr. Horn. You are making yourself look an even bigger fool than you actually are. As I have nothing to hide I even gave him more information.

Believe it or not, I don't care what you think, you're just some flake running a scam, so I don't care what your opinion is. The truth is I am a 40 year old network engineer, and live in Manchester, England.

Predictions please, or are you just going to come up with more excuses?

The insults continued. I think he must have read the Sean David Morton Book of Insults.

Sorry pal, you're no more 40 than I am. It's obvious that no half-way intelligent, grown man would write such stupid, lame nonsense and be so incapable of any serious research, unable to respond to specifics, look at data, etc.

It's completely obvious that you're one of the 3-second attention span generation, probably pierced beyond recognition, strung out on some weird drug. If you want to insist on that charade (ask your parents what that word means) fine. But YOU'RE the character hiding anonymously under a rock trying to scam people, including me. I'm used to debating scientists, professional skeptics, various experts, etc. You're nowhere near close.

You PROVE that you are who you say you are, and IF it turns out to be true (which I'm about willing to put money isn't the case) you'll have lots of info for your sorry little site.

You are wrong again Horn. I still don't see why I should have to prove who I am. But thats just his way of getting off subject. I wrote back telling him I was no pal of his.

LOL sorry but don't call me pal, I am no pal of yours. I don't associate myself with scum like you.

Just goes to show how much you know, I tell the truth. I have more intelligence in my little finger than the whole of you. Lets not forget I am not the one parading his crap around, supporting some crackpot picture faker, trying to scam the world.

I look at lots of data, I just don't want to look at your rubbish. I want you to give me some predictions, I have asked this many times. The reason is so that they can be recorded by an independent witness, why can't you understand this? Is it too much for your tiny brain? I don't want to listen to what you have done in the past, or what you claim Billy has already predicted back in the 70's and 80's.

I find it rather strange when you talk about his predictions on Coast. You talk about quite a few predictions and some very important ones. Then I hear totally different stuff from you when you are on another show. I think it was an interview with Alex Merklinger, correct me if it wasn't, but I am sure it was. On this show you claimed Billy has predicted practically every earth shattering event since the 60's. I wonder why you say this stuff on Alex's show and not on Coast? Is it because Alex has a smaller audience and so you have less chance of being caught out?

Of course he never got round to answering my last question, he was too busy off on one of his rants. So much for his promise that he would.

Resist the temptation to send another moronic, demanding note until you PROVE you are who you say you are.

If you have trouble with that, ask that super intelligent little finger of yours, you know, the one you've got stuck up your butt while you're sitting around your parents place, to help you out.

Then you can tell poor guys like me, who have left you in the dust long ago, just what a smart fellow you are.

By this time I was starting to get a bit bored with Mr. Horn. He's used the typical fraudster tactic of diverting from the real question everytime. I realised there was no way I was going to get any predictions out of this guy. So I sent what I thought would be my last reply.

ME, prove who I am? Why do I need to do that?

1. You are the last person who should be asking for proof seeing as you never submit any yourself. Oh and before you go off on another tangent I will save you the trouble. I asked you for predictions so that they can be independently recorded. You will not supply any and so therefore you have in my eyes something to hide.

2. I have nothing to prove. I am not claiming to be something that I am not. I do not go around advertising myself. I do not promote myself or ask for any money. I do not have any products to sell on chat show radio. All I seek is the truth.

3. I have told you who I am, where I live and what I do for a living. You dismiss it, well, that is your problem. You are wrong, but hey that's nothing new.

The fact is that you contacted me, not the other way round. You asked for an apology. I refused. I don't know why you wanted the apology. Is it because as I have lumped you with a sordid array of characters such as Sean David Morton, Ed Dames and Sylvia Browne? If so well that's what you get when you trawl your product around wacky way out there chat shows. Or is it because I compared you and your sidekick to Nancy Lieder? Oh sorry, it's you who is the sidekick, Billy is the real talent, you're just the grunt who has to try and sell it to the gullible.

Either way I will not apologise.

Right from the start you have been wrong, but hey that's not surprising. I am not a UFO debunker, I do not claim to be a UFO debunker nor do I ever wish to be a UFO debunker. All I do is record predictions. If they come true I comment on them, if they don't come true I also comment on them. The fact is there are more false ones so I have started to rat out the charlatans.

The small amount of respect I had for you and your story, which although very far fetched, was quite entertaining, has now gone. You are a horrid little man.

I may want to look into this further now I realise how devious you are. I don't know why I should waste my time on it though. Make sure you check out my website just in case. You can always link to it from the Coast to Coast website. It is under the What's New section, in the Favorites list

And before you ask, NO I didn't ask for it to be put there. Lex the Coast webmaster added it as they thought it was a good idea, and that was almost three years ago.

Now sod off unless you have something of value to say.

His comeback was just another insult. Nothing new there.

You are obviously quite disturbed as well as incompetent. Quite embarrassing, really.

The insults don't bother me. In fact I was having a good laugh at this guy. The lengths some people will go to avoid providing a simple piece of evidence. I replied back.

You can call me many things Mr Horn. Coming from a person like you it doesn't bother me in the slightest as you are the biggest piece of crap I have come across so far. Call me what you like, but at least I can sleep at night knowing that I am not a con man.

He then replied with a pack of lies, or maybe it was incompetence.

Because you are such a lazy, amateurish knave, because you wish to have everything handed to you on a platter, because you want to sit back and pass judgment on everyone from your position of inept missed the very predictions that you kept on demanding.

That's right, in all of that information that was "cut and pasted" to you, that you wouldn't read because you were too could have found what you said you were looking for. But you didn't.

Knucklehead, the joke's on you.

No Michael Horn, the joke is on YOU. I have constantly asked you for new predictions for the coming year. The cut and pastes you sent me DO NOT contain any of these. There are predictions yes, but they are old ones from the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's that you claim were made by Billy Meier and that have allegedly already come true. What is wrong with you that you cannot understand a simple question?

The last few emails from him were the behaviour of a 13 year old child. He kept on sending me his newsletter in which he brags about beating the skeptics and provides a long list of shows he's been interviewed on.

I wrote back and told him how childish he was and then blocked his email address. I didn't want his rubbish cluttering up my inbox.


Anonymous said...

Man....that's a load of crap by both of you. In the time you guys wrote these messages you could've really read the prophecies yourself you know. As for Michael Horn, he didn't need to spend that time talking with you.

Simon Aspinall said...

He emailed me, not the other way round so obviously he did have the time.

Anonymous said...

Keep on challenging these psuedo-science clowns as long as you can, Sir Aspinall...though I must say, I don't have the energy to so knock my head against the wall of scientifically-illiterate and logically-flawed thinking.

By the way--any chance that Michael Horn is the same Michael Horn who for many years (and maybe still) is behind something called the Cable News Radio Network outta southern Calif? They were still in business as late as about 2002, when I ran into Horn again at a broadcasting convention and he confirmed CNRN was still in business. Same Michael Horn?


Anonymous said...

I have heard this joker on C2C a number of times, and am usually asleep about 10 minutes in.

The only thing I can remember from the ten minutes is that he claims special effects peole claim they cannot replicate the footage shown, they had no CGI and the old matte screens were a beast to work with, but the most important thing is - why would they want to anyway?

There is an old line question authority before it questions you. Fellows like this need to be questioned - though MH got you for a round or two, it is safe to say: Aspinall wins.

Mind you there is a remark that goes: Believe as I do, can easily become; believe I do, or I will kill you. Mickey Horn is on that path.

Anonymous said...

Horn is confusing philosophy with science. He calls conjecture "data." He's a brainwashed jack ass who talks in circles about nothing and doesn't say anything. Just a confused and confusing child of the universe. He's got A.D.D. or early stage Alzheimer's