Tuesday, 19 April 2005

John Hogue

John Hogue was talking about the election of Pope Benedict XVI. He was talking with George Noory.

St Malachi wrote in his prediction that this new Pope would be Gloria Olivae, or Glory of the Olive which means a great peacemaker. The new Pope's chosen name Benedict connotes a peacemaker, which Hogue related to the Israeli symbol of the olive branch.

Hogue predicts Pope Benedict XVI will attempt to restore many people leaving the church in Europe back to the catholic church.

Pope Benedict may try to act as a peacemaker between Arabs and Israelis.

The last Pope will be Peter of Rome.

Either this Pope or the next one will be the false Pope, leading the church into its greatest crisis and greatest test. Nostradamus describes the destruction of Rome and the Pope to become a refugee.

Other seers have also seen the Pope having to leave Rome because of some tremendous natural or warfare disaster.

Hogue believes a Nostradamus quatrain described Pope John Paul I being poisoned.

The present Pope Benedict XVI could either become the man who brings peace and forestalls and prevents the chastisement prophecy from happening in our times. Or in his reign we could see the destruction of the Vatican forcing the Pope to leave.

The great world war that Pope Benedict XVI is trying to forestall is the war we are already in, but because it is different from the other world wars. It is a more chaotic war, which is more like a global civil war. This Pope's reign marks the beginning of what the catholic prophecies call the 'Warnings' or the Tribulation, which include the weather changes, the earthquakes, the natural disasters, the strange activity of the sun etc.

This present Pope will last for six or seven years. If he stays healthy he could last ten years.

Classic Pope Predictions

Today it was announced the new Pope would be Joseph Ratzinger. He will take the name Pope Benedict XVI.

After incorrectly trying to predict the death of the last Pope our famous so called psychics gave up. Here is a round up of some classic Pope predictions.

Father Wingate - 16th March 2005

Pope John Paul II will go through his illness and be cured.

Sean David Morton - Thursday 13th May 2004

The next Pope will be Leo and he will last for 5 - 6 years.

Sean David Morton Predictions for 2001
A great sadness coming up in February, 2001, which appears to be the death of the Pope. I see the entire country of Italy dressed in black. I have predicted for some time that Bishop Martini will be the Pope’s successor. He speaks seven languages and is very urbane. This Pope will be called the “Pope of the Glorious Olive Branch” or “the Pope of Peace”.

John Hogue - Monday 28th February 2005
The next Pope will be called John Paul III.

Joseph Jacobs - Monday 17th February 2005
He feels that Pope John Paul II wants to retire or travel.

Joseph Jacobs - Monday 6th September
Nothing serious will happen to Pope John Paul II.

Hans King - Tuesday 14th December 2004
2005 will be the last year for the Pope. He may not die but he won't be able to carry out his duties. No new Pope in 2005, if there is it will be at the end of 2005.