Wednesday, 22 October 2003

Sylvia Browne, Wednesday 22nd October 2003

Princess Diana was murdered.

Yellowstone Park will blow in 3 to 5 months.

Sylvia says she predicted the assassination of Anwar Saddat. Pity she couldn't get his first name correct, she called him Omar.

She doesn't believe in Tarot cards.

Marilyn Monroe was killed by the Mafia.

The Pope won't be with us much longer. There will be one more Pope and then a group of Cardinals will take over.
The Pope is still with us(date 17th May 2004)

Aliens colonized this planet, built the pyramids etc. They are here now amongst us, in Government. They have come back to view us and check us out.

Osama Bin Laden is still alive but doesn't have very long to live.

Saddam Hussein will be caught by the end of 2003 but they won't get him alive.
She was right about Saddam being caught by the end of the year, but he was caught alive and well with no injuries on December 13th 2003.

She is very concerned about North Korea. No date given.

The next President of the US will be a democrat. The election will be very close.

Terrible times for the economy of the US in the next two years and then it will slowly recuperate.

Mafia killed Bobby Kennedy.

There will be a manned mission to Mars and we will find that there once was life there. No date given.