Thursday, 30 December 2004

Sylvia Browne, Thursday 30th December 2004

Here are Sylvia's predictions for 2005. She was talking with George Noory.

She says the death count after the tsunami in South East Asia will hit 417,000.

We will see more and more of these kind of disasters as we are in the end times. We only have 80 more years left to live. Then Mercury or Venus will swing into place and life will start all over again. We could be hit by a meteor and killed off just like the dinosaurs.

We will see more visitations from aliens because they colonised us in the first place and they are coming back asking the question 'what did we do here?'.

Osama Bin Laden is dead. She thinks someone is speaking for him. We will find out this year.

Saddam Hussein will be dead before his trial.

Scott Peterson will not survive in prison.

Economy will rebound at the beginning of the year then it will go slow and then in the middle of the year it will really rebound.

Real estate is a good investment.

Unemployment figures will drop.

Technology in the medical field will be a big thing. Such things as diabetes and cancer. There will be a vaccination that will help colon and cervical cancers.

The FDA will have a clean out.

Stem cell research should be using umbilical chords and skin for its research instead of embryos.

We will never see human cloning.

Medical surgery will start to use some kind of laser.
Lasers have been used in medical surgery for years.

Anti-Gravitational rods helped move the stone blocks to build the pyramids.

We will see all kinds of weather changes because of the polar tilt.

This year the US will be hit hard again by tornados. North Carolina will be hit. Florida will be pelted yet again. The east gets milder and the south gets colder. It will be a mild winter.

The US troops will not be home from Iraq until 2006.
Another changed prediction. Previously she has predicted US troops would be home by June/July 2004. Then she changed it to the end of 2004. One day if she keeps on guessing she will eventually get it right, and of course she will forever keep reminding us she got it right too.

North Korea is a big worry. They have all kinds of weapons and they are being too quiet. Anything could trigger North Korea into action.

The Illuminati is real.

The US anthrax attacks in 2001 was a domestic issue and made in New Jersey.

Some minor terrorist attacks on the trucks and trains not airplanes. This will hit our food supply.

Laser beams affecting the cockpits of aircraft are coming from other planes or satelites.
Wrong. NEWARK, New Jersey (CNN) -- A New Jersey man was released on $100,000 bail Tuesday 4th January after federal authorities accused him of pointing a laser beam at two aircraft last week. To read the full story from CNN click here.

Nothing will happen over the Ohio election tampering.

Donald Trump's third marriage will only last for two years.

Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas are in trouble.

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher will get married and have a baby.

Elizabeth Taylor's health is a worry. She seems like she has given up her fight for life. 2005 will be a bad year for her.

Jennifer Lopez's marriage will hit the rocks. Jo Lo doesn't know what she wants to do.

Britney Spears will become pregnant and her marriage will break up within a year.
12th April Britney announced she was expecting a baby. No psychic ability needed to predict this one as for months now Britney has been telling everyone how she can't wait to have kids.

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell will finally call it quits.

Mount St Helens will blow this year or within 18 months.

Arnold Schwarzenegger will run for President in the future after they change the law.

Man will go to Mars in the future. There was life on Mars and we will find fossils once we get there.

She did not see the tsumani coming, but now she says she told Montells viewers not to go to India.

There will be no NHL this season.

She claims she predicted that Red Sox would win the World Series.

She admits she said on Coast that John Kerry would win the election and that on Montell she said Bush would win.

She claims an 87% success rate but she would like to be 95%.

The Shroud of Turin isn't Christ but it is real and Da Vinci had something to do with it.

Jesus was real and had God given powers. He will not return but we will have the Age of the Messiah.

There is no Devil but there is an Hell and we are living in it.

The Mayan Calendar used to end in 2002 and they changed it to 2012. It ends because they got bored of writing it.

The United Nations will not last.

In the year 2030 the US will not have a Presidency.

No major earthquakes in the near future for central California.

There will be another election in the Ukraine. A third one.

There will be no US draft.

A lot of terrorists will be found in Syria.

In the next two years we will find that the rogue nations will start to claim down and become more agreeable.

Oil will never run dry. The US should start to use its own resources such as in Alaska.

The war in Iraq will carry on for another year.

Eventually we will be told the truth about UFO's. Probably in the next five years.

The Winter Olympcs in 2010 will be safe and very successful.