Monday, 29 August 2005

Dr. Louis Turi

Dr. Louis Turi returned to Coast to Coast AM to talk about the prediction he made that said thousands of people would be forced to relocate on the 29th or 30th August. This prediction came true as Hurricane Katrina forced thousands of people to evacuate.

The two other predictions he made that didn't come true weren't mentioned although he did say he was two days out with his prediction of an earthquake which happened in Japan. His excuse for this was because Japan is ahead of the US in the world time zones.

He also claimed that after his last appearance he emailed the Coast to Coast webmaster and asked him to add to the website that there would be a terrorist attack on 7th July. There were terrorist attacks in London on 7th July. He says the webmaster said he didn't want to alter the website and so the prediction was never added.

Here are three predictions he has for September.

8th September or a day either side police will make interesting news on a large scale, or some element of drama and death.
True. Almost 250 police officers deserted their posts during Hurricane Katrina.

17th September someone important will be assassinated in the Middle East. There will be some news on the Natalee Holloway case.
True. A Kurdish member of the Iraqi Parliament was murdered.

26th September an earthquake or hurricane will force thousands of people to relocate.
True. Hurricane Rita.