Sunday, 15 February 2004

Aaron C. Donahue

Here are the latest predictions from Aaron Donahue. He was talking with Art Bell.

Donahue says he makes a living remote viewing lotteries.

1985 - 1986 The Earth began to die.

2004 - 2008 It will be confirmed that we have reached peak oil production. This means that World War III is close.

2009 - 2030 The number one threat to the US is not terrorism. It is oil/energy. There will be an energy crisis that will escalate into a nuclear exchange between the US and China then Russia will get involved.

Weather changes are just around the corner.

Northern Europe and Northern America will freeze.

Bush will be re-elected.

Lucifer is an alien being and is the father of the human race.

Angels are the enemies of man. They created religions so that humans would fight each other. Angels can block or protect you from certain knowledge.

The Bible is an angelic inspired deception.

Humanity on this planet will die out in 300 years time. Earth's population should have reached 10 billion if we had done things right.

2025 Cyborgs will be developed into which you can transfer your consciousness. This will be linked together like a matrix.

A third sex will be developed.

We are beginning to exhibit pre-extinction behaviour patterns. Our only chance to survive is to accept Lucifer.

We will discover pre-biotic chemistry on Mars.

Mars Rover program is a waste of money. Mars is a dead planet. It didn't have the right conditions to spark life. Aaron says that sperm motility is adversely affected by lower gravitational fields such as that on Mars.

There is no Planet X.

Noah's Ark was a space ship.

When you die do not go into the light.

We will see a one world government within our lifetime. It will be like a spiritual form on communism. Democracy dies.

Over population is the core of all problems. To solve this there will be forced sterilisation for all people with disabilities and low IQ's.

Everyone will be implanted with a chip. If you don't have a chip you won't eat. If you break the law you will have your chip removed and you will be exiled and starve. Camps will be built to process people. Jobs will be allocated such as planting genetically modified trees that can produce more oxygen and production of a liquid green food to feed the masses.

Your religion will be deprogrammed out of you.

Only one alien visits Earth and it is Lucifer. First signs of contact with Lucifer is three balls of light dancing in the sky.

The Maitreya is a concept and not a real person.

NASA is not covering things up on Mars.