Sunday, 21 March 2004

John Lear

Here are the comments from John Lear. He was talking with Art Bell.

Mankind is an alien controlled experiment. All religions were created by the aliens to give us a set of rules and regulations to live by so that we wouldn't hurt ourselves.

The secret government knows about this experiment but is hiding it from us.

This experiment has something to do with the soul. The aliens refer to us as containers. There is a cube on the Moon with an antenna. The antenna sends and receives souls.

If someone dies an unscheduled death the antenna doesn't pick up their soul and the resulting energy remains on Earth as a ghost.

When there is a major disaster like 911 the aliens send down giant soul collectors to recover the souls.

Increase in homosexuality is caused by the cube placing male souls in female bodies and vice versa. This is either by design or there is a fault with the cube.

Mariners are called 'lost souls' because if you die underwater the aliens can't retrieve the soul through water of any depth.

There are 38 levels above top secret. The top level is Majestic 12. The US President does not hold the highest level of secrecy.

Our Moon was towed here and placed in orbit around the Earth by a very large machine. There was a time in the recorded history of man when the Earth had no Moon, and also a time when the Earth had two Moons.

The Moon has an atmosphere which contains clouds.

The Moon does not revolve which proves it is artificial.

The US will not go back to the Moon. Any other country trying to get to the Moon will fail.

US astronauts went to the Moon, saw all the alien machinery and structures and were told to keep silent about it by NASA.

Some of the film footage of the Apollo Moon landings were faked.

John Lear disagrees with Richard C. Hoagland's idea that some secret group is tampering with signals to the Mars rovers. He says it is NASA itself that is doing the tampering.

NASA knows that Venus is a normal planet just like Earth. Venus has beings that are similar to us.

We already have bases on the Moon and Mars but for anyone to go there it is a one way trip because they can't risk anyone coming back and revealing this information.

NASA knows there are spaceships in the rings of Saturn.

If mankind gets too close to discovering the experiment it will be cancelled and started all over again. A sort of cleansing that happens on Earth every 25,000 years.

There are two forms of gravity. Gravity A works on an atomic scale. Gravity B is the type that holds us on the Earth and holds the Earth in orbit around the Sun.

Gravity is instantaneous. We use a gravity phone to talk to the grey aliens who live 1,000 light years away.

Over 1,500 alien abductions occur each day in the US.

The Yellow Book is a government record of all alien crash retrievals.

Thursday, 18 March 2004

Benjamin Baruch

Here are the predictions from Benjamin Baruch. He was talking with Art Bell.

Benjamin Baruch is an adviser in stock market trading. He claims he was struggling with a financial problem and in the end he decided to pray to God and asked him for the answer. God spoke to him and gave him the solution to his problem. Since then God has spoken to him many times and revealed what is in store for our future.

He says God told him that America, the Church, the nation and the whole World will come under judgement. The end time judgement of the nations of the Earth is about to begin in the US.

America is described in Bible prophecy as an eagle, an eagle that has built its nest in the stars. The eagles wings are about to be plucked. America will be judged before the final tribulation.

He saw a future made up of concentration camps in the US. He saw 100 megaton nuclear bombs being detonated and nuclear war in the US.

All this will happen within the next ten years.

UFO's are real but are not physical objects. They are projections from another dimension.

After 6,000 years of warfare there will never be peace.

The underground bunkers that were built for the Y2K problem were built using Y2K as a cover story. They were really built in preparation of the troubles we are about to face.

The US will go to war with Russia, China, Nicaragua, Cuba, Libya, Iran as well as many other countries.

The housing market and the stock market will crash after this years election.

God told him to sell all his stocks in 2000.

The stock market recovery we are all witnessing is a statistical hoax.

The collapse of the US will be the finale of World War III. The one world government will then rise up out of the ashes.

If gold prices start to move up watch for the stock market to crash soon.

Saturday, 13 March 2004

David Booth

Having been booked on Coast To Coast on Thursday 13th March to talk about Booth's so called meeting with Sister Lucia, witness to the Miracles of Fatima in 1917 Booth refused to elaborate. Both men would only discuss the dream Booth had already talked about on his last appearance on Coast on 23rd February. Once again they told how 97% of the Earth's population would die in September 2004 yet they were still trying to market their books and videos. The interview was promptly and politely cut short.

Sunday, 7 March 2004

Michael Horn

Here are the predictions from alien contactee Billy Meier told by his representative Michael Horn. He was talking with Art Bell.

Here are some predictions that were given to Billy Meier by the aliens called the Plejarans. Michael Horn claims they are all documented and published in books well before the events actually happened.

Published Feb 25th 1975. Atomic tests are connected to ozone depletion. In 1988 Lawrence Livermore Labs confirmed this. Holes in the atmosphere would allow penetration of UV rays and would kill off micro organisms and disrupt the food chain. Bromine gases also contribute to the ozone damage.

1975. He was taken to Venus by the aliens. He was then told that Mount Everest was not the largest mountain on Earth. They also told him the exact composition of Venus and the exact surface temperature.

1976. Meier was told that the extraction of petroleum and natural gases plus the daming of water and the building of huge cities are contributing factors to increased volcanic and earthquake activity.

1978. He was taken to Jupiter and shown that Jupiter had rings. These rings are formed by volcanic matter from the moon Io.

1978. He predicted the Jonestown massacre. Overthrow of the Shah of Iran. Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Chinese invasion of North Vietnam. Death of Tito of Yugoslavia. Eruption of Mount St Helens. Abdication of the Queen of Holland. Death of Indira Ghandi. Iran hostage crisis. Terrorist attack on the Iranian Embassy in London. All these predictions were given to Wendell Stevens before they happened.

He also said that a comet would be discovered in the late 1980's or early 1990's and would be named Toutatis. It would come close to Earth in September 2004.

1981. He tells of 29 moons of Saturn. So far 28 moons have been discovered.

1987. He warns of the destruction of the World Trade Center by terrorists.

1995. He predicted the stike by the US on Iraq saying it will stun the entire World. There will be an upsurge in unrest and violence from Islamic Fundamentalists.

Aids will spread and also Mad Cow disease will spread to other animals and humans.

A new disease and epidemic will appear, meaning SARS.

There will be a renewed threat and concern over chemical weapons.

1996. He says there are two small planets outside the orbit of Pluto.

He also mentions there would be an accident at the nuclear power plant in Lyon, France.

Now for his future predictions.

The fanatics of Islam will rise up against the countries of Europe. Everything in the West will be destroyed. England will be conquered. Not only Europe will be affected but ultimately all the people and countries of the World.

After the turn of the Millenium the Papacy will exist for only a short period of time. Pope John Paul II is the third last Pope. After him only one more Pope will follow. Then there will be a religious leader named Peter of Rome. Under his religious rule will come the end of the Catholic church.

The US will set out against the Eastern countries. The US will have to defend itself against the Eastern intruders. The military politics of the US will know no limits. This could develop into a Third World War.

Many small countries will be beaten down and overthrown by the US.

Finally many Asian, African and European countries will rise up when they realise they are being exploited.

We will need a global combat/peace force.

Apocalyptic natural disasters will occur in Europe.

The USA will be a country of total destruction. The fall of the World Trade Center was only the beginning.

If the US does not pull out of Iraq we will lose two thirds of the Worlds population by 2006.

Israel will cease to exist unless they can find true peace with Palestine.