Thursday, 23 March 2006

Dr. Louis Turi

Dr Louis Turi returned to Coast to Coast AM on Tuesday 21st March to claim more hits. He is claiming the numerous tornadoes in the midwest US were his prediction for the 13th March. Although he says he gave the date 18th March and on that day Australia was hit with a tremendous typhoon.

There was no mention of Turi's wrong prediction for the 19th March, which he said there would be a terrorist attack. So that's why George Noory keeps telling us Dr Turi has a 100% record. He's bound to have if he omits all his wrong predictions.

He gave out a few more predictions. Next weekend 25th - 26th March he sees a bad explosion or surprise, maybe an earthquake.

He is expecting a plane to crash very soon.

Sharks and whales may find themselves beached because of the negative energy caused by planet Mercury going retrograde.

Computers are going to break down along with other electrical appliances and devices.

Wednesday, 15 March 2006

George Noory gives Turi a Hit

George Noory decided to give Dr Turi a hit on his 13th March prediction. Well he would wouldn't he as Turi made the prediction on George's pay per view special. He is claiming the tornadoes in the Midwest as his scary prediction. Well sorry but the way Turi was acting during the ppv special he was expecting some earth shattering event, and this was not it.

Also Dr Turi only has three predictions, which he's been giving out every month since June 2005. These are 1. People will relocate 2. Death/drama/police/secrets/terrorism 3. Explosions/earthquakes/tornadoes.

Now if Dr Turi had seen the Midwest tornadoes he would surely have given 13th March as the date. Instead he allocated 8th March for tornadoes this month.

Wednesday, 1 March 2006

Psychic Calendar 2006

January 14th People will need to relocate - Dr Louis Turi

January 22nd Death/drama/police/secrets/terrorism - Dr Louis Turi

January 29th Explosions/earthquakes/tornadoes - Dr Louis Turi

By January gold will be at $525 - Sean David Morton
True. It reached the high $560's.

January is a disaster month, we will see a lot of financial losses - Joseph Jacobs

End of January until May 15th Bush will have a difficult time, people will be leaving his administration - Joseph Jacobs

January 17th until April 30th North Korea seems ok. They seem to be opening up more to other nations - Joseph Jacobs


February 11th People will be forced to relocate - Dr Louis Turi

February 19th More terrorists attack. More dramatic news involving death and the police - Dr Louis Turi

February 26th Explosions and earthquakes - Dr Louis Turi

US will attack Syria in the next 6 months - Sean David Morton

March 8th People will be forced to relocate again because of either an earthquake, an hurricane, a tornado or a volcano eruption - Dr Louis Turi
The San Cristobal volcano in Nicaragua started spewing gas and ash on Monday 6th March, althought experts say it wasn't as bad as in December 2005. ***UPDATE*** Having looked into this I found this website If you look there is hardly a day goes by when there ISN'T a volcano somewhere in the world.

March 13th He didn't want to tell us what was going to happen in case he scared people - Dr Louis Turi
Wrong. George Noory gave Turi a hit on this one. I won't.

March 19th Another terrorist attack - Dr Louis Turi

March 25th More earthquakes and explosions - Dr Louis Turi

There will be talk of impeachment before March, April or May - Hans King

March 22nd and July 3rd there will be a blockage in the United States, including legal situations in March/April - Joseph Jacobs
Wrong for March 22nd.

Major changes in the stock market - Sean David Morton

April 6th People will once again be forced to relocate - Dr Louis Turi
Wrong. The US experienced more tornadoes but not on the 6th.

April 14th Even more terrorist attacks - Dr Louis Turi

April 21st Earthquakes and explosions, plus he throws in a tornado to really get things going - Dr Louis Turi

Three earthquakes to hit April to October in Northern California - Sean David Morton

May 13th Terrorist attack - Dr Louis Turi

The mortgage bubble will pop sometime around May and through the summertime - Sean David Morton

Tony Blair will have a rough year after May and may be thinking of leaving or may be forced to leave - Joseph Jacobs

May 14th until July 4th is a tough time for Israel - Joseph Jacobs

US to go to war with Iran in June - John Hogue

June 7th Death/drama/Police/secrets/terrorism - Dr Louis Turi
Wrong about the terrorism. Turi is claiming Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's killing as a hit for this one. The US bombing of a known terrorist leader is not the same as a a terrorist act. Death and drama he could be given a hit for though.

June 16th Explosions, earthquakes and tornadoes - Dr Louis Turi

June 26th People will have to relocate - Dr Louis Turi
Not on the 26th, but on the 28th people are fleeing the mid-Atlantic floods

By June/July gold will hit $725 - Sean David Morton
Wrong for June. Gold is hovering around the $580 mark.

Late June oil prices will drop - Sean David Morton

July 6th Some police corruption scandal will come to light - Dr Louis Turi

July 13th Explosions and earthquakes - Dr Louis Turi

July 23rd is another date were we have to be careful - Dr Louis Turi

July 23rd Hurricanes/tornadoes/thousands of people forced to relocate - Dr Louis Turi

July 26th until September 16th is a difficult time for New York - Joseph Jacobs

According to Bible Code experts, August 3rd is a possible date for a sneak atomic attack against Jerusalem - Sean David Morton

August 1st Terrorism/dramatic news/police - Dr Louis Turi

August 9th They are back, explosions, earthquakes and tornadoes - Dr Louis Turi

August 9th Explosions/earthquakes/news involving nuclear exchange or nuclear deals - Dr Louis Turi

August 19th Thousands of people will be forced to relocate because of natural disaster - Dr Louis Turi

August 20th Beginning/ending of portion of life. I think he means relocate - Dr Louis Turi

August 30th Death/drama/Police/secrets/terrorism - Dr Louis Turi

August. Health issues, natural disasters and war - Joseph Jacobs

August will see some sabre rattling from North Korea - Sean David Morton

September 7th The dreaded explosions, earthquakes and tornadoes once again - Dr Louis Turi

September 16th Relocate - Dr Louis Turi

September 25th The police are at it again, death/drama/Police/secrets/terrorism - Dr Louis Turi

Stock Market will crash in September/October - Sean David Morton

Oil prices will readh $100 a barrel - Sean David Morton


October 6th Explosions, earthquakes and tornadoes - Dr Louis Turi

October 12th Relocate - Dr Louis Turi

October 22nd Death/drama/Police/secrets/terrorism - Dr Louis Turi


November 9th Death/drama/Police/secrets/terrorism - Dr Louis Turi

November 19th Relocate. - Dr Louis Turi

November 26th Explosions, earthquakes and tornadoes. - Dr Louis Turi

December 7th Relocate - Dr Louis Turi
Wrong. Turi missed the boat on this one, he should have said tornado. A tornado made the news when unusually London was hit by one. But I guess he will try and claim it as a hit.

December 17th Death/drama/Police/secrets/terrorism - Dr Louis Turi

December 24th Explosions, earthquakes and tornadoes - Dr Louis Turi