Saturday, 30 December 2006

Art Bell's Prediction Show for 2007 - Part 1

1. NASA will lose an astronaut in space this year.

2. More earthquakes in the Philippines between March and June.

3. Saddam Hussein's execution was faked.

4. Iraq will be split into three groups/areas.

5. UFO sightings will triple and there will be undeniable evidence this year that UFO's exist.

6. Republicans will gain Senate control and the price of oil will rise again.

7. Within 3 - 6 months Israel will attack Iran to stop them building a nuclear bomb.

8. Late November or December there will be a massive millitary treaty between the USA and China.

9. There will be a major communication let down. Cell phone networks will shut down caused by either sunspots or aliens.

10. Israel will offer, and the Iraqi government will accept millitary assistance to bring down the insurgents.

11. The government will announce that they have had Osama Bin Laden in custody for quite a while.

12. Some strange phenomenon in the sky that will give many people a lot of hope.

13. A Killer whale will die while performing a stunt. Prediction made by a real psychic who sees things and they always come true.

14. will become active again this year.

15. Syria, Iran and Russia will attack Israel in the summer.

16. Information will be leaked about a base on the Moon.

17. An increase in animal attacks on humans.

18. The US economy falters and the dollar gets weaker.

19. In the Pacific underwater earthquake activity will cause a new island the size of Pennsylvania to be formed.

20. Israel will nuke Iran off the face of the earth.

21. A terrorist incident will occur at a major sporting event.

22. George Bush will commit suicide because of a major scandal, and it will be covered up and we will be told it is death by natural causes.

23. A limited nuclear exchange will occur between two nations.

24. Swampland in Florida will skyrocket in price.

25. HARRP technology will be revealed as a defence against incoming missiles/comets/meteors.

26. There will be a new Jacques Cousteau.

27. The 9/11 truth movement will become more mainstream. A government whistleblower could come forward, maybe Donald Rumsfeld.

28. George Steinbrenner will step down as owner of the New York Yankees due to illness and hand it over to his son in law Hal.

29. The earth will be hit by fireballs.

30. George Bush will veto a bill making election fraud domestic treason.

31. A significant UFO sighting will occur possibly at a sporting event.

32. Total economic collapse in the US.

33. North Korea will attack the US and Russia with nuclear weapons.

34. A volcanic catastrophe in the Caribbean on the scale of Krakatoa.

35. The US will take control of the Panama Canal by peaceful means.

36. Art Bell's new baby will be a boy and the birth will be by Cesarean Section.

37. The caller will blow out Art's light bulb with his mind powers.

38. The metal in US coins will be good investments.

39. The US Treasury will do away with or change denominations of coins or notes to save money and to get us to buy more.

40. Reptillians will surface from beneath the earth to take back the people who don't know they are reptillian.

41. There will be 50 million illegal immigrants in the US.

42. The Jon Benet Ramsey case will finally be solved.

43. After record rainfall in the Mid West there will be an intense mosquito infestation and it will be declared an emergency area.

44. The government will release information that they have proof there was life on other planets.

45. Some of the Cascadian Volcanoes will come to life other than Mount St. Helens.

46. San Diego Chargers win the Superbowl.

47. The phrase 'War on Terror' will be very quietly retired.

48. Al Qaeda will hit a cruise ship in the Carribean.

49. March 7th there will be an earthquake in Los Angeles.

50. US will announce a trade agreement with Canada and Mexico creating a North American trade group.

51. Another serial killer will be found in the US who will have lots of dead bodies hidden in a house.

52. US troops in the Middle East will face a huge surprise attack from Iran by a Sunburst missile.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like run of the mill guessing to me

Dirtbiker said...

Here's my prediction: There will be uncontrollable rotation of the planet, with a rythmic pattern of daylight followed by nightfall, George Bush will be behind it all and will be forced to leave office by 2009.

Anonymous said...

Gosh March went by and their was no E/Q in LA - ruined my planning to not go there in March.

On the serious side: I predict that the Georges' Bush (father and son) will both live until the day they die.

Hey Ed, WHERE IS THE "fools" GOLD???

Anonymous said...

I know the score of the superbowl before it begins. 0-0

Anonymous said...

Ever listen to this annual event, callers are continiously told to turn off their radios. Sleep deprivation, or something else, comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

So what, we're looking at about 5 correct (tossing out the obvious/stupid ones). And yet we're supposed to trust the 2008 predictions?