Sunday, 21 November 2004

Evelyn Paglini

Here are the latest predictions from Dr. Evelyn Paglini. She was talking with Art Bell.

We are going to have record snow falls, blizzards, high winds this winter. Major power outages for hundreds of thousands of people this winter. Major airports and highways will close in the midwest and the east coast. Major flooding also causing power outages. Flooding in California, Florida, Louisianna and Texas.

Huge heating fuel shortages causing many deaths.

The will be a slow down in the economy. By the spring large companies will start to lay people off. Other companies and businesses will close, this will drive unemployment figures up very high. A rise in interest rates, rise in inflation will push the economy into a deep recession.

Major decline in the stock market in the spring dropping to 7,500 - 8,000 level.

A lot of older people will have to return to work just to survive.

The business slowdown will cause the housing prices to drop in the spring and summer 2005.

A terrorist attack will drive oil prices up to $60 a barrel then in no less than 4 years it will rise to $75 - $80 a barrel.

War in the Middle East will escalate. Major trouble in Saudi Arabia. Massive build up in the US military in the next 2 years. US will be in Iraq and the Middle East for over 10 years.

She has a 10 - 15% chance of being wrong.

The housing prices in London, England will fall too.

She recommends buying gold and silver as a good investment. Buying shares in defence stock and natural gas will be a good investment.

Something will happen in Saudi Arabia and the US military will have to rush in to help.

She sees attacks on oil fields. She sees oil pipelines coming from Alaska.

There was a human hand involved in the death of Yasser Arafat.

Monday, 15 November 2004

Sean David Morton, Monday 15th November 2004

Sean David Morton paid a quick visit to Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. He was boasting about his claim that he predicted Colin Powell would resign and that Condolezza Rice would replace him.
Colin Powell had made it known long before Morton made this prediction that he would be stepping down if Bush won a second term in office.

He also claimed a string of successes but didn't elaborate on them. I wonder what they are? Give us a clue Sean.

Here are a few predictions he mentioned for next year.

The draft will not start until there is a terrorist attack in the US before July/August 2005.
Wrong. No draft and no terrorist attack.

Mount Rainier. Massive movement of the landmass under Mount Rainier in May 2005 until October 2005.

September 2004 - October 2005 is the one year of warning.

Civil war in the US in fall 2005.

Bill Clinton will become Secretary General of the United Nations. He says this is in process now.

Dick Cheney will not be part of Bush administration. He is not sure if it is a health problem that causes him to resign. He sees a dark haired man of Mediterranean ancestry replacing him.
Wrong so far. Dick Cheney is still in the Bush administration as I write this in March 2006.

Wednesday, 3 November 2004

Morton's email to me

Today I received an email from Sean David Morton's organization. This is the type of reaction you get when you challenge them:-

So my question becomes are you an honest to god legitmate researcher or just another booger eating 12 year old with a computer and an attitude?

You seem to be just another low life clown that does NOT pay attention, nor someone that subscibes to my newsletter, and only sees radio show appearences as the be all and end all of a person's life work. HALF TRUTHS are the stock in trade of people like you! In order to be a FAIR and informed critic, you have to actually KNOW what you are talking about.

So here are a few predictions you can put on your website, or are you just another nameless coward that sits in the shadows, using the annonimity of the internet to spew their vitrol on others:

1. JOHN KERRRY WOULD BE THE DEMOCRATED NOMINEE (prediction made in FEBRUARY when he was still one of six candidates)

2. GEORGE BUSH WOULD WIN BY A LANDSLIDE (made in February...Bush was ahead 15 points in the polls in August)

3. Bush will win a DECISIVE VICTORY in the election! (Prediction made Sept. 26, again Oct. 21. Noory said he "run me around and have my hide" if I was wrong. ALL the polls were showing Kerry ahead.)

4. "OHIO will be the NEW FLORIDA" (Prediction made Sept. 26 and Oct. 21...THIS EXACT QUOTE WAS USED ON CNN Nov. 2, 11:03 AM)

5. Oil will reach RECORD HIGHS during the summer months (prediction made in FEBRARY AGAIN!)

6. A SIXTH MAJOR STORM with the initial M. will be coming up counter clockwise in the Gulf of MExico (Sept. 26th...happening NOW)

Care to go back further? Any apologies yet?

"George Bush will be the next president of the United States. He will run against Al Gore and Gore's running mate will be...some guy named Lieberman from Conniticut, that is IF there is an election AT all in 2000, as I see a hole where the election SHOULD be and who ever comes out the other side...seems to be appointed!" (Dec. 28, 1997 ART BELL COAST TO COAST....)

And I expect to see all of these on your website soon...or are you just another lying fraud?