Monday, 5 September 2005

Gordon Michael Scallion

Here is an update from Gordon Michael Scallion. He was talking with George Noory.

The planet has been going through changes since the 1970's but in the past decade things have been speeding up.

He thought the New Orleans tragedy would happen a year ago.

There will be a major effort to rebuild New Orleans.

There will be another event coming into the Gulf of Mexico this year that could effect these rebuilding plans.

He says a pole shift has already occurred.

On a scale of 1 - 10 the earth changes we have experienced so far would be a 2 and will get much worse in the next 6 - 8 years.

Due to the high gas prices he thinks people will just stop using their cars and stop traveling which will trigger a decline in the economy.

The economy will start to crash in 2006 and continue to get worse in 2008.

A series of events will occur. The next major event in the US will be changes to the west coast. It will be broken up into three places over a period of months or perhaps years.

The Mississippi river becomes like a huge inland sea.

Cuba will disappear.

Half of Florida will be gone.

A large landmass will rise up between Florida and the African coast in the mid Atlantic. This used to be one of the major islands of Atlantis.

Also a new landmass will appear in the Pacific between Hawaii and the US west coast.

California will fracture in three waves. The first wave will split the land into hundreds of islands. The second wave is when the land falls off into the sea from Eugene, Oregon all the way down to Phoenix, Arizona. The third wave the fracture will push into Colorado.

We will lose most of the Hawaiian islands.

These are the warning signs to watch out for. Watch for a 6+ earthquake in Japan. When this happens within weeks a similar event will happen in the Indian Ocean. A few weeks after this another event will occur in South America or Mexico. Finally the west coast of the US will experience an earthquake of similar magnitude.

Within the next 7 years the US west coast will experience an 8+ earthquake.

Vancouver, Canada will become a seaport. Albert and Saskatchewan will remain intact. Ontario will be broken up into several pieces with water flowing between. The Great Lakes will merge into one. Quebec remains intact. Prince Edward Island will disappear. Nova Scotia remains ok.

The British Isles will sink.

The new landmass that becomes the new USA would not be able to support a population of 300 million people.

The US will still be able to produce grain and this will be an important export to other countries who have nothing.

The Space Program will change and a new trend of being more robotic will start.

There will be an earth based telescope that will have the capability of Hubble despite having to look through the atmosphere.

He believes time travel goes on right now.

Terrorist attacks will last for 20 years. He has never had a vision which contains a nuclear device detonating in the US.

Just one question. If Gordon Michael Scallion is so sure that this is going to happen then why did he pay $267,500 for a new house in Florida back in 1998? Read more here The Absurdity of Gordon Michael Scallion