Friday, 31 December 2004

Art Bell's Prediction Show for 2005 - Part 2

Here are the second set of predictions for 2005 made by the listeners to Coast to Coast.

58. New York City will be hit with an unknown virus.

59. First half of the year a hostile act in the Persian Gulf will destroy a US aircraft carrier.

60. We are entering the final turning point of all human history. The alien God Lucifer is Jesus and it will be announced to the whole world this year.

61. Between August and October a major earthquake off the coast of Japan will cause a tsunami that will devastate Seattle and bring down the Space Needle.
Wrong but there was an earthquake and some tsunami warnings.

62. January 28th and 29th there will be no election in Iraq and Bush will announce the need for the draft.

63. Red River will overflow its banks just like in 1997.

64. The Ark of the Covenant will be found.

65. The apostle Paul will be revealed as the Anti-Christ.

66. An anti communist group in North Korea will unseat the government.

67. A boat will run aground in Massachusetts and there will be an oil spill.

68. The US space probe to impact a comet will cause fragments to rain down on the planet.

69. There will be problems with the New Madrid fault, possible earthquake in Missouri.

70. Aliens are actually humans from the future and it will be revealed this year.

71. Several new species will be discovered in South America. The main discovery will be an intelligent cat.

72. A World War in 2005.

73. There will be a very destructive volcano somewhere in the world.

74. A second tsunami to hit in South East Asia that will be worse than the first, then after a while there will be a third which will be the most destructive of all.

75. A poisonous gas emission in Yosemite.

76. A 7+ magnitude earthquake in central California in early 2005.

77. Between January 18th and May 1st there will be a major UFO event on the scale of Roswell.

78. A major bridge will collapse in the east US.

79. Mount Hood will explode between March and June.

80. A volcano will explode and the dust cold will cause the Earth to cool.

81. Korea will be bombed and turned into three islands.

82. A 7.5+ earthquake in the northeast US.

83. Dick Cheney will not complete the full term.

84. South America will surprise the economic world by creating a new Euro style currency.

85. More will be revealed about Denver Airport.

86. The Space Shuttle new fuel tank design will cause a problem with the left tank.
The Space Shuttle did have a few small problems and the launch was delayed.

87. By the end of the year it will be announced that over 1 million people have died because of the tsunami and related issues.

88. An earthquake of 6.2 - 7 will hit LA in February or 90 days after.

89. It will be announced that there is cannabilism in Korea.

90. There will be commercial development of the Northwest Passage.

91. US will buy Canadian beef again.

92. A huge economic growth in transportation, mainly trucks and barges.

93. A big scandal in government when cover ups are revealed.

94. A huge computer virus will disable America.
Wrong. Art said it was true.

95. The automobile industry will hit a depression.

96. An earthquake of 7.1 magnitude to hit on January 9th in Panama and Columbia.

97. Coalmines to be attacked and many people hurt.

98. A way to send information using time travel will be discovered.

99. There will be an allergic reaction to the new nano technology clothes.

100. This year will see racial wars in the US and Canada.

101. Russia and China invade the US.

102. Part of California breaks off and floats off into the sea.

103. Our planet is doomed. There will be a huge explosion and aliens will come to help us. An natural disaster in the Las Vegas area. This message was given to the caller by a grey alien.

104. There will be no accidents or hijackings of any commercial airlines this year.

105. The US will cease to exist as we know it in 2005.

106. Tornadoes will occur in unusual places.

107. A terrorist attack in the Middle East. Within 30 days of this attack we will find Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan.

108. The Ukraine will join NATO. This will cause a rift between Russia and the US.

109. There will be a Coast To Coast broadcast from orbit.

Thursday, 30 December 2004

Sylvia Browne, Thursday 30th December 2004

Here are Sylvia's predictions for 2005. She was talking with George Noory.

She says the death count after the tsunami in South East Asia will hit 417,000.

We will see more and more of these kind of disasters as we are in the end times. We only have 80 more years left to live. Then Mercury or Venus will swing into place and life will start all over again. We could be hit by a meteor and killed off just like the dinosaurs.

We will see more visitations from aliens because they colonised us in the first place and they are coming back asking the question 'what did we do here?'.

Osama Bin Laden is dead. She thinks someone is speaking for him. We will find out this year.

Saddam Hussein will be dead before his trial.

Scott Peterson will not survive in prison.

Economy will rebound at the beginning of the year then it will go slow and then in the middle of the year it will really rebound.

Real estate is a good investment.

Unemployment figures will drop.

Technology in the medical field will be a big thing. Such things as diabetes and cancer. There will be a vaccination that will help colon and cervical cancers.

The FDA will have a clean out.

Stem cell research should be using umbilical chords and skin for its research instead of embryos.

We will never see human cloning.

Medical surgery will start to use some kind of laser.
Lasers have been used in medical surgery for years.

Anti-Gravitational rods helped move the stone blocks to build the pyramids.

We will see all kinds of weather changes because of the polar tilt.

This year the US will be hit hard again by tornados. North Carolina will be hit. Florida will be pelted yet again. The east gets milder and the south gets colder. It will be a mild winter.

The US troops will not be home from Iraq until 2006.
Another changed prediction. Previously she has predicted US troops would be home by June/July 2004. Then she changed it to the end of 2004. One day if she keeps on guessing she will eventually get it right, and of course she will forever keep reminding us she got it right too.

North Korea is a big worry. They have all kinds of weapons and they are being too quiet. Anything could trigger North Korea into action.

The Illuminati is real.

The US anthrax attacks in 2001 was a domestic issue and made in New Jersey.

Some minor terrorist attacks on the trucks and trains not airplanes. This will hit our food supply.

Laser beams affecting the cockpits of aircraft are coming from other planes or satelites.
Wrong. NEWARK, New Jersey (CNN) -- A New Jersey man was released on $100,000 bail Tuesday 4th January after federal authorities accused him of pointing a laser beam at two aircraft last week. To read the full story from CNN click here.

Nothing will happen over the Ohio election tampering.

Donald Trump's third marriage will only last for two years.

Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas are in trouble.

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher will get married and have a baby.

Elizabeth Taylor's health is a worry. She seems like she has given up her fight for life. 2005 will be a bad year for her.

Jennifer Lopez's marriage will hit the rocks. Jo Lo doesn't know what she wants to do.

Britney Spears will become pregnant and her marriage will break up within a year.
12th April Britney announced she was expecting a baby. No psychic ability needed to predict this one as for months now Britney has been telling everyone how she can't wait to have kids.

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell will finally call it quits.

Mount St Helens will blow this year or within 18 months.

Arnold Schwarzenegger will run for President in the future after they change the law.

Man will go to Mars in the future. There was life on Mars and we will find fossils once we get there.

She did not see the tsumani coming, but now she says she told Montells viewers not to go to India.

There will be no NHL this season.

She claims she predicted that Red Sox would win the World Series.

She admits she said on Coast that John Kerry would win the election and that on Montell she said Bush would win.

She claims an 87% success rate but she would like to be 95%.

The Shroud of Turin isn't Christ but it is real and Da Vinci had something to do with it.

Jesus was real and had God given powers. He will not return but we will have the Age of the Messiah.

There is no Devil but there is an Hell and we are living in it.

The Mayan Calendar used to end in 2002 and they changed it to 2012. It ends because they got bored of writing it.

The United Nations will not last.

In the year 2030 the US will not have a Presidency.

No major earthquakes in the near future for central California.

There will be another election in the Ukraine. A third one.

There will be no US draft.

A lot of terrorists will be found in Syria.

In the next two years we will find that the rogue nations will start to claim down and become more agreeable.

Oil will never run dry. The US should start to use its own resources such as in Alaska.

The war in Iraq will carry on for another year.

Eventually we will be told the truth about UFO's. Probably in the next five years.

The Winter Olympcs in 2010 will be safe and very successful.

Sunday, 19 December 2004

Art Bell's Prediction Show for 2005 - Part 1

Here are the first set of predictions for 2005 made by the listeners to Coast to Coast.

1. US will put an additional 100,000 troops into Iraq to guard the borders.
Art said true, not sure if 100,000 more went though.

2. 2005 is the final exam for humans, new energy source will be brought forward or surpressed.

3. Free energy source will be released to the public, this will refrigerate as well as create electricity.

4. The movie 'White Noise' will be a huge success.

5. We will see an huge amount of solar flares around June/July creating a summer heatwave that will break all records on Eastcoast US and in Europe.
There was increased solar activity but no record breaking heatwave.

(6) In Ohio the election will be reversed by a judge when they find that the voting machines were tampered with. Art wouldn't allow this because he said it was more of a political opinion and hope.

6. The Pope will die and he will be replaced by a black Pope.
Pope John Paul II died on Saturday 2nd April 2005. No black Pope.

7. Dick Cheney will resign before the end of the Bush administration. A resignation under pressure.

8. Major terrorist attack against US and Canada in April. Simultaneous coordinated attacks in five major cities during morning rush hour.

(9) IAUS will be the best stock to buy in 2005. Art wouldn't allow this as he thought it wasn't a prediction and the guy was advertising and abusing the show.

9. The US in bondage by Al Qaeda before the end of the year.

10. In 2005 there will be more public outcry for Sunday legislation.

11. Johnny Carson will pass away this year.
Johnny Carson died of emphysema on Sunday 23rd January. He announced in 2002 he was suffering from the disease.

12. After the inauguration in January, Israel will hit Irans nuclear facilities and will trigger nuclear war in the Middle East. Russia and China will become involved and will attack Israel.

13. People of Canada will rally to become part of the USA.

14. A cure for Parkinsons disease in May or September.

15. The Bush administration will begin marketing the national ID card.

16. A 6.5 earthquke about 30 miles west of LA in August.

17. A big rise in the designer and private usage of stem cell research and productivity.

18. Tony Blair will hit a crisis of conciousness and will withdraw British troops from Iraq.
Wrong. Art said it was true.

19. A major earthquake to hit Southern California but will hit in the desert.

20. A major leap in the world of computers. A crystaline technology three to five times faster than anything we have now.

21. Mount St. Helens will erupt.
True but nothing major.

(22) A terrorist attack bigger than 911 will happen. Art deleted this because he said it was a political rant.

22. Nuclear power plant disaster in Cleveland caused by vibrations from aircraft causing cracks.

23. Bigfoot will be discovered in 2005.

24. Iraq elections delayed for a second time.
Iraq did have elections.

25. NASA probe to comet will cause problems for us.

26. A tractor trailer will explode in a large US city.
True Art says.

27. Aliens will be proved to be not real.

28. In May a cruise ship will be blown up by a suitcase nuke.
Wrong. Art said a cruise ship was attacked and taken over by pirates.

29. Government psychics will be instrumental in preventing a major terrorist attack.

30. Saudi Arabia will fall to Islamic fanatics and will become allies with Iran.

31. An act of combat in North America.

32. Nuclear bomb to be detonated ih Baghdad.

33. The International Space Station will be abandoned.

34. Russian forces will invade Alaska. Submarine attack on the eastcoast US. Chinese forces will move over the Mexican border.

35. A military connected holocaust.

36. Some kind of event involving food security.

37. A biological attack in the US.

38. Late 2005 there will be a huge medical breakthrough. Possibly involving cancer.

39. A terrorist attack near Las Vegas in July.

40. Jim Morrison to be found alive.

41. Russia will ask US for help with the Chechen rebels and it return will receive contracts to drill for oil in Russia.

42. There will be a multiple birth in a political family.

43. Colorado Springs. It will be made illegal to distribute Bibles and for churches to advertise on tv.

44. Multiple UFO sightings in the southwest to the northeast US and Canada.
Possibly true.

45. People in US and Canada will start to take remote viewing seriously.

46. God will prepare everyone for a mass exodus. Big sucking sounds as Art says.

47. Cold fusion will be rediscovered in Ukraine or Estonia area.

48. US draft this year.

49. A guest on Coast will talk about large life on Mars, fungal life.

50. A well known corporation will collapse by the end of the year.

51. The Pope will pass away in May or June.
Wrong. Pope John Paul II died on Saturday 2nd April 2005. Art gave it a hit.

52. A celebrity will have an accident with a tree.

53. Lisa Marie Presley will have a hit song.
Might be true.

54. A terrorist attack that will come through the ports, maybe in LA.

55. Iran to attack Iraq, China to attack Taiwan, North Korea to attack South Korea, all to happen at the same time.

56. The Pope will die on 15th March. The next Pope will be french and he will be the last Pope as we know it.
Pretty close. Pope John Paul II died on Saturday 2nd April 2005.

57. A nuclear bomb in India. US invades Iran. A disease will attack our armpits.

Tuesday, 14 December 2004

Hans King

Here are the latest predictions from Hans King. He was talking with George Noory.

Terrorism in the US. Serious problems in 2005. There will be an attack this year. Concerns about a dirty bomb in a major city. There will be a sad event if not in 2005 but early 2006.

The sea ports are the main concern for terrorists entering the country.

Economy. The biggest threat to the US is the debt.

2005 there will be a major government scandal involving the President. It’s already in the works. This will happen in five to six months. Maybe involving his choice of Homeland Security Director. Electronic voting investigation is already underway.

Earth changes for 2005. Some of the islands in the Caribbean will start to get smaller because of the polar icecaps melting.

Climate change. More of a warming trend in the US with very cold winters. Another El Nino effect in winter 2004.

For the next 20 years hurricane season will be as bad as it was in 2004.

Price of oil is being manipulated. Oil prices will stay within 50 cents of were they are now.

No ice hockey season this year.

US are losing credibility in the world.

No major asteroid or planet threatening catastrophe will happen in our lifetime.

The Ukraine election. The poisoned candidate Viktor Yushchenko looks like he will win. The man is very ill.

2005 will be the last year for the Pope. He may not die but he won't be able to carry out his duties. No new Pope in 2005, if there is it will be at the end of 2005.
2005 was the last year for the Pope. He died Saturday 2nd April 2005.

The will be a military draft in 2005. The backdoor draft is already happening.

Saddam Hussein will die before he goes to trial, he is already sick. They don't want him to go to trial because he knows too much.

Lots of scandal coming up in 2005.

Income tax will eventually fade away.

Christmas won't be as great as people are thinking this year.

The secret societies are already in control.

There will be a revolution in consciousness in 2005. People will start to wake up to what the government is up to.

No alien visitations announced in 2005. He says they are already here. Some alien information will be leaked in 2005.

Mad Cow Disease is worse in the US and Canada than we are being told.

Tony Blair will be re-elected in 2005, but there will be concerns over his health.

We are not in the End Times. We will never see the End Times because there is no beginning or end.

2012. Nothing will change and there will be a lot of very disappointed people. Its all blown out of proportion.

Hall of Records under the Sphinx. There is something there but he doesn't know any more than that.

No breakthrough in free energy in 2005.

Over the next 36 months we will find out more about stuff like Planet X.

Solar power will be a big thing in the next four or five years.

Man will not land on Mars for a very long time, maybe 20 years. Robot machines will make it there instead.

We will have a cashless society.

We will all be chipped within 50 years.

The whole world will react very badly to the US Foreign Policy in 2005.

Shadow people are spirits or souls in another dimension.

Methane gas will be tapped from under the sea.

Red Elk will recover well but there is concern over his long term health.

Microbiologists who are dying are being transported by people who are interested in our world.

Osama Bin Laden is alive.

The Knights Templar are in possession of the Ark of the Covenant, and there are two Ark's.

David Kelly the weapons expert did not commit suicide.

Time travel is real.

Doom and gloom predictors just prey on the fear of people.

Curses don't exist.

Travis Walton was not abducted the way it was portrayed in the movie Fire in the Sky.

The US did go to the Moon.

There is a city under a lake in Peru. Flying saucers have been seen coming and going from the lake.

Monday, 13 December 2004

Ken Parsons

Here are the latest predictions from Ken Parsons. He was talking with George Noory.

There is nothing mentioned in the Bible about the year 2012.

The entire world will be run by 10 nations, possibly the 10 main countries in the European Union.

We are in the preparation for the last seven years of tribulation.

The UN continues to weaken. The UN could move to Europe.

Sudan, Ethiopia, Libya, Russia, Iran, Turkey, Germany, Armenia will form an alliance and will march against Israel in a surprise attack.

UN will come out with Security Council resolutions against Israel.

This will be the last great war. We are seeing the groundwork for this now.

The Anti-Christ will rise politically out of the European Union and negotiate the 7 year peace treaty with Israel which is the tribulation period.

European Union will become more involved in Iraq. Babylon which is 20 miles south of Baghdad will be the new centre of the world economic system.

Iran will be the new hot topic this year. Troops are now massing on the Iranian borders ready for invasion.

There will be a comet or asteroid impact on the Earth. There is already a plan to launch a craft on January 8th 2005 at a comet. It will impact on 4th July 2005 and we will be able to see this explosion from Earth. It could be a cover up and the comet is actually heading for us and they need to stop it, or it could be a test run for future comets heading this way.

In the future there will be three asteroid impacts in a row, one in the ocean killing a third of all sea life.

Prophecy says there will be Rapture where people have made a decision to follow the theocratic rule of the universe, the political system that runs everything, This will be taken out of the world before the seven year tribulation. At this time there will be massive death tolls. A nuclear exchange and an asteroid impact. There will be no water, no electricity and millions of people will disappear due to the Rapture.

UFO's are real. Fallen angels are presenting themselves as aliens from another planet as a deception.

When the Rapture happens is will be blamed on a mass alien abduction. One of two things will be said, those who claim to be aliens working with the government will say they took them because they were inhibiting mankind from reaching its full potential in unity. Or they will say it was the other alien race that is here to attack us that took them, which is more reason for us to prepare for the alien invasion.

The moment the Rapture occurs there will be 144,000 Jewish people will accept Jesus as their Messiah. These 144,000 will be here to explain to us all what is happening and to warn us of the deception.

The ones that are taken are taken to Heaven.

A large tsunami will happen if an asteroid impact hits the oceans.

We will have no paper money. We will all be chipped.

Before Noah's Ark it had never rained upon the Earth.

Atlantis is at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea.

Osama Bin Laden believes he is the Islamic Messiah.

The Anti-Christ will be incapable of rising while the US exists. The US Government will cease to exist during the tribulation which will allow the Anti-Christ to rise to prominence.

Massive earthquakes and mountains will disappear.

2005. We will see a focus on Iran. The European Union will oversee the peace process between Israel and the Arab States. China and Russia will start to combine their resources.

Maitreya is not the Anti-Christ.

Thursday, 2 December 2004

Hurricane Names

Just in case Sean David Morton tries to pull this stunt again when he claims he can predict the hurricane names, here is the full six year list. The only time a new name is added is if a hurricane is very deadly or costly. Then the name is retired and a new name is chosen


Sunday, 21 November 2004

Evelyn Paglini

Here are the latest predictions from Dr. Evelyn Paglini. She was talking with Art Bell.

We are going to have record snow falls, blizzards, high winds this winter. Major power outages for hundreds of thousands of people this winter. Major airports and highways will close in the midwest and the east coast. Major flooding also causing power outages. Flooding in California, Florida, Louisianna and Texas.

Huge heating fuel shortages causing many deaths.

The will be a slow down in the economy. By the spring large companies will start to lay people off. Other companies and businesses will close, this will drive unemployment figures up very high. A rise in interest rates, rise in inflation will push the economy into a deep recession.

Major decline in the stock market in the spring dropping to 7,500 - 8,000 level.

A lot of older people will have to return to work just to survive.

The business slowdown will cause the housing prices to drop in the spring and summer 2005.

A terrorist attack will drive oil prices up to $60 a barrel then in no less than 4 years it will rise to $75 - $80 a barrel.

War in the Middle East will escalate. Major trouble in Saudi Arabia. Massive build up in the US military in the next 2 years. US will be in Iraq and the Middle East for over 10 years.

She has a 10 - 15% chance of being wrong.

The housing prices in London, England will fall too.

She recommends buying gold and silver as a good investment. Buying shares in defence stock and natural gas will be a good investment.

Something will happen in Saudi Arabia and the US military will have to rush in to help.

She sees attacks on oil fields. She sees oil pipelines coming from Alaska.

There was a human hand involved in the death of Yasser Arafat.

Monday, 15 November 2004

Sean David Morton, Monday 15th November 2004

Sean David Morton paid a quick visit to Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. He was boasting about his claim that he predicted Colin Powell would resign and that Condolezza Rice would replace him.
Colin Powell had made it known long before Morton made this prediction that he would be stepping down if Bush won a second term in office.

He also claimed a string of successes but didn't elaborate on them. I wonder what they are? Give us a clue Sean.

Here are a few predictions he mentioned for next year.

The draft will not start until there is a terrorist attack in the US before July/August 2005.
Wrong. No draft and no terrorist attack.

Mount Rainier. Massive movement of the landmass under Mount Rainier in May 2005 until October 2005.

September 2004 - October 2005 is the one year of warning.

Civil war in the US in fall 2005.

Bill Clinton will become Secretary General of the United Nations. He says this is in process now.

Dick Cheney will not be part of Bush administration. He is not sure if it is a health problem that causes him to resign. He sees a dark haired man of Mediterranean ancestry replacing him.
Wrong so far. Dick Cheney is still in the Bush administration as I write this in March 2006.

Wednesday, 3 November 2004

Morton's email to me

Today I received an email from Sean David Morton's organization. This is the type of reaction you get when you challenge them:-

So my question becomes are you an honest to god legitmate researcher or just another booger eating 12 year old with a computer and an attitude?

You seem to be just another low life clown that does NOT pay attention, nor someone that subscibes to my newsletter, and only sees radio show appearences as the be all and end all of a person's life work. HALF TRUTHS are the stock in trade of people like you! In order to be a FAIR and informed critic, you have to actually KNOW what you are talking about.

So here are a few predictions you can put on your website, or are you just another nameless coward that sits in the shadows, using the annonimity of the internet to spew their vitrol on others:

1. JOHN KERRRY WOULD BE THE DEMOCRATED NOMINEE (prediction made in FEBRUARY when he was still one of six candidates)

2. GEORGE BUSH WOULD WIN BY A LANDSLIDE (made in February...Bush was ahead 15 points in the polls in August)

3. Bush will win a DECISIVE VICTORY in the election! (Prediction made Sept. 26, again Oct. 21. Noory said he "run me around and have my hide" if I was wrong. ALL the polls were showing Kerry ahead.)

4. "OHIO will be the NEW FLORIDA" (Prediction made Sept. 26 and Oct. 21...THIS EXACT QUOTE WAS USED ON CNN Nov. 2, 11:03 AM)

5. Oil will reach RECORD HIGHS during the summer months (prediction made in FEBRARY AGAIN!)

6. A SIXTH MAJOR STORM with the initial M. will be coming up counter clockwise in the Gulf of MExico (Sept. 26th...happening NOW)

Care to go back further? Any apologies yet?

"George Bush will be the next president of the United States. He will run against Al Gore and Gore's running mate will be...some guy named Lieberman from Conniticut, that is IF there is an election AT all in 2000, as I see a hole where the election SHOULD be and who ever comes out the other side...seems to be appointed!" (Dec. 28, 1997 ART BELL COAST TO COAST....)

And I expect to see all of these on your website soon...or are you just another lying fraud?

Thursday, 21 October 2004

Sean David Morton, Thursday 21st October 2004

Here are the latest predictions from Sean David Morton. He was talking with George Noory.

Bush will win the election by a landslide. Fear around election day. A record number of voters. Problems with the election in Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio. November 2nd people will feel cheated. Bush will want to bring in a number of sweeping social changes. The agenda will not change whoever wins.
Correct, Bush did win. There were a record number of voters. No problems with the election in Florida, Pennsylvania or Ohio that I can find.

Colin Powell will resign soon after the election. Condoleezza Rice will move up to Secretary of State. Donald Rumsfeld will not be Secretary of Defense.
Colin Powell has already announced that he would resign if Bush wins a second term. He said this in the summer, before this prediction was made, and Condoleeza Rice was an obvious choice to replace him.

A complete reorganization of the income tax and taxation system. A 15% - 17% flat tax.

2004 - 2005 will see the return of the draft. Every 18 - 24 year old will be drafted for 2 years. Not only military service but a kind of peace corp, this by July 2005.

October Surprise. Still says Saddam Hussein is dead and that the man being held is one of Saddams doubles. Osama Bin Laden is dead and was wounded in a missile attack and later died. He says Ayman al-Zawahiri (Bin Ladens second in command) was captured 2 or 3 months ago and the announcement will be made just before the election.
Osama Bin Laden released a video message on 29th October. In it he mentions Bush and Kerry proving that it was made recently.

Forces from the US and Israel are on standby for a joint attack on nuclear sites in Iran. Could happen before the election.

Claims even though he got the Superbowl prediction wrong that he did say it would be a 3 point game. He said even though his sports preditions suck he still made a lot of money betting on the Superbowl.

World Series. After the fact he said the Red Sox would beat the Yankees. He didn't want to give a prediction who would win, but did say the Cardinals have the advantage.

Admits his stock market projections were wrong.

He predicts a huge surge in the stock market from now to late 2005 and into the spring 2006, then the market will crash.

Now is a good time to buy gold as a long term prospect. He says he has never recommended gold or metals before.

He sees another big storm that will go counter clockwise round the Gulf of Mexico.

There will be a savage winter in the NorthEast US, Great Lakes area and Europe.

Mount Rainer will erupt in 2005. Says he wrote articles telling people to watch Mount St Helens, Mount Baker, Mount Adams and Mount Hood. This is the reactivation of the Pacific NorthWest ring of fire.

Petroleum will run out in 2020 - 2025.

There will be a massive flu epidemic globally from now till 2006. Olive leaf extract is a preventative for the flu virus.

The last armageddon is the US v China but this won't happen until 2015 - 2018.

China won't attack Taiwan for another 2 years. If China attacks Taiwan the US will not come to its aid.

Fall 2004 - fall 2005 is one year of warning, which leads to a seven year period of tribulation for the US. 2005 - 2012 we will see a destruction period in which we will see new governments and new economies, culminating in the grand finale in 2012.

We will never see full disclosure about UFO's.

William Shatner to return in an episode of Enterprise.

An asteroid will hit the planet in 2027.

A huge meteor will break into a number of pieces and hit the US in 2010.

2012 - 2014 some kind of cosmic event, possibly an electro-magnetic shifting of the poles due to our atomic testing.

He is involved with Project Foresight for the Pentagon, a remote viewing exercise. He predicted nuclear attacks in New York, Boston and Washington DC on July 11th 2004. All three were prevented. The DC bomb was found and taken offshore and sunk then detonated on July 15th.

No terrorists attack before the election.

In 10 years the volcanic activity in Hawaii will increase.

The Messiah will reincarnate between 2034 - 2040 and will be female.

NASA has been feeding us fake information about the Moon and Mars for years.

In 3 weeks there will be a big earthquake in Southern California.
There have been lots of small earthquakes around the dates he mentions but nothing major.

Yellowstone Park will not erupt but will collapse.

Mount Rainier will explode in 2005.

Large earthquake in San Francisco in 2006.

2010 - 2011 huge fractures in the New Madrid fault.

Draft riots in most big cities of the US in summer 2005.

Attacks on Washington and New York in 2006 by a Red Mercury device.

A nuclear attack on Jerusalem which will destroy the Dome on the Rock.

Saturday, 9 October 2004

Ed Dames, Saturday 9th October 2004

Here are the latest predictions from Ed Dames. He was talking with Art Bell.

Dames says the huge explosion just recently in North Korea was not the prediction he made. He has been predicting for 8 years that a nuclear weapon will be fired in anger on the Korean peninsular.

The Koreans will use any provocation to start a war. They will test a nuclear missile to prove to the world that they are a nuclear power. They will test it on their own land or in the sea. He changes his statement and says they may test it on us.

We are going to go to war on the Korean peninsular.

Israel will take out Iran's nuclear weapons.

World War III has already started.

2005 global economic collapse.

Killshot. He is still claiming he predicted the 'shot across the bow', the unusual solar activity that has been happening this year. He says next will be a series of killshots that will threaten life on the Earth. When wars are raging on many continents the killshot will happen which will make everyone change their priorities.

The Earth will become like a roast on a spit.

A very large planet sized space body will pass by the Earth, not a comet or asteroid. It approaches from the south and electrically aligns itself between the Sun and the Earth shutting down our electric field. We will see it coming three to six months in advance. It will threaten twice, once on the way in and then on the way out. This will happen in the next several years. It will wobble the Earth. Oceans will slosh around. We will experience high winds 200 - 300 miles an hour for weeks at a time.

A space shuttle is forced to land because of a meteor shower, this is the indicator that the killshot is imminent. The meteor shower and the large planet sized object could be related. We are safe until late spring next year when the shuttle program is restarted.

Crop circles are markers indicating safe places.

Last christmas was the last merry christmas we will have. He says enjoy Thanksgiving this year because it will be our last.

He won't talk about terrorist threats. He does say there will be more assassinations in the US rather than incidents involving explosives.

His latest development in remote viewing is the ability to locate precise geographic positions with GPS accuracy. He says this is 100% accurate. He is going to prove it works by finding a missing child who he believes is murdered. She has been missing for 25 years. Art said that if he did lead the police to a missing body Dames would become number one suspect in the murder.

His second piece of proof is to find some 150 year old gold treasure. He will bring it to Art's house as proof. All this to happen in December 2004.

Project Starman. September 16th 1994 at a school in Zimbabwe 60 schoolchildren witnessed a UFO incident near their playground. John Mack interviewed many of the children. Telepathically they were told by the aliens that the Earth was dying and that mankind was doomed unless he took care of the planet. When he remote views this incident all he sees is energy. The message was projected into the minds of the children from a higher intelligence. Dames wants to get in touch with this higher intelligence. He has been working on this for four years. There is a Stargate with gatekeepers somewhere on this planet and he is going to use his new GPS technique to find it. He feels this is more important that remote viewing the next terrorist attack.

After the killshot and all the disaster we will rebuild but there will be another extraterrestrial race here with us. He thinks he should make contact with them now. They are the gatekeepers of the Stargate.

Late 2005 will see large earthquakes in Japan causing damage to nuclear reactors.

He had to get a plug in for his products. $249 for his remote viewing course on dvd.

Wednesday, 6 October 2004

David Booth

David Booth appeared on Feet to the Fire radio show with James Arthur Jancik. Sister Lucia gave Booth permission to reveal the 3rd Secret of Fatima on the 6th October. Booth says Coast to Coast AM and the Jeff Rense show both declined to have him on as a guest to reveal this secret.

David Booth says 13th October 2004 is the start date for all the wars and pestilence that has been foretold.

The 3rd message, as revealed by David Booth on the 6th of October, 2004:

"Next week on October 13th will be the 87th year since the Holy Mother last warned this world about these times and the events that must occur shortly.

The Church has not heeded this warning nor have the people of this world obeyed their God.

The Holy Mother had stated that If her requests were granted there would be peace....they have not been and now there will be war, plagues and pestilence as the punishment for mankind that She has foretold.

From this moment forward the Lord will punish this earth and its people so they will know that he is their God and that we are his children.

Turn away now from all men and the buildings of men and I will teach you and lead you, commands God to the world of men today.

The Lord commands his people to turn away now from all graven images and to not put faith in objects of stone, silver or gold, because in God alone lies ones true treasure.

Listen to no man or group of men who say they speak for God for they are all liars and thieves and have forsaken the Church for their own gain. And likewise to give your gold and silver to any man who claims they speak for God is to partake of the wrath God has reserved for these false prophets.

This wicked generation of men have become lovers of death, adultery and gold and have created their own gods and even believe they are gods themselves.

This wicked generation of men have been led into the pens for slaughter by men who seek glory for themselves, and they will have their reward, the fires of Hell.

Our Lord has asked, can we not see the signs of the times? And has it not been written: "And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:"

This is for understanding.

I will no longer be mocked by this generation and will visit upon them my full and utter wrath until every man bows down before me and knows that I am their God and they are my people.

God alone is now the Shepard for his flock and will lead them, for in the valley of decision the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord is at hand! "

Saturday, 25 September 2004

Sean David Morton, Saturday 25th September 2004

Here are the predictions from Sean David Morton who appeared on Coast to Coast with Art Bell.

Hurricanes are getting stronger and will have to be reclassified. One more hurricane will hit Florida.
In his email to me he says 'A SIXTH MAJOR STORM with the initial M. will be coming up counter clockwise in the Gulf of Mexico (Sept. 26th...happening NOW)'. You don't need to be psychic to work this one out as hurricanes are named in alphabetical order each year, any Google search reveals this and also gives the list of names used. It is now a tropical depression.

Hurricane Jeanne will pick up remaining debris and create a swirling mass of missiles. He claims he predicted these hurricanes when he talked with George Noory back in February 2004. In fact the show was 31st January and he was talking with Art Bell. He never said anything about hurricanes in this show.

2004 - 2005 We are entering a phase of time or quickening. This timeframe will be a fantastic wild period of weather.

Earth was knocked off its axis by nuclear testing in the 1940's and 1950's. He says this is now fact.

2005 - 2007 Mount Pelee on the island of Martinique will erupt causing undersea earthquakes off the west coast of the US. Eventually a large landmass will rise up of the coast of Florida. Florida will break up into a chain of islands.

16th September 2004 - September/October 2005 is a year of warning. We have one year to get prepared and move out to safe places. The safe places are in central US and California.

A seven year period of tribulation up until 2012. Massive war in the Middle East and more attacks in the US.

He claims in 1997 he predicted that George W. Bush would be President.

George W. Bush will win the election this year by a landslide.
Bush won but it was not by a landslide.

Weapons of mass destruction were moved to Syria.

US will break down the regime in Iran.

The earthquake in Iran was artificially started to allow the US to get operatives inside the country disguised as aid workers. US needs to create a civil war in Iran instead of invading.

We are in the beginning stages of a war against Islam.

A great religious leader will emerge from Iran. This could be Saad Bin Laden.

Osama Bin Laden is dead. His caravan was hit by a Global Hawk missile.
Wrong. Osama Bin Laden released a video message on 29th October. In it he mentions Bush and Kerry proving that it was made recently.

He claims an 80% success rate with his predictions.

He admits he was wrong when he said the stock market would rise above 11,000.

He claims people who follow his stock predictions made a lot of money when he advised them to buy Palatin and Pixar. When he mentioned Palatin they were trading at 5.89 but have nosedived ever since to todays price of 2.96. Pixar were priced at 66.24 and started to drop. Only this month have they recovered to the price of 78.85.

In the future he sees Hawaii as a much larger island.

He claims remote viewing helped capture Saddam Hussein in the spider hole.

June - July 2005 will see the draft introduced. This will cause riots in the US More terrorist attacks in a city on the eastern seaboard.

New Madrid fault will fracture in 2010 and 2011.

The stock market will rise in 2005 to a new high of 14,000 maybe as high as 16,000 in the Fall.

After the election oil prices will drop and gold will be a good investment.
Previously he said oil prices would drop to $30 a barrel before the election. Oil prices closed on 29th October at $51.76 a barrel.

Stock market will crash after Fall 2005.

Thursday, 23 September 2004

Father Andrew Wingate

Here are the predictions from Father Wingate who was talking with George Noory.

Claims he predicted the bad weather today and says it will get worse.

The US will be invaded by the UN, but first three things must happen. First a major earthquake in a central US area that has never had earthquakes before, an area like Kansas City. Secondly the US must be involved in three military conflicts such as Iraq. Finally the US will sink one of its own battleships. Within weeks the US will be invaded.

The weather changes are continued punishments for our country. God will continue to pound the US until it returns to a nation under God.

After the US is invaded six weeks later Florida will be taken over by communist forces and totally destroyed. US Airforce and Navy will save the US.

The Popes health will get worse after Christmas 2004. The Church are trying to kill him.
The Popes health did get worse after Christmas. He died Saturday 2nd April 2005.

Planet X is out there. It will side swipe planet Earth after the battle of armegeddon.

Terrorism is going to be around for many years to come.

There are six locations in the US that will be attacked. One in the south, something considered a national treasure. He doesn't know which locations.

Six major events around the world. The Madrid train bombing and the Russian school being taken hostage are two of them. Two others are major fires in the US. Maybe an attack on Mount Rushmore. He is very unclear here, first he says six attacks in the US then he mentions six major events worldwide and then he mixes them up together.

Large number of deaths in Eastern Africa. Fanatic Muslims killing Africans because they won't accept Islam.

He is expecting two major events in the US before the November election. One on the Texas/Mexico border.

Several planes will be shot down by US government who think they have been taken over by terrorists. It will be proved that only one of the planes was a serious threat.

We are already in the End Times, although this is not the end of the world, just the end of things as we know it.

The Anti-Christ is here already, he is the Lord Maitreya. He will make his big public climb 6 1/2 months after the US is invaded. 10 months later there will be The Great Miracle, an enlightenment from God, a huge pillar of fire that will cure anyone who sees it. Maitreya will take credit for both events. He will build up a very quick following. Within 6 to 8 months time he will assassinate every political leader in the world. There is a nuclear device built into the foundations of the UN building. He will call for a peace summit and when twelve world leaders gather together he will detonate the bomb. Maitreya will rule for a little over three years.

Yellowstone will not have a volcanic eruption. It will become a huge sinkhole.

If the US government takes out 'under God' from the Pledge of Allegiance the country will experience one of the biggest earthquakes seen this century.

There will be two last Popes called Peter, one in Rome and one in exile.

There wil be a verbal threat daring the US to re-elect George Bush.

Monday, 6 September 2004

Joseph Jacobs

Here are the predictions from Joseph Jacobs who appeared on Coast to Coast with George Noory.

He sees US borders as potential crossings for illegal Middle Eastern aliens.

George Bush will hit a difficult time between 27th August - 18th October. He sees a health problem around this time for his father.

No natural disaster in Seattle in September 2004.

Florida is in for more rough times. Hurricane Ivan will hit Florida.

The best time to catch Osama Bin Laden is before 6th October. He does not think Bin Laden has already been caught.

Yasser Arafat will be very ill after 15th October.
On 8th October it was reported that Arafat suffered a mild heart attack. 22nd October it was reported he now has a dose of flu, but his officials are denying this. 29th October Arafat was flown to Paris with reports of a serious blood disorder.

Nothing serious will happen to Pope John Paul.
Wrong. The Pope died Saturday 2nd April 2005.

October 2004 is a very rough time worldwide and for the US. The appearance of disease, possibly biological. The medical profession will be very busy.
Wrong. No appearance of disease, there was a shortage of flu vaccine though.

There will be an election this November.

George Bush will win the election. Some tampering with the voting machines. He will be thinking of more military action after he wins, probably Iran.

Greenspan will retire.

Michael Eisner will change jobs after 22nd November.
Eisner is still in the same job as of 1st December.

Sun storms will affect the planet in 2012. Satelites will be knocked out.

Reincarnation is real.

He does not believe in End Times.

A lot of health problems in 2005.

Shipping and US ports need to be guarded.

Canada is in a wonderful three year cycle starting 1st July 2004.

The US economy is on a rollercoaster ride for another year or so.

November 2004 will see a big rise in gasoline prices.

ET's are real and we are being visited.

Crop cirles are real and are communications.

SETI using radio waves will not work.

He doesn't see any asteroid hits.

Sylvia Browne is quite good.

Bill Clinton will heal very well.

Loch Ness monster is real.

The terrorist situation in Israel will continue for a very long time.

Strong possibilty of a polar shift in the next 2 or 3 years.

No floods in the Arizona area.

US draft will probably be implemented.

Thursday, 22 July 2004

Sylvia Browne, Thursday 22nd July 2004

Here are the latest predictions from Sylvia Browne. She was talking with George Noory.

She can't see past 100 years into the future. This is either because it is impossible for her to do that or it is the end times. She thinks in 100 years time we will experience the end times.
In a previous interview she said there was no such thing as the end times.

Osama Bin Laden is dead. His kidneys failed him and his body has been hidden.
Wrong. Osama Bin Laden released a video message on 29th October. In it he mentions Bush and Kerry proving that it was made recently.

She continues to brag about her prediction that Saddam Hussein would be caught before the end of 2003.
Not surprising as this is probably the only prediction she has come close to getting right. This was a 50/50 chance, yes he will be caught before the end of 2003 or no he won't. Her prediction also said he would be found dead. In a later interview she said she saw him underground thats why she thought he was dead. She never mentioned this in the original prediction.

She still says Yellowstone will erupt soon.
She said in October 2003 that Yellowstone would erupt between January - March 2004. Her excuse is that sometimes she gets the date wrong. So every time she gets it wrong she just puts the prediction date back a little. Eventually she will get it right. Then she won't stop mentioning that she got a hit, just like the Saddam prediction.

Aliens aren't little green men.

Atlantis will rise in 2023. It is spread all over the Atlantic Ocean.

In the future death penalty executions will be carried out by a vapourising of the body. This is more humane.

Human growth hormone and stem cell research will find cures for lots of diseases including ALS, MS and cancer. A new laser type treatment for blindness and cancer.

Sylvia can't predict anything for herself, thats why she can't win the lottery or predict when her marriages would end.

A man claiming to be Christ will come out of Syria.

John Kerry will win the election.

There are no WMD's in Iraq.
Not difficult to call this one. Another 50/50 prediction. Of the worlds population you can count on one hand the number of people who thought there were WMD's in Iraq.

US troops will be home by the end of the year.
Wrong, US troops are still in Iraq at the end of 2004. She previously said they would be home by June or July this year.

She is concerned with China. If there is nuclear war it will be between the US and China.

North Korea is a concern too around 2010.

She can't see any peace in the Middle East.

There was a past civilisation on Earth that went to the Moon. They were helped by extra terrestrials.

We will see a lot of asteroid activity in 2021. Between 2021 - 2029 we will be hit.

Mount Rainier will erupt in 7 years.

Science will come around to a more spiritual sense.

She doesn't see the Ed Dames killshot from the Sun.

The Democratic National Convention in Boston will be safe. No terrorist action.
Correct. No terrorist action.

There will be a one world government.

Global weather. Hurricanes in 2028. Topography will change in the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii due to seismographic and volcanic activity. 2030 flooding and tidal waves in Australia and Tasmania. East Coast of the US and Japan will be flooded around 2019.

US Olympic atheletes will be safe in Greece.
Correct. The atheletes were safe.

Orbs are angels. Infra red cameras are best to photograph orbs.

Reincarnation is real. Sylvia has been reincarnated 54 times.

No martial law in the US.

The Mayan calendar ended in 2012 because they just got tired of writing it down.

She sees foulplay in the Eugene Malove death. She won't name who was involved.

We will become far more advanced in solar power.

Hurricane season this year will be really bad.

There are no immortal people running around on Earth.

Edgar Cayce was Sylvia's hero.

Marijuana will be made legal for medical purposes.

On the subject of terrorism she said she was concerned about trains and that she was justified in saying this when the train was bombed in Madrid. She doesn't want people going to Jerusalem or India.

Humans have five exits points, five points in time that we could die. The next point is the final one and we die.

The Anastasi Indians depleted their soil and just moved on.

Some people do have past lives on alien planets. There are no new souls, they are just recycled.

Investment. The only place to put your money is in property. California real estate will get higher.

There will be an NHL strike before the new season starts.

The drought in the west will be over by September.

She doesn't see a lot of terrorist attacks in the US in the near future.

We will see the end of the common cold soon.

The Dominican Republic economy will pick up.

The guy winning on Jeopardy at the moment will carry on winning for another month.
Wrong. Jeopardy is on summer break and won't be back until September. Pity her psychic ability didn't tell her this. UPDATE - Jeopardy returned after a summer of reruns and as of today 25th October Ken Jennings is still winning. 30th November, Ken Jennings finally lost his 74 game winning streak, winning $2,520,700.

The pyramids in Egypt were built by aliens.

The institution of marriage will end in 2020.

If John Kerry becomes President he will not use NATO forces to enforce his changes to the Constitution.

Laws will be passed within 2 years to have some kind of holding place for immigrants from Mexico to be checked out and prevent illness.

2020 before education system will be changed. A new home education system will be established.

There is no such thing as a curse.

Michael Horn

Michael Horn is the US representative of Billy Meier. He was talking with George Noory. Most of the predictions I have already documented in the last interview. There is a prediction that is about to come true according to Meier that will happen this September. After September I think we will see this guy in the same light as Nancy Lieder.

Comet Toutatis will threaten the Earth on September 29th 2004. Meier predicted this in 1978.

The Red Meteor will strike Earth in the Bering Sea or North Sea or the Red Sea.

The aliens won't give a date for this although they give a hint that the year will add up to 3, ie 2001, 2010 or 2019.

The pyramids were built over 73,000 years ago by aliens from Orion.

Saturday, 17 July 2004

Ed Dames, Saturday 17th July 2004

Here are the latest predictions from Ed Dames. He was talking with Art Bell.

Claims when he worked for the government remote viewing project they had a 40 - 60% success rate.

There is a non human celestial agency that create crop circles. They have no message but have a meaning. Their locations are survival zones for what is about to come.

He still claims he predicted the solar flares two weeks before they happened on Art Bell's show.

There won't be one mighty killshot from the Sun. There will be many smaller ones and they will gradually wear us down. The shot across the bow which happened 3rd November 2003 is close to the main killshot which will happen at the beginning of 2005.

The harbinger for this event is when the Space Shuttle is forced to land because of a meteor shower. The killshot will happen withing 3 months of this. The large solar flares will take out Earth's magnetic shield.

Also around the same time a large space body will pass by the Earth. Could be Planet X. The Earth's core will shift because of a large gravitational effect.

Because of the increase in heat and wind we will need to live underground.

The weird weather we are experiencing at the moment is linked to the unusual activity of the Sun.

North Korea will test a nuclear weapon in the sea. The US will be opposed to this and this will light the fuse for a war on the peninsular. China will take over Taiwan and the US will let them. But before the war can happen we will get the killshot which will change all our priorities.

After the dust has settled which could take 10 - 20 years there will be another race on this planet which will help us rebuild.

Television is the false prophet.

He can win the lottery using remote viewing. His team need a break and so Dames is letting them go look for gold treasure in California as a vacation. This will start in 3 days and should take no more than 2 months.

He admitted he makes his living through his products and that he is out to make a buck.
Surely if remote viewing is real it would be much easier to sit at home and win the lottery every week?

After the gold digging he will capture the Wichita strangler.

He sees babies dying because of lack of milk. This is because of either Mad Cow Disease or a type of Bovine TB killing all the cows.

Wednesday, 14 July 2004

Hans King

Here are the latest predictions from psychic medium Hans King who was talking with George Noory. Not much of an update really as he just repeated most of his predictions from earlier shows.

There will be major climate change in 7 - 12 years. Canada will be badly affected.

An asteroid will hit the Earth in 70,000 - 80,000 years from now.

Mars was a water based planet and had a large population. The Martians populated this planet.

George Bush will try to steal the election again. The election won't be cancelled and it will be very close again. Kerry is supposed to win the election.

There are terrorist cells in the US. There will be a terrorist attack but it won't stop the election.

Jim Morrison didn't die in the way we were told. He had a break down and then died later on in life.

Saturday, 3 July 2004

John Hogue

Here are the latest predictions from John Hogue. He was talking with Art Bell.

Nostradamus says the world will end in 3997.

The war on terrorism will last for 27 years, this is known as the War of the Third Anti Christ. Mabus is the third Anti Christ.

2008 another major terrorist attack. Major events that will define the next 36 years of human history.

Iraq situation will be just as bad next year.

We will find that some of the richest oil fields are under Iraq.

The next problem countries will be Iran and North Korea.

After 2008 there will be a very strong movement in US of people who want to get free of using other peoples energy sources and want America’s involvement as a super power to dwindle in the following five years.

In the future the world’s problems will be sorted out by a world government.

Bush will win a second term.

Wednesday, 9 June 2004

Psychic Calendar 2004

George Bush must be protected in January. He may not finish his term in office Sean David Morton
Nothing happened to George Bush. Morton claims he alerted the secret services and they increased the security on the President and thats why nothing happened to him

January – March Yellowstone Park will erupt Sylvia Browne
Nothing happened

23rd January – 5th February is a risky time for the US Joseph Jacobs
He claims he got this correct because of a terrorist strike in Iraq. Also Ricin was found in the Senate on 1st February

29th January – 1st February could be strike dates for terrorism in the US Joseph Jacobs
Wrong. Nothing happened. Some claim that this could mean the flights from Britain and France that were cancelled, but this started around Christmas time. As nothing happened and he wasn't more specific I am marking this down as a miss

30th January – 23rd March is a hard time for Israel Joseph Jacobs
Suicide bombings continue in Israel and but this happens all year round

Carolina Panthers will win the Super Bowl 20 – 17 Sean David Morton
Wrong. New England won 32 - 29. In his email to me SDM had this to say 'Panthers vs. Pats in the SUPERBOWL. AGAIN, PRINT THE WHOLE STORY! I stated CLEARLY that this was based on what I felt would be an UP year in the markets and that if the PATS won the economy would tank. ALSO, I told everyone that it would be, and I quote, "A THREE POINT GAME!" I bet $1000 on the game, and IF YOU HAD TAKEN my advice, you would have WON, as I did, because it WAS a three point game, AND the Panthers beat the 6.5 point spread.'
Still wrong Sean. You came on Coast, said Panthers would win and gave the score 20 - 17. You may have said it would be a 3 point game but you never mentioned spread betting.

13th February – 18th July Major earthquake in California Joseph Jacobs

24th February – 16th April Osama Bin Laden is in trouble but he won’t be caught alive Joseph Jacobs
Wrong. Bin Laden is still in hiding

Osama Bin Laden is dead. This will be announced before the Spring Sylvia Browne
Wrong. Bin Laden is still in hiding

10th March – 22nd June North Korea will become an issue Joseph Jacobs

March is a very difficult month for the whole world Joseph Jacobs
Correct. 11th March 2004 Terrorist attack in Madrid, Spain. The total dead so far is 201

19th April or 9th June Prince Charles will have a health problem Joseph Jacobs

Later this month the stock market will rise Sean David Morton
Correct. The stock market did start to rise

Major announcements about discoveries in Egypt and the Middle East in May or June Sean David Morton

10th May – 30th June is a very bad time for Canada in terms of economy and health - Joseph Jacobs

A large dark planetary object will come up from beneath the Earth and collide with the South Pole. Huge explosions on the west coast of US. Transit of Venus on 8th June is a sign for the start of this event David Booth
Having been booked on Coast To Coast on Thursday 13th March to talk about Booth's so called meeting with Sister Lucia, witness to the Miracles of Fatima in 1917 Booth refused to elaborate. Both men would only discuss the dream Booth had already talked about on his last appearance on Coast on 23rd February. Once again they told how 97% of the Earth's population would die in September 2004 yet they were still trying to market their books and videos. The interview was promptly and politely cut short. Maybe Booth's vision was his subconscious telling him that his credibility was going up in smoke?

US troops will be home from Iraq in June or July Sylvia Browne
Wrong. Troops still in Iraq

US will be placed on red alert on 4th July. A dirty bomb in New York is a concern Sean David Morton
Wrong. Nothing happened

Serious attacks in Washington DC on 4th July. An explosion of a truck or aircraft near the Capitol building. This will cause Bush to institute the draft Sean David Morton
Wrong. Nothing happened

Major terrorist attack in US on 4th July Joseph Noah
Wrong. Nothing happened

US Dollar will hit a new low Sean David Morton
Wrong. The lowest the dollar hit on the broad index according to the Federal Reserve from Januray 1973 to present was in July 1995 and was listed as 84.50. The dollar index for July 2004 was at 101.85.

Dow Jones will break 11,000 Sean David Morton
Wrong. It never reached 11,000

This summer and fall we will see major winds - GM Scallion
Correct. Major hurricanes this summer.

26th July – 16th September labour problems and difficult times for New York – Joseph Jacobs

Dow Jones to fall Sean David Morton
The Dow Jones fell to around 9,800 in mid August but has been rising since to around 10,200

Riot or unrest at Olympic Games Sean David Morton
Anti war and anti Bush demonstrators made a protest against the visit of Colin Powell. He was going to attend the closing ceremony but decided to cancel his visit

George Bush will hit a difficult time between 27th August and 18th October. He sees a health problem around this time for his father Joseph Jacobs

A swarm of earthquakes to hit around the Mount Baker area, then deep quakes underneath Seattle Sean David Morton

Between September and December there will be major earthquakes on the west coast of the US - GM Scallion

September 29th Comet Toutatis will threaten the Earth - Billy Meier

No natural disaster in Seattle in September 2004 - Joseph Jacobs

The best time to catch Osama Bin Laden is before 6th October. He does not think Bin Laden has already been caught - Joseph Jacobs
We still haven't caught Osama Bin Laden.

Yasser Arafat will be very ill after 15th October - Joseph Jacobs
On 8th October it was reported that Arafat suffered a mild heart attack. 22nd October it was reported he now has a dose of flu, but his officials are denying this. 29th October Arafat was flown to Paris with reports of a serious blood disorder. Yasser Arafat died 11th November.

Dow Jones to rise in third week of October – Sean David Morton
Wrong. The Dow is still falling in third week.

October 2004 is a very rough time worldwide and for the US. The appearance of disease, possibly biological. The medical profession will be very busy - Joseph Jacobs

Oil prices will plummet before the US election to $30 a barrel – Sean David Morton
Wrong. Oil prices closed on 29th October at $51.76 a barrel.

Later this year a smallpox attack in Israel killing 14,700 Sean David Morton

Fall this year will see another bout of SARS and an Asian flu Sean David Morton

George Bush will win the election by a landslide Sean David Morton
Correct that George Bush won, but it was not a landslide.

John Kerry will win the election Sylvia Browne

George Bush will win the election Sylvia Browne
Correct. Pretty good idea to edge your bets and go for both though.

There will be an election this November - Joseph Jacobs

George Bush will win the election. Some tampering with the voting machines. He will be thinking of more military action after he wins, probably Iran - Joseph Jacobs
Correct but don't think there was any tampering.

George Bush will win a second term. The 20 year presidential curse will continue and Bush will have health problems or be involved in a plane accident John Hogue
Correct about the election. Wrong about the 20 year presidential curse.

Howard Dean will run against Bush John Hogue
Howard Dean pulled out of the race on Wednesday 18th February 2004.

George Bush will be re-elected – Joseph Noah

Michael Eisner will change jobs after 22nd November - Joseph Jacobs

One last great warning to mankind. Could be a solar flare, red sky or disease of some kind Sean David Morton

Christmas Day will be 25th December - Simon Aspinall