Saturday, 17 July 2004

Ed Dames, Saturday 17th July 2004

Here are the latest predictions from Ed Dames. He was talking with Art Bell.

Claims when he worked for the government remote viewing project they had a 40 - 60% success rate.

There is a non human celestial agency that create crop circles. They have no message but have a meaning. Their locations are survival zones for what is about to come.

He still claims he predicted the solar flares two weeks before they happened on Art Bell's show.

There won't be one mighty killshot from the Sun. There will be many smaller ones and they will gradually wear us down. The shot across the bow which happened 3rd November 2003 is close to the main killshot which will happen at the beginning of 2005.

The harbinger for this event is when the Space Shuttle is forced to land because of a meteor shower. The killshot will happen withing 3 months of this. The large solar flares will take out Earth's magnetic shield.

Also around the same time a large space body will pass by the Earth. Could be Planet X. The Earth's core will shift because of a large gravitational effect.

Because of the increase in heat and wind we will need to live underground.

The weird weather we are experiencing at the moment is linked to the unusual activity of the Sun.

North Korea will test a nuclear weapon in the sea. The US will be opposed to this and this will light the fuse for a war on the peninsular. China will take over Taiwan and the US will let them. But before the war can happen we will get the killshot which will change all our priorities.

After the dust has settled which could take 10 - 20 years there will be another race on this planet which will help us rebuild.

Television is the false prophet.

He can win the lottery using remote viewing. His team need a break and so Dames is letting them go look for gold treasure in California as a vacation. This will start in 3 days and should take no more than 2 months.

He admitted he makes his living through his products and that he is out to make a buck.
Surely if remote viewing is real it would be much easier to sit at home and win the lottery every week?

After the gold digging he will capture the Wichita strangler.

He sees babies dying because of lack of milk. This is because of either Mad Cow Disease or a type of Bovine TB killing all the cows.

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