Monday, 10 November 2003

Joseph Noah

Predictions by Joseph Noah, not his real name, a Bible code expert who translates using a Hebrew Bible even though he can't read Hebrew.

The End Times started on Sept 11th 2001. The End Times is a transition to a new age. We are on the verge of being transformed into a new race. This period lasts until 2012.

2004. George W. Bush will be re-elected.

The start of a tribulation which will last 7 years.

4th July 2004. There will be a major catastrophe in the USA involving terrorism.
Wrong. Nothing happened.

2005 will be a chaotic time for bad weather.

Dome of the Rock Temple will be taken over by Israel and rebuilt.

2006 Los Angeles will be badly shaken by an earthquake.

Asteroids to hit Nevada and California. Phobos, one of the two moons of Mars will be hit by an asteroid. The explosion will send seven pieces hurtling toward Earth. We will fire missiles at them and break them up into more pieces. US will take a hit, Russia and China will get blasted by them and one piece will hit the Middle East.

Asteroid strikes will cause three pole shifts.

West coast of US will sink into the ocean.

Mount Rainier and Mount Olympic will blow in 2006.

The Mark of the Beast is an identification system involving iris scans and hand scans. This will start in 2006.

2010. The Anti Christ will appear. Seven Kings of the Middle East plus three Kings from Asia form an alliance and start a war with the United Nation countries.

The Chinese will be invited into the Middle East.

2011. The Armageddon war starts.

Population of the Earth will drop dramatically. 4 billion people will be lost around 2011. The people who survive will be smarter and more understanding.

Angels are real and can transform into human form. They have appeared throughout history as some of our greatest teachers bringing wisdom.

ET's are real. The ET's from Orion will war against the Pleidians.

Sunday, 9 November 2003

Ed Dames, Saturday 9th November 2003

The solar activity that is happening at the moment is just the beginning of a series of large events on the Sun.

The next large event will actually destroy satelites and damage some power grids in North America. This will happen within the next three weeks.
Wrong. Nothing happened.

The Sun has a 11,500 year cycle. Each cycle ends with the Sun scorching the Earth.

The next event will be so big it will be noticed by everyone.

Things will happen in the sky that no scientist has seen before.

Polar ice caps will melt.

We will see waves as big as 2,000 feet.

Earth's axis will tilt.

A huge earthquake will hit Japan in late Spring 2005. It will not cause a lot of damage to Tokyo but the Monju fast breeder reactor will be destroyed killing 17,000 people, Between 200,000 and 400,000 people will die later.

Monday, 3 November 2003

John Hogue

Nostradamus predictions from John Hogue talking on the Jeff Rense show. There aren't many predictions as the show was about Hogue's new book which is a mainly a biography of Nostradamus.

Pope John Paul II may die on a solar eclipse on 23rd November 2003 as predicted by St. Malachi in the 1140's.
Wrong. The Pope died Saturday 2nd April 2005.

There will be two more Pope's after Pope John Paul II.

We will still be around after 2012 and the end of the Mayan calender.

In 2008 around the time of the Chinese Olympics something will happen that will force Taiwan to break away from China. Also there is a possible conflict between Israel and Iran.

In 2025 China will not be able to feed itself. Every bit of food on the Earth will have to go to China for it to sustain itself. This will cause a global famine and we will turn to cannibalism.