Sunday, 12 October 2003

Ed Dames, Sunday 12th October 2003

Alien agency has been recording us for thousands of years. They have a Star Trek like replicator that is fuelled by petroleum based fossil fuels. They take the fuel from a primary collection point in North America.

The aliens have a specific agenda but he remains neutral on whether they are good or evil.

Aliens are capable of moving into another dimension.

The alien agency is directly connected to an underground area on Mars containing sentient machines.

US will put beam weapons in space and on the backside of the moon. China won't be happy about this and to stop the US they will use their new weapon, a bio engineered biological warfare agent that attacks only wheat. This will cause the economy to drop overnight. When China does this the US will respond with nuclear weapons.

Next catastrophic earthquake in Japan is soon.

Next use of a nuclear weapon will definitely be on the Korean peninsula. No date given. North Korea will up the level of nuclear blackmail by testing a nuclear weapon. The test might be in open air and that may invoke a response that causes them to use a nuclear weapon against US forces on the peninsula.

Our Sun to go on a rampage and terminate the Earth's living dynamics. Protons from the Sun will hit us several times. The Earth's axis will move as much as 17 degrees. This cataclysm will end World War III. We will need to be underground for a few weeks to survive the 300 miles per hour winds. Safe places are west of Glacier National Park, the lake valley region of Canada, Switzerland and Hawaii.
Well we had some large Sun spots on Wednesday 22nd October but surely Ed would have said it was going to happen this week as it was so close. He will probably try and claim he said this but he said nothing about Sun spots, especially the size of Jupiter. UPDATE: He appeared with Art Bell on 9th November and claimed he predicted the large solar flares. He altered this prediction (see above) to suit his case. He never mentioned that he said the Sun event he saw would end world war III.

Previous Earth shifting on its axis caused the city off Cuba to be submerged 2,200 feet.

Global economic collapse is just around the corner.

Robert Miles wasn't abducted by aliens, it was a spitirual experience. He was confronted by his guardian angel.