Thursday, 22 July 2004

Sylvia Browne, Thursday 22nd July 2004

Here are the latest predictions from Sylvia Browne. She was talking with George Noory.

She can't see past 100 years into the future. This is either because it is impossible for her to do that or it is the end times. She thinks in 100 years time we will experience the end times.
In a previous interview she said there was no such thing as the end times.

Osama Bin Laden is dead. His kidneys failed him and his body has been hidden.
Wrong. Osama Bin Laden released a video message on 29th October. In it he mentions Bush and Kerry proving that it was made recently.

She continues to brag about her prediction that Saddam Hussein would be caught before the end of 2003.
Not surprising as this is probably the only prediction she has come close to getting right. This was a 50/50 chance, yes he will be caught before the end of 2003 or no he won't. Her prediction also said he would be found dead. In a later interview she said she saw him underground thats why she thought he was dead. She never mentioned this in the original prediction.

She still says Yellowstone will erupt soon.
She said in October 2003 that Yellowstone would erupt between January - March 2004. Her excuse is that sometimes she gets the date wrong. So every time she gets it wrong she just puts the prediction date back a little. Eventually she will get it right. Then she won't stop mentioning that she got a hit, just like the Saddam prediction.

Aliens aren't little green men.

Atlantis will rise in 2023. It is spread all over the Atlantic Ocean.

In the future death penalty executions will be carried out by a vapourising of the body. This is more humane.

Human growth hormone and stem cell research will find cures for lots of diseases including ALS, MS and cancer. A new laser type treatment for blindness and cancer.

Sylvia can't predict anything for herself, thats why she can't win the lottery or predict when her marriages would end.

A man claiming to be Christ will come out of Syria.

John Kerry will win the election.

There are no WMD's in Iraq.
Not difficult to call this one. Another 50/50 prediction. Of the worlds population you can count on one hand the number of people who thought there were WMD's in Iraq.

US troops will be home by the end of the year.
Wrong, US troops are still in Iraq at the end of 2004. She previously said they would be home by June or July this year.

She is concerned with China. If there is nuclear war it will be between the US and China.

North Korea is a concern too around 2010.

She can't see any peace in the Middle East.

There was a past civilisation on Earth that went to the Moon. They were helped by extra terrestrials.

We will see a lot of asteroid activity in 2021. Between 2021 - 2029 we will be hit.

Mount Rainier will erupt in 7 years.

Science will come around to a more spiritual sense.

She doesn't see the Ed Dames killshot from the Sun.

The Democratic National Convention in Boston will be safe. No terrorist action.
Correct. No terrorist action.

There will be a one world government.

Global weather. Hurricanes in 2028. Topography will change in the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii due to seismographic and volcanic activity. 2030 flooding and tidal waves in Australia and Tasmania. East Coast of the US and Japan will be flooded around 2019.

US Olympic atheletes will be safe in Greece.
Correct. The atheletes were safe.

Orbs are angels. Infra red cameras are best to photograph orbs.

Reincarnation is real. Sylvia has been reincarnated 54 times.

No martial law in the US.

The Mayan calendar ended in 2012 because they just got tired of writing it down.

She sees foulplay in the Eugene Malove death. She won't name who was involved.

We will become far more advanced in solar power.

Hurricane season this year will be really bad.

There are no immortal people running around on Earth.

Edgar Cayce was Sylvia's hero.

Marijuana will be made legal for medical purposes.

On the subject of terrorism she said she was concerned about trains and that she was justified in saying this when the train was bombed in Madrid. She doesn't want people going to Jerusalem or India.

Humans have five exits points, five points in time that we could die. The next point is the final one and we die.

The Anastasi Indians depleted their soil and just moved on.

Some people do have past lives on alien planets. There are no new souls, they are just recycled.

Investment. The only place to put your money is in property. California real estate will get higher.

There will be an NHL strike before the new season starts.

The drought in the west will be over by September.

She doesn't see a lot of terrorist attacks in the US in the near future.

We will see the end of the common cold soon.

The Dominican Republic economy will pick up.

The guy winning on Jeopardy at the moment will carry on winning for another month.
Wrong. Jeopardy is on summer break and won't be back until September. Pity her psychic ability didn't tell her this. UPDATE - Jeopardy returned after a summer of reruns and as of today 25th October Ken Jennings is still winning. 30th November, Ken Jennings finally lost his 74 game winning streak, winning $2,520,700.

The pyramids in Egypt were built by aliens.

The institution of marriage will end in 2020.

If John Kerry becomes President he will not use NATO forces to enforce his changes to the Constitution.

Laws will be passed within 2 years to have some kind of holding place for immigrants from Mexico to be checked out and prevent illness.

2020 before education system will be changed. A new home education system will be established.

There is no such thing as a curse.

Michael Horn

Michael Horn is the US representative of Billy Meier. He was talking with George Noory. Most of the predictions I have already documented in the last interview. There is a prediction that is about to come true according to Meier that will happen this September. After September I think we will see this guy in the same light as Nancy Lieder.

Comet Toutatis will threaten the Earth on September 29th 2004. Meier predicted this in 1978.

The Red Meteor will strike Earth in the Bering Sea or North Sea or the Red Sea.

The aliens won't give a date for this although they give a hint that the year will add up to 3, ie 2001, 2010 or 2019.

The pyramids were built over 73,000 years ago by aliens from Orion.

Saturday, 17 July 2004

Ed Dames, Saturday 17th July 2004

Here are the latest predictions from Ed Dames. He was talking with Art Bell.

Claims when he worked for the government remote viewing project they had a 40 - 60% success rate.

There is a non human celestial agency that create crop circles. They have no message but have a meaning. Their locations are survival zones for what is about to come.

He still claims he predicted the solar flares two weeks before they happened on Art Bell's show.

There won't be one mighty killshot from the Sun. There will be many smaller ones and they will gradually wear us down. The shot across the bow which happened 3rd November 2003 is close to the main killshot which will happen at the beginning of 2005.

The harbinger for this event is when the Space Shuttle is forced to land because of a meteor shower. The killshot will happen withing 3 months of this. The large solar flares will take out Earth's magnetic shield.

Also around the same time a large space body will pass by the Earth. Could be Planet X. The Earth's core will shift because of a large gravitational effect.

Because of the increase in heat and wind we will need to live underground.

The weird weather we are experiencing at the moment is linked to the unusual activity of the Sun.

North Korea will test a nuclear weapon in the sea. The US will be opposed to this and this will light the fuse for a war on the peninsular. China will take over Taiwan and the US will let them. But before the war can happen we will get the killshot which will change all our priorities.

After the dust has settled which could take 10 - 20 years there will be another race on this planet which will help us rebuild.

Television is the false prophet.

He can win the lottery using remote viewing. His team need a break and so Dames is letting them go look for gold treasure in California as a vacation. This will start in 3 days and should take no more than 2 months.

He admitted he makes his living through his products and that he is out to make a buck.
Surely if remote viewing is real it would be much easier to sit at home and win the lottery every week?

After the gold digging he will capture the Wichita strangler.

He sees babies dying because of lack of milk. This is because of either Mad Cow Disease or a type of Bovine TB killing all the cows.

Wednesday, 14 July 2004

Hans King

Here are the latest predictions from psychic medium Hans King who was talking with George Noory. Not much of an update really as he just repeated most of his predictions from earlier shows.

There will be major climate change in 7 - 12 years. Canada will be badly affected.

An asteroid will hit the Earth in 70,000 - 80,000 years from now.

Mars was a water based planet and had a large population. The Martians populated this planet.

George Bush will try to steal the election again. The election won't be cancelled and it will be very close again. Kerry is supposed to win the election.

There are terrorist cells in the US. There will be a terrorist attack but it won't stop the election.

Jim Morrison didn't die in the way we were told. He had a break down and then died later on in life.

Saturday, 3 July 2004

John Hogue

Here are the latest predictions from John Hogue. He was talking with Art Bell.

Nostradamus says the world will end in 3997.

The war on terrorism will last for 27 years, this is known as the War of the Third Anti Christ. Mabus is the third Anti Christ.

2008 another major terrorist attack. Major events that will define the next 36 years of human history.

Iraq situation will be just as bad next year.

We will find that some of the richest oil fields are under Iraq.

The next problem countries will be Iran and North Korea.

After 2008 there will be a very strong movement in US of people who want to get free of using other peoples energy sources and want America’s involvement as a super power to dwindle in the following five years.

In the future the world’s problems will be sorted out by a world government.

Bush will win a second term.