Saturday, 9 October 2004

Ed Dames, Saturday 9th October 2004

Here are the latest predictions from Ed Dames. He was talking with Art Bell.

Dames says the huge explosion just recently in North Korea was not the prediction he made. He has been predicting for 8 years that a nuclear weapon will be fired in anger on the Korean peninsular.

The Koreans will use any provocation to start a war. They will test a nuclear missile to prove to the world that they are a nuclear power. They will test it on their own land or in the sea. He changes his statement and says they may test it on us.

We are going to go to war on the Korean peninsular.

Israel will take out Iran's nuclear weapons.

World War III has already started.

2005 global economic collapse.

Killshot. He is still claiming he predicted the 'shot across the bow', the unusual solar activity that has been happening this year. He says next will be a series of killshots that will threaten life on the Earth. When wars are raging on many continents the killshot will happen which will make everyone change their priorities.

The Earth will become like a roast on a spit.

A very large planet sized space body will pass by the Earth, not a comet or asteroid. It approaches from the south and electrically aligns itself between the Sun and the Earth shutting down our electric field. We will see it coming three to six months in advance. It will threaten twice, once on the way in and then on the way out. This will happen in the next several years. It will wobble the Earth. Oceans will slosh around. We will experience high winds 200 - 300 miles an hour for weeks at a time.

A space shuttle is forced to land because of a meteor shower, this is the indicator that the killshot is imminent. The meteor shower and the large planet sized object could be related. We are safe until late spring next year when the shuttle program is restarted.

Crop circles are markers indicating safe places.

Last christmas was the last merry christmas we will have. He says enjoy Thanksgiving this year because it will be our last.

He won't talk about terrorist threats. He does say there will be more assassinations in the US rather than incidents involving explosives.

His latest development in remote viewing is the ability to locate precise geographic positions with GPS accuracy. He says this is 100% accurate. He is going to prove it works by finding a missing child who he believes is murdered. She has been missing for 25 years. Art said that if he did lead the police to a missing body Dames would become number one suspect in the murder.

His second piece of proof is to find some 150 year old gold treasure. He will bring it to Art's house as proof. All this to happen in December 2004.

Project Starman. September 16th 1994 at a school in Zimbabwe 60 schoolchildren witnessed a UFO incident near their playground. John Mack interviewed many of the children. Telepathically they were told by the aliens that the Earth was dying and that mankind was doomed unless he took care of the planet. When he remote views this incident all he sees is energy. The message was projected into the minds of the children from a higher intelligence. Dames wants to get in touch with this higher intelligence. He has been working on this for four years. There is a Stargate with gatekeepers somewhere on this planet and he is going to use his new GPS technique to find it. He feels this is more important that remote viewing the next terrorist attack.

After the killshot and all the disaster we will rebuild but there will be another extraterrestrial race here with us. He thinks he should make contact with them now. They are the gatekeepers of the Stargate.

Late 2005 will see large earthquakes in Japan causing damage to nuclear reactors.

He had to get a plug in for his products. $249 for his remote viewing course on dvd.