Wednesday, 15 March 2006

George Noory gives Turi a Hit

George Noory decided to give Dr Turi a hit on his 13th March prediction. Well he would wouldn't he as Turi made the prediction on George's pay per view special. He is claiming the tornadoes in the Midwest as his scary prediction. Well sorry but the way Turi was acting during the ppv special he was expecting some earth shattering event, and this was not it.

Also Dr Turi only has three predictions, which he's been giving out every month since June 2005. These are 1. People will relocate 2. Death/drama/police/secrets/terrorism 3. Explosions/earthquakes/tornadoes.

Now if Dr Turi had seen the Midwest tornadoes he would surely have given 13th March as the date. Instead he allocated 8th March for tornadoes this month.