Monday, 13 December 2004

Ken Parsons

Here are the latest predictions from Ken Parsons. He was talking with George Noory.

There is nothing mentioned in the Bible about the year 2012.

The entire world will be run by 10 nations, possibly the 10 main countries in the European Union.

We are in the preparation for the last seven years of tribulation.

The UN continues to weaken. The UN could move to Europe.

Sudan, Ethiopia, Libya, Russia, Iran, Turkey, Germany, Armenia will form an alliance and will march against Israel in a surprise attack.

UN will come out with Security Council resolutions against Israel.

This will be the last great war. We are seeing the groundwork for this now.

The Anti-Christ will rise politically out of the European Union and negotiate the 7 year peace treaty with Israel which is the tribulation period.

European Union will become more involved in Iraq. Babylon which is 20 miles south of Baghdad will be the new centre of the world economic system.

Iran will be the new hot topic this year. Troops are now massing on the Iranian borders ready for invasion.

There will be a comet or asteroid impact on the Earth. There is already a plan to launch a craft on January 8th 2005 at a comet. It will impact on 4th July 2005 and we will be able to see this explosion from Earth. It could be a cover up and the comet is actually heading for us and they need to stop it, or it could be a test run for future comets heading this way.

In the future there will be three asteroid impacts in a row, one in the ocean killing a third of all sea life.

Prophecy says there will be Rapture where people have made a decision to follow the theocratic rule of the universe, the political system that runs everything, This will be taken out of the world before the seven year tribulation. At this time there will be massive death tolls. A nuclear exchange and an asteroid impact. There will be no water, no electricity and millions of people will disappear due to the Rapture.

UFO's are real. Fallen angels are presenting themselves as aliens from another planet as a deception.

When the Rapture happens is will be blamed on a mass alien abduction. One of two things will be said, those who claim to be aliens working with the government will say they took them because they were inhibiting mankind from reaching its full potential in unity. Or they will say it was the other alien race that is here to attack us that took them, which is more reason for us to prepare for the alien invasion.

The moment the Rapture occurs there will be 144,000 Jewish people will accept Jesus as their Messiah. These 144,000 will be here to explain to us all what is happening and to warn us of the deception.

The ones that are taken are taken to Heaven.

A large tsunami will happen if an asteroid impact hits the oceans.

We will have no paper money. We will all be chipped.

Before Noah's Ark it had never rained upon the Earth.

Atlantis is at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea.

Osama Bin Laden believes he is the Islamic Messiah.

The Anti-Christ will be incapable of rising while the US exists. The US Government will cease to exist during the tribulation which will allow the Anti-Christ to rise to prominence.

Massive earthquakes and mountains will disappear.

2005. We will see a focus on Iran. The European Union will oversee the peace process between Israel and the Arab States. China and Russia will start to combine their resources.

Maitreya is not the Anti-Christ.

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